Annal for A.S. XLIV (5/09 – 4/10)

In June, Melanie de la Tour became the Seneschal of Whyt Whey. At the Northern Region War Camp on July 4, Lady Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordh received her Silver Crescent. At Pennsic, Judith the Uncertain received a Maunche and Alexandre d’Avigne was made a Master of the Laurel. Demos were held at the Queens County Fair on September 19 and the Cloisters Renaissance Fair on October 3.

Annal for A.S. XLIII (5/08 – 4/09)

Shari of Seaford took over as Seneschal for Lions End in May. A Dance Event and Ball was held on May 17, and although an ex-patriate at the time, Lord Aethelstan St. Maur was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent for his work with Brokenbridge at the Tourney of St. Joseph on June 14.

It was actually a good summer for Silver Crescents. John Elys, Rufina Cambrensis, Devra the Baker, and Viceroy Alexandre d’Avigne all received that honor (the first two at EK War Camp in Glenn Linn on July 5, the latter two at Pennsic on August 7). Vicereine Eularia Trewe received hers at Hundred Minutes War on Nov. 22.

Thomas of Northpass was given a Seahorse at Barleycorn on September 6, where Suuder became the Archery Champion. The Queens County Fair was on September 20 and 21.

Warrior’s Nadaam, an RP, was held on October 18. Donus MacInstalker became the Thrown Weapons Champion that day. Brokenbridge held their Fallish Fiber Frolic on November 1, where a few Champions were made: Timur (Fencing), Oscad de Segovia (Heavy Weapons), and Ibrahim al-Rashid (Arts & Sciences).

The Province hosted Brewers’ Collegium on the weekend of March 7, and a demo was held as part of a gallery exhibit at Bard College on March 29.

Annal for A.S. XLII (5/07 – 4/08)

At Pennsic this year, Ana Ravaya de Guzman was inducted into the Order of the Laurel for her skills in poetry. In May, John the Bear became the Knight Marshal; in September, Judith Fitzhenry the Uncertain took over as Minister of Arts and Yeh-Liu Targai became the Captain of Fence; in October Devra the Baker and Ulrich von Rothenburg became Seneschals of Brokenbridge and Lions End (respectively); and Llewellyn ap Rhys became the Herald in November.

Demos were held at The Queens County Fair on the weekend of September 22 & 23.

The Warrior’s Nadaam event was held on October 15. Agincourt was held on November 3. At that event, Joanna ap Visby was made a Seadog, and Jenna Childslayer was given a Seahorse. At Twelfth Night on January 5, Joanna ap Visby was made a Companion of the Maunche. Lord Aethelstan of St Maur was made a Seadog at Brokenbridge’s Coney Hop event on February 17. “Fools of Gotham” was held on April 5.

The Province hosted the Coronation of Konrad and Brenwen on April 12. At that event, John the Bear was given a Grant of Arms and Brithwen de Boreshulla was given a Silver Crescent. Also, the Wetlands Alliance was reformed. A military alliance of Østgarðr, An Dubhaigeainn, Iron Bog, Settmour Swamp, and Bhakhail, it had existed previously (with only the first three groups) but had fallen by the wayside.

In more mundane news, Margarita Ivanova Novgoroditsa became the Provincial Seneschal and Mongo Chinua became the Captain of Archers in April.

Annal for A.S. XLI (5/06 – 4/07)

Ian and Katherine held their last Provincial Champions event on May 13. The champions were:

Archery: Mongo Chinua
Arts: Renier Verplank and Michael mac Ian
Bardic: Judith fitz Henry (aka Judith the Uncertain)
Fencing:  Alexandre d’Avigne
Rattan: John the Bear
Thrown Weapons: Wolfgang der Sucher

At Southern Region War Camp in Eisental on July 22, Lady Brianna McBain was inducted into the Order of the Laurel.

At the Feast of John Barleycorn on Spetember 9, Ian and Katherine stepped down as Viceroy and Vicereine, and were replaced by Alexandre d’Avigne and Eularia True. Eularia was also made a Court Baroness. In recognition of their lengthy service, Ian and Katherine also received an Augmentation of Arms (the Provincial Seahorse in a canton on their own arms). Seahorses were awarded to Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordha, Jamie McBain, Griscin Uaineol, and Ian and Katherine. Baroness Eleanor the Faire and Aife ingen uiLochain were inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent as well.

The Queens County Fair demo was held the weekend of September 23 & 24.

Agincourt was held on November 11.

At Mudthaw on March 24, Jan and Joanna ap Visby were given Court Baronies.

At Coronation on April 14, the Canton of Brokenbridge was lifted out of incipient status and made an official group.

During this year, a new Kingdom Exchequer was appointed, and the status of Northpass began to be resolved. The Canton moved from “suspended” to “on probation”, which was taken to mean that the Canton was in no danger of being dissolved by the Kingdom, but the Province would still have to sponsor its events until the matter was closed.

Annal for A.S. XL (5/05 – 4/06)

Patricia of the Tangled Wyldes took over as seneschal of Northpass in May; Thomas of Northpass took that position in January. Jibril al Dakhil received an Order of the Tygers Combattant on June 23 at Southern Region War Camp. At Pennsic, Andrea McIntire was inducted into both the Order of the Pelican and Order of the Laurel. Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordha took over as Chatelaine and Jan aff Visby became the Minister of Lists in September, and Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius filled in as Exchequer in November. At Coronation on September 24, the husband and wife team of Johannes and Johanna of Visby were both inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent. At Twelfth Night on January 14, Alaric Jaeger von Bremen was inducted into the Order of the Maunche. The Queens County Fair demo was held the weekend of September 24 & 25.The Feast of the Sated Sultan was held on October 8, Agincourt on November 19, and Celtic Silliness on March 18.

The Canton of Brokenbridge was reorganized under a new group of officers and members, and its incipiency was announced at Crown Tourney on October 15. Aethelstan of St. Maur was the seneschal-designate. In January, Freiderich of Northpass took over as Captain of Archers (the office had been essentially vacant for four years), Jibril al-Dakhil resigned as Knight Marshal (no replacement was named at the time). In January, Brithwen de Boreshulla took over as Provincial Seneschal and in February Tauna Aelswith became the Seneschal of Whyt Whey.

Also this year, Ian and Katherine announced their intentions to resign as Viceroy and Vicereine.

It was also during this time that confusion in the Exchequer’s office (primatily at the Kingdom level) led to the Canton of Northpass being placed under suspension for improper reporting. Canton events were thus held under the “sponsorship” of the Province while the matter was resolved.

Annal for A.S. XXXIX (5/04 – 4/05)

At the Feast of John Barleycorn on Sept. 11, Thailyn MacAusland, Alexandre d’Avigne, and Patricia of the Tangled Wyldes were inducted into the Order of the Seahorse. Voltan became the Provincial Archery Champion. Agincourt was held on November 13, and Brewers’ Collegium on December 7-9. Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs became the Seneschal of Lions End in December, and Richard the Poor of Ely returned to the Seneschalate of Northpass in January. Alexandre d’Avigny was inducted into the Order of the Pelican at King and Queen’s Rapier Championships on January 22. Celtic Silliness was held on March 19.

In October, Jibril al-Dakhil became the Knight Marshal. The Queens County Fair demo was held the weekend of September 25 & 26.

Annal for A.S. XXXVIII (5/03 – 4/04)

Demos were held at a Scandinavian Fair on May 17, and for the Brooklyn Childrens Museum on February 7 and 8. The last Huntington Renaissance Faire (the people who had been running the fair were burned out with no replacements, and it wasn’t making enough money to justify continuing it) was held on May 24 and 25.

Northpass’s Barleycorn event on September 7 was a celebration of Edward Zifran of Gendy’s twenty years in the Province (and in the East Kingdom). At this event, Provincial Championships were held in Archery and Fencing. Dietrich von Karo won the former, and Yeh-Lu Targai the latter.

Queens County Fair was held on September 21 and 22. At Agincourt on November 1, Jabril became the Provincial Champion and Friedrich of Northpass was awarded a Seahorse. Celtic Silliness was held on March 13 (where Seahorses were awarded to Conor O’Ceilligh, Brithwen Bores Hulla, and Sancha de Flores), and Brewers Collegium on March 27.

At 100 Minutes War on November 22, John Elys was inducted into the Order of the Laurel. Sancha de Flores received a Maunche at Coronation on April 3.

In March, Aellin Olafsdottir took over as Minister of Arts.

Annal for A.S. XXXVII (5/02 – 4/03)

As the first action of His reign, King Darius suspended Ian and Katherine from their positions as Viceroy and Vicereine. Over the summer, there were no Provincial events, but demos were held at the Huntington Renaissance Fair (5/25 & 26), the Queens County Fair (9/21), and a Scandinavian Day fair (10/13).

Agincourt was held on December 21 (a wedding had taken our expected date in November). It was a Royal Progress – the first non-Kingdom level event sponsored by the Province to have been an RP in thirteen years. At this event, the Provincial Champions Tourney was held – the winner in a field of three was Luis de Castilla.

Awards bestowed that day included a Seahorse to Lady Lassar, a Maunche to Lady Brianna MacBain, and a Laurel to Elizabeth Cameron nic Ian (this is believed to be the first parent-child Peerage combination in the East).

Brewers’ Collegium was held on the weekend of January 4 and Celtic Silliness on March 15.

At Twelfth Night on January 11, Silver Crescents were awarded to Aurora ffoulkes, Thomas the Constable, Patricia of the Tangled Wyldes, and Jacqueline Loisel. A Queen’s Order of Courtesy was given to Tadg ui Duinn.

At King & Queen’s Fencing Champions on January 24, Aureila du Vrai Couer received a Maunche. Ana Ravaya de Guzman was named King’s Bard at the Bardic Championship on February 22.

Don Alexandre d’Avigne became the seneschal of Whyt Whey in February. In March, the incipient canton of Brokenbridge was dissolved by the Kingdom Seneschal for failure to submit any of the necessary paperwork.

At Coronation on April 12, HRM Isabella of York gave Court Baronies to Jacqueline Loisel and Sirhan al Cyani ibn Ati Akarel Diablu.

Annal for A.S. XXXVI (5/01 – 4/02)

The Huntington Renaissance Fair was held on May 26 & 27. Heavy rain on Saturday forced the Provincial Champions Tourney to be fought on Sunday; the winner was Kazimir of Ostgardr (it should be noted that due to the inclement weather, he was the only fighter eligible for the tourney who showed up – but he was not given the position by default; he was made to run a gauntlet of all former Champions present to prove his worth).

At the Riding of the Marches in Northpass on June 2, Lady Brianna McBain was inducted into the Order or the Seadog for her contributions as autocrat and Seneschal. Also at that event, the Sea Star was inaugurated. It is an official token of thanks for service at an event, to be given out at that event. The Viceroy, Vicereine, and Provincial Seneschal are those authorized to besotw it. The first recipient was Alastair of Clan Campbell (from Rusted Woodlands), the event’s Head Chef.

On June 16, Geoffrey St. Albans of Eastwood was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent. At Barleycorn on Sept. 8, Lady Brianna McBain was inducted into the Order of the Seahorse, and Bleiddwan of House Three Skulls became the Provincial Archery Champion. Brewers’ Collegium was held on January 11-13. It was moved from December to avoid conflicts with holiday festivities. In January, Friderich of Northpass became the Seneschal of that Canton. In February, Sean de Londres became the Provinicial Seneschal for the second time, Eleanor the Fair became the seneschal of Lions End, and Brekke Franksdottir took over as Minster of Sciences.

At the Pirate’s Day of Love in Lions End on February 16, Elizabeth Cameron nic Ian was made a Companion of the Seahorse, and Guillame de Gtace and Maeve of Abbeydorney were given the Order of the Seadog for their contributions to Lions End. At the Cavalier’s Cavalcade in Northpass on February 23, Seadogs were given to Friedrich of Northpass and Richard the Poor of Ely, and John the Bear was made a Companion of the Seahorse. At Vlad the Impaler’s Celtic Market Day (i.e. Celtic Silliness) on March 16, Seahorses were given to Jacqueline Loisel, Ervald la Coudre the Optimistic, Ana Ravaya de Guzman, Sirhan al Cyani ibn Ati Akarel Diablü, and Yosef ben Lazar. Seadogs were given to Kamilah al- Sudani and Tadg ui Duinn of Whyt Whey, and Ragnar Freydasen and Moira MacGregor of Lions End.

Annal for A.S. XXXV (5/00 – 4/01)

Ervald the Optimistic, on his thirteenth attempt, became the Provincial Champion at the Huntington Ren Fair on May 27. His Queen of Love & Beauty was Kara Lorcalon. Sean de Londres was made a Laurel at Crown Tourney on May 13. At Southern Region War Camp on July 22, Rufina Cambrensis was made a Laurel and Katherine Gillesfleur was made a Pelican.

On September 9, Boal Mergen became the Provincial Archery Champion. East Kingdom University was held on October 21; there Brianna McBain was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent. Agincourt was held on November 11, Brewers’ Collegium on December 9, Sated Sultan on January 20, and Celtic Silliness on March 17.

At Twelfth Night in Nordenhal on January 13, Eleanor the Fair was made a Court Baroness. Maunches were given to Katerina Gioccini, Maddalena Salutati, Renier Verplanck, and Latifah. Also receiving awards were former Ostgardians Ateno of Annun Ridge (Laurel), Gianetta Alegretta (Maunche), and Emma Atwater (Silver Crescent).

Richard the Poor of Ely was given a Silver Crescent at Mudthaw on March 10.