Østgarðr inquiry (Google) form
Chatelaine’s tri-fold handout
Half-sheet flyer

Provincial Armory and Livery

Represent Østgarðr with the Livery Colors and Populace Badge
Populace Badge (high-res PNG) or (Vector Formats)
Branch Arms (high-res PNG) or (Vector Formats)

Provincial Bylaws

Bylaws of the Crown Province of Østgarðr
Inclusion, Harassment, and Core Values Policies

Release Forms

SCA Model Release
SCA Photographer Release
SCA Creative Work Copyright Assignment / Grant of Use
SCA Video Release

Waiver Forms

East Kingdom Waivers & Policy
SCA Roster Waiver
SCA Minor Waiver
East Kingdom Event Sign-in Sheet

Østgarðr Event Handbooks

Østgarðr Autocrat’s Handbook v6
Østgarðr Autocrat’s Handbook v5

Document Libraries

East Kingdom Document Library
SCA Document Library

Web Site Copyright and Disclaimers

Rights and Disclaimer Statement


  1. Penelope Archibald

    I have many issues of Pikestaff and Scuttlebutt from the mid 1980s. Might you want them for your library? Please text me at 443-521-2905.
    I have to move shortly and cannot keep everything. Thanks.

    • Alienor Salton

      Alas, we have nowhere to store them. Thanks for the offer! I hope you find a good home for them. (I recently recycled many I had previously saved, so I know how it feels.)

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