Here are some entry points where you can get involved in the SCA.

You’ve already found our web site, which includes a calendar and information about different kinds of events and local activities.

Facebook: SCA NYC: Crown Province of Østgarðr
We also have a very active Facebook group where you can chat with other members of our populace.

Social Feeds: InstagramTikTok, and YouTube.
Keep up-to-date with photos and videos highlighting our members and activities.

Mailing List: send a blank email here to subscribe or use Google Groups
Join our mailing list to get notifications of upcoming events and the latest announcements posted to this site.

Newsletter: The Seahorse; send a blank email here to subscribe or use Google Groups
Our quarterly electronic newsletter is called the Seahorse, sometimes known as the e-Horse, and contains news, articles, photos, and more.

Email the Chatelaine:
If you have any questions or want to talk to someone about how to get involved, email the Chatelaine (sometimes called the Chatelain or Castellan), who is the officer in charge of welcoming newcomers and helping them find their way.

Attend An Event: How to Participate
Learn what to expect at our events and what supplies to bring when you attend.

Nearby Groups: Our SCA Neighborhood.
To find other SCA groups in our region, check out our map and links.