Come Read the Summer E-Horse

The latest issue of the Østgarðr E-Horse, the Crown Provinces quarterly electronic newsletter is available to download a read at your leisure.

This issue, Volume 14 – Summer 2022, includes:

  • Recipe: Dong Po Rou (Red Braised Pork Belly)
  • Viceregal Acceptance Letter
  • Update to COVID Policies

Download the E-Horse in PDF format here.

Thanks from the Scandinavian East Coast Museum

May 19, 2022

On behalf of the Scandinavian East Coast Museum, I would like to thank each of you for participating in Viking Fest 2022.  Last year, we could only have performers, due to Covid.  This year we were able to add food, rides and re-enactors.  Incrementally, we are getting back to what our event had been.

They’re back.  It is so nice to have the SCA –   Østgarðr join us again this year for their exciting and educational displays and demos under the leadership of Catelin.  Also, the trial was such a big hit with the kids and adults – Tusen takk – a thousand thanks.

A shout out to our Rune Reader – Eileen aka Randgrithr. She also had connected me with a botanist who had planned to come, but got ill that day. Sorry she was unable to do the interactive Traditional Dance from the Harz Mountains that is connected to Norse mythology. The rain prevented it. Tusen takk!

And our wonderful performers were a big hit. Ellen Lindstrom our favorite Swedish meatball on accordion, Clann Eireann Pipers from Bay Ridge and Redhawk Council even though the weather washed out their performance, they showed up, I am looking forward to seeing them next year. And I would be remiss not to include Crazy Carlsen on games. Tusen takk to all!

It was so special to have Scandinavian food from Sporting Club Gjoa ( the oldest independent soccer club in the U.S.) made by the talented Hege and served with her crew. It was delicious, a real treat. Tusen takk!

So great to Norwegian Baked with Hedvig and company back providing her delicious Norwegian flatbread made in Brooklyn at BAT, about 8 blocks from the event. What a nice addition to have those beautiful blue and yellow cookies. All proceeds raised for the latter will be donated to benefit Ukraine. Tusen takk!

The Rosemaling Society has been part of our event I think from the start for about 20 years. I am sad they will be disbanding, but hope the individual artists continue to practice and share their craft. Tusen takk!

The Owl’s Head Horticulture Group who keep the lovely park in which our event is held lush and lovely and offered a display of historic photos for the day. Tusen takk!

Unfortunately, we had some rain towards the end of the event, but we were able to salvage most of the day. Best of all, the community came back and we could share our Scandinavian history with them through our positive synergistic efforts.


Victoria Hofmo, President

Scandinavian East Coast Museum

Posted at the request of

Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi
長島 一路 宇治道
Østgarðr Seneschal

East Kingdom lifts Masking Requirement for Outdoor activities

On March 1, 2022, the East Kingdom’s masking requirement has been lifted for outdoor activities only. All indoor activities still require people to follow the East Kingdom’s Masking Policy and the SCA, Inc. COVIDsafe policy.

Below is the text of the announcement sent to the Østgarðr seneschal.

“Good evening to the Populace of the East Kingdom,

March brings renewal and anticipation of warmer weather and outdoor gatherings. Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and the Office of the Kingdom Seneschal note with relief that COVID rates continue to trend favorably downward.

Yet, we must proceed with great care for our youngest Tygers and those of the Kingdom who are immunocompromised or otherwise cannot be vaccinated.

Accordingly, we feel that it is appropriate at this time to lift the Kingdom’s mask requirement for outdoor gatherings only, as of today, March 1st, including martial activities. We remind everyone to continue safety practices such as social distancing, frequent handwashing, etc.

Please note: folks gathering in a public tent / pop-up / pavilion with 3 or 4 walls up must continue to wear masks. The air flow with 3 or 4 walls up is insufficient to be safely unmasked. Masks may be lowered briefly while actively eating or drinking.

Of course, many will wish to continue to wear masks, and we respect that choice. Everyone must take the steps necessary for their own sense of safety at our activities.

The mask requirement remains in place for all indoor gatherings of any size/activity, for everyone over the age of 2.

The Kingdom continues to follow the COVIDSafe policy, which requires that all attendees of in-person gatherings who are eligible to be vaccinated either show evidence of full vaccination or show negative test results of a medically-supervised COVID test taken within 72 hours of the in-person gathering. Attendees 18 years old and up must also show either a government-issued photo ID or their current SCA membership card; the name on the identification must match the name on the vaccination card/negative test results.

As always, if state/provincial/local ordinances are more restrictive than these directives, we must follow those government ordinances. We will review this directive at the beginning of April.

Reminders: there are currently no restrictions on the size of gatherings, food may be served (but think through how to do so with the least amount of contact), and pre-registration is not required for an in-person gathering, but if there’s no pre-reg, the person in charge of the gathering needs to get contact tracing information (legal name and either a phone number or email address).

Continue to take good care of yourselves, Tyger populace. We’ll see you in person soon.

In service to the Kingdom,

Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Kingdom Seneschal

Audrye Beneyt, Kingdom Seneschal-Elect

Ioannes II and Honig II, Emperor and Empress
Ryouko’jin and Indrakshi, Heirs to the Tyger Throne”

You may also view this announcement at the East Kingdom Gazette.

Read the Viceregal Candidates’ Letters of Intent

In case you missed them on the SCA NYC: Crown Province of Østgarðr Facebook Group, here are the letters of intent for all the candidate slates for the Viceregal polling in progress:

Additionally, two Meet the Candidates Nights were held online in January. Recordings of those sessions are being posted to Youtube and may be accessed at the links below.

Complete information about the current Viceregal Polling process may be found on the Østgarðr website here.

The Viceregal Polling is Underway

In the coming months, Their Highnesses of the East will be selecting successors to Suuder and Lada, the current Viceregents of Østgarðr. To advise Their Highnesses East on this weighty decision, a polling of the populace of Østgarðr is being held. The polling officially begins on Feb. 8, 2022 and lasts until Mar. 15, 2022.

The pairs of candidates who have stepped forward are (by Order of Precedence)…

  • Maestra Sofya Gianetta di Trieste & Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa
  • Hlafdige Alienor Salton & Boaire Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin
  • Lord Ragnarr Blaskegg & Lord Albrecht Anker

Over the following week or two, all registered members of the SCA living in Østgarðr, will be receiving the Viceregal Polling in the mail. On this polling they may indicate their preference for which candidate pair they wish to succeed Suuder and Lada.

Instructions for completion and return will be included with the ballot, along with a postage-paid return envelope. Completed ballots must be received by Mar. 15, 2022 in order to be counted.

It is imperative that you return any ballot you receive, even if you have no preference, as at least 50% of the paid SCA members living in Østgarðr must return their ballots for the polling to be valid.

If you do not receive your ballot by Feb. 21, 2022 or if you have any questions regarding the polling process, please contact the Provincial Seneschal, Lord Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi by email at

Below you can find some answer to common questions:

What are the rules governing this polling?
The rules governing the polling come from East Kingdom Law (sections VII.C and VII.G) and the Østgarðr Charter (section IV.D).

When will the results of the polling be released?
The results of the polling will not be released publicly. The results of the polling will be reported to the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal within three weeks of the closing date of the polling. Their Highnesses East will consider the results of the polling when making their selection.

When will we know who the next Viceregents will be?
By East Kingdom Law, results of the polling must be tallied and transmitted to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown within three weeks of the end date of the polling. The Crown must announce their selection for the new Viceregents within four weeks of receiving the results of the polling. This means the successors to the Viceregency will be known by May 3, 2022.

What if I don’t receive a ballot?
If you are a registered SCA member living in the Crown Province of Østgarðr, and you have not received your ballot by February 21, 2022, please contact the Provincial Seneschal, Lord Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi by email at

I have children who are SCA members. Do they get a say in this polling?
By East Kingdom Law (section VII.C.e.i&ii) ballots from members less than 14 years old count toward establishing the validity of the polling, but not count towards the preference tally that is transmitted to the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal. Ballots from members 14 years and older are counted in the preference tally.

Where can I learn more about the Viceregal Candidates
The Letters of intent for the Viceregal Candidate slates may be found here.

Additionally, all of the Viceregal candidate pairs have posted their letters of intent on the SCA NYC: Crown Province of Østgarðr Facebook Group. These letters will be posted to the Ostgardr website shortly.

Meet the Candidates Night #1
Meet the Candidates Night #2

Court Report for Deck the Halls of Valhalla

From the Seahorse Pursuivant,

In their ever-present court held at Deck the Halls of Valhalla, Their Excellencies first thanked and requested words from the autocrat Eadwin the Younger, who spoke greatly of thanks and then announced who had impressed him within a certain realm of effort during the event. Evelyn de Trees was deemed to have the best background setting, Aurelia di Giovanni Bedici wore the best garb, Perez ben Meir Gershorn laid out the best feast table, and while all those with pets were honored, Catelin Straquhin eeked out on top with a surprise polydactyl lap cat.

Then Catelin was called into court to present the winners of the day’s bardic championship results, where Evelyn de Trees was named the new bardic champion of Østgarðr. It was also announced that the populace voted Cedar the Barefoot as their favorite bardic performance, and Arnora Ketilsdottir provided the most eye-catching performance.

Thereby concludes another court, held the 29th of January, AS 56, within the Ethereal realm of Brokenbridge.

Østgarðr: The First 50 Years

Back in 2018, the Crown Province assembled a bunch of materials documenting its fifty years of history as part of the East Kingdom’s anniversary event.

These items were displayed at the event, and have been brought out a couple of times since then, but we neglected to make them available more widely, and are now attempting to correct that oversight.

The most comprehensive document of the Province’s history is “The Annals of  The Crown Province of Østgarðr,” a document originally prepared by Richard the Poor of Ely, who for many years was Østgarðr’s official Historian.

As part of the preparations for the East Kingdom Fifty Year event, I revised and extended that document, adding bits of history found in the public record or contributed by the populace.

The results were printed up as a hardback book, the contents of which you can view below.

If you have interesting stories from Østgarðr’s past to share with us, please let us know!