Østgarðr Trim is Coming

The design for Østgarðr Seahorse trim from Calontir Trim has been selected, and Il-Khatun Lada is gathering information for pre-ordering. Pre-orders for at least 300 yards are needed to have the trim made. The cost for the trim will be $3 per yard. If there are 500+ yards in pre-orders, the price will drop $2.50 per yard. The current goal is to assemble preorders by January 4, 2022. It tends to take 6 to 8 weeks for the trim to be run and delivered. If you are interested in placing a pre-order for the trim, please contact Il-Khatun Lada Monguligin by email vicereine@ostgardr.eastkingdom.org.

Upcoming in Østgarðr: Nov. 15th – Nov. 28th

Come join us for medieval activities next week

Tue. 11/167 p.m. – 9 p.m. (weather permitting)McCarren Park Fighting, Fencing & Dance Practice
Canton of Brokenbridge
(Brooklyn, NY)
Wed. 11/177:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.Østgarðr Commons
Crown Province of Østgarðr

And next week…

Tue. 11/23 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. (weather permitting) McCarren Park Fighting, Fencing & Dance Practice
Canton of Brokenbridge
(Brooklyn, NY)

Sun. 11/281 p.m. – 5 p.m.Sunday at the Cloisters with Whyt Whey
Canton of Whyt Whey
(Manhattan, NY)

SCA, Inc. COVIDSafe policy amendment

SCA, Inc. has announced an amendment to the society wide COVIDSafe policy. Details of the amendment may be found at https://www.sca.org/news/board-resolution-amendment-to-covidsafe-policy/

For details on how this change impacts our activities, you should also read the East Kingdom’s announcement regarding the implementation of the SCA, Inc. policy: https://www.eastkingdom.org/ek_announcement/october-12-2021-tips-for-a-smoother-implementation-of-covidsafe-policy/

More information is also available on the East Kingdom Seneschal’s webite: https://seneschal.eastkingdom.org/

If you have question regarding how these policies effect activities in the Crown Province of Østgarðr and its cantons, please email the provincial seneschal (chapter president) at

Impact of the Rain on the Tuesday 10/26 Practices

Fighting Practice May Be Is Cancelled. Check back at Noon on 10/26

From the Provincial Knight Marshal

“Hi Friends.

It has been a long wet summer. Tonight there is prediction of a long wet night and day. I happen to be scheduled to be awake from now until fighter practice time, and if the rain comes down as predicted, I should be able to make an unequivocal decision by noon. Then I will sleep through practice time.”

UPDATE: “After the rain I walked through this morning, and the amount predicted over the next 8 hours, I am calling it.

Anyone who wished to engage in unauthorized armored mud sumo may do so at their own pleasure. I will be sleeping.”

Fencing Practice is Cancelled.

From the Provincial Fencing Captain

“Greetings All,

“I think it would be prudent to cancel fencing practice for tonight in Brooklyn. See you next week.

In Service,

Alec MacLachlan”

Dance Practice is Cancelled

From the Whyt Whey Seneschal

“The rain that’s started in the Province this evening is predicted to continue into Wednesday, with a 98% chance of rain during our regular weekly outdoor practice time on Tuesday.

Between the flash flood warnings and the gale-force wind advisory, it seems unlikely that things will improve enough to make for a pleasant evening in the park, so we’re cancelling tomorrow’s session.

See you all next week!”

Our Chatelaine’s Call to Action

Hey everyone!

This is Catelin, your local newcomer’s officer. I wanted to announce that with the help of our populace our official TikTok account has reached over 1000 followers! I want to thank everyone that has participated in making this number happen.

I want to keep reaching out to the public using TikTok as one of our platforms, but I am in need of help! Specifically I am in need of people who are comfortable being in front of a camera and showcasing what we do best: being part of the SCA through short form video clips.

If you are interested in being part of the filming process, or would like to send ideas/scripts/feedback for our TikTok feed, please send an email! I can be reached by email at chatelaine@ostgardr.eastkingdom.org.

One of my goals as part of the outreach committee is to show just how welcoming, diverse, and colorful we are as a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. One of the ways we can do that is by showcasing as many members of the populace as we can.

If you’re interested, please send me an email and I am happy to walk through with you on every step of the video creation process and show off the most Medieval-y version of you!

Yours in Service,

Catelin Straquhin
Ostgardr Chatelaine (Newcomer’s Officer)

Provincial Court Report, John Barleycorn Returns

In the long awaited court of John Barleycorn Returns, Their Excellencies did welcome the newly arrived John Barleycorn back with pageantry, fanfare, and merriment.  A moment of silence was then held for those lost over the recent years of plague and in acknowledgement of the modern date. Continuing on to standard court business, great words were said for and by the event steward Aurora ffolkes on the successful event, volunteers were recognized with the award of the Sea Star, and newcomers were graced with gifts of functionally beautiful seahorse soap. 

Come to the Ethereal Feast of the Fireflies — August 14

Greetings to the populace of Østgarðr!

The Canton of Brokenbridge is inviting you all to our Ethereal Feast of the Fireflies.

As we stand in the dusk of the pandemic, we long for the Pennsic Potluck, that magical night at camp where we get together, bring food, and make merry with our chosen time-traveling family. While a paltry replacement, Brokenbridge wants to make an attempt to recreate that night to hold us out for our final year of solitude. This includes tent backdrops, candle light, party games, and a box of goodies delivered to your door!

WHEN: August 14th starting at 6:00 pm Eastern Time.

WHERE: Online via Zoom. Pre-register to receive the link.

REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/vDtwXHoHxsku3dhr7
• With kit: Cost is $10. Maximum of 24 kits, first-come first-served. Must register by August 6th.
• Without kit: free.

KIT: The package will include a backdrop-making kit, swag, a printed games booklet, and a recipe booklet. If you are opting in for a kit, you MUST pre-register by August 6th.

Going kit-less? Choose an appropriate Zoom virtual background, or create your own Pennsic-themed setting!

POT LUCK: Since we can’t physically bring our own food to the potluck, we’ll be bringing recipes! We will be collecting people’s favorites and you can download your copy soon! If you have a recipe you want to share, please reach out to me or Randve L’il Hammar.

Feel free to prepare something! But bring your food – we shall be feasting together so that we can be asked questions just as we’re putting food in our mouths!

Drinking is encouraged! So don’t forget a bottle of your favorite!


— Ragnarr Bliskegg
— Seneshal of Brokenbridge

In Memoriam for Sir Edward: A Comet Pierces Eastern Skies Tonight

[This poem was composed by M. Ana de Guzmán, OL on the passing of Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, a beloved figure who had given much to Østgarðr. Our thanks to Mistress Ana for sharing it with us.]

A comet pierces Eastern skies tonight,
the likes of which we shall not see again.
The passing of a giant among men
is heralded with its celestial flight.

One blessed with skill, with puissance, with great might,
adept likewise with needle and with pen,
now makes a journey far beyond our ken
with bravery, our simple country knight.

The evil that men do lives after them?
We know this is not altogether true.
For we have seen the good this man has done.

His wisdom like unto a precious gem,
he mended fences, quarrels not a few.
Recall his light, now Edward’s race is run.

Ana de Guzmán

Working To Redress Systemic Injustice

Below is an official statement from the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

As so many of us struggle with the pain of separation from one another socially, so too do we struggle with the realities of systemic inequality and racism in our society. In the United States and around the world, the recent senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many before them have unleashed an avalanche of pent-up emotion.

Our Core Values, which guide us in even these darkest of times, include the following tenets: to “act in accordance with the chivalric virtues of honor and service”, to “value and respect the worth and dignity of all individuals”, and to “practice inclusiveness and respect pluralism and diversity”.

If we are to live by our core values then there is only one path forward: we must both fight against systemic injustice and support those that do.

As the unique educational organization that we are, we have the opportunity to leverage our greatest resource: our community.

It is our community that makes us who we are. That is the true value of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We treasure the rich diversity of our community as a reflection of the rich diversity of history and we owe it to ourselves to deepen our understanding of pervasive inequitable treatment so that we can move forward on a journey of healing.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done. It is time for us to take a hard look at who we are in order to hold ourselves accountable for the actions we take – and the actions we don’t take.

There is also fear. Our current reality is the direct result of generations of discrimination and collective trauma. As we educate ourselves to best support every member of our community, we must acknowledge the fear – and speak regardless. The time for inaction is over.

Every member of the SCA can effect positive change through personal accountability. Educate yourself and those around you on issues of injustice. Speak out against it when you see it, and use any platform that you have to elevate other voices speaking out against it, particularly those voices of marginalized groups. Assist those causes which seek to address discrimination, racial inequity, and all systemic injustice through the resources that you have available to you.

I invite all members of the SCA to continue to think about further ways they can help strengthen our commitment to our Core Values.

My SCA stands against bigotry. My SCA will not be silent, and therefore complicit, in the face of injustice. I will continue to work to make my SCA a haven for all, and a key player for progress in the battle against inequality through education and community.

It is my most ardent hope that you will join me.

Jessica Van Hattem
alias Baroness Zahra Tesfaye
SCA Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

#mysca #scaathome #inclusiveexcellence #blacklivesmatter