For information on events in the areas surrounding Østgarðr, check out the East Kingdom events calendar.

On-going weekly/monthly activities


  • Armored combat practice, in McCarren Park. Information about the practice is posted on the Facebook group Fighter Practice in New York City.
  • Bardic circle, Nassau County.  For more information contact Fran Avnet.


  • Dance practice, from about March through October, at Belvedere Castle in Central Park. For info, contact Conandil or Wilhelm, or see this page. In winter months, dance practice moves to a variety of indoor venues; watch the e-mail lists for details.
  • Fencing practice, held in Central Park near Hecksher Playground.
  • Bardic circle, held in Central Park adjacent to fencing practice.


  • On the first Thursday of each month, 7:30 – 10pm, in Manhattan, “An Evening in the Solar”, Whyt Whey’s A&S gathering. Approximately quarterly, the solar is preceded at 7pm by a Commons (business) meeting. Announcements of upcoming evenings are posted on the Whyt Whey website, as well as to the Facebook group, SCA NYC: Canton of Whyt Whey, and to the canton mailing list, Whyt-whey-canton.


  • On the third Friday of each month, Østgarðr Commons (business meeting), 7pm. These gatherings move around the province, and are posted well in advance on local email lists. This is the business side of the local SCA, where officers give their reports, and upcoming demos and events are discussed. Open to all the populace. People with new ideas, suggestions or comments are welcome. If you want to learn more about what’s happening locally, or to volunteer to help out at a demo or event, please feel free to attend.


  • Archery practice: Our archery practices require traditional bows without modern accessories, and wooden shaft arrows. Loaner gear is available for newcomers on a first-come-first-serve basis. No crossbows are allowed per NYS law.
    • Staten Island, Willowbrook Park, run by Lord Mongu Chinua. This practice is posted on the Facebook group Staten Island Archery Practice. There is ample parking. This is a free practice.
    • Nassau County, Long Island, Cedar Creek Park, run by Lady Arnbjorg Nilsdottir. These practices are posted on the local email lists, with cancellations the morning of the practice if weather interferes. There is ample parking, and after Memorial Day, if you are not a Nassau County resident, the park charges a $10 parking fee. The practice itself is free.
    • Westchester County, Blue Mountain Sportsman Center, run by Lord Friderich Grimme.  This practice is offered as Lord Friderich’s schedule permits.  Practice dates are posted on the provincial Google calendar and to various Facebook groups.  There is a range fee of $11 for 2 hours.  The practice itself is free.