Østgarðr September 2022 Commons Minutes

Wednesday, September 21st Commons Meeting







Ceandra of Ostgardr


Edwin Latorre


Gibbs Moryss

Ilia Aleksandrovich




Marion of York


Vitasha Ivanova Doch’

Richard the Poor


Alexander MacLachlan



Call to order at 7:32 pm

Harassment and Bully Policy shared and read.

Seneschal: Welcomed all and requested Vicereines start.


  • Thank you to all! 
  • Please read their detailed officer report outlining awards given at Barleycorn and other important information!
  • Apple picking: join Ostgardr on our 2nd apple picking outing. Dates are in our office reports. The location will be determined later.
  • Princess Favor: Make some for Her Highness. Sofya will create kits for those interested.
  • Are all items out of Lada and Suuder’s storage? Not yet, which led to the Seneschal leading the discussion on storage.



The Green and white tent is in his car, but he doesn’t have anywhere to put it. The financial committee needs to meet to discuss this. The question was asked if there was room in the Westchester facility. Not a lot. Baron Ian is stepping down as Chamberlain, but we can still keep stuff in storage. An in-depth discussion began about what we have as Provincial property, where it is being stored, whether we can throw anything out and how much storage would cost.

The question was asked do we need a chamberlain position? Sounds like we do. If we don’t, we should at least put items on a shared list. A suggestion was made to put a list together of everything that’s needed and where it is. Can we afford storage? Long island city was found to be central in the past. 

Can the finance committee consider paying for the storage? We generally maintain the same income yearly, so can we afford the added expense? The idea of a trailer was mentioned. Pros and cons. One outright cost would be cost-effective in the long run, but where do we store it? Do we have anyone?  Registration issues. Safety issues (locks need to be purchased).

Albrecht volunteered to serve as committee head to look into what we have and take inventory.


Brandr: New A&S Minister

Deputy Minister of List: Marion has spoken to Misha

Eleonor: Deputy Exchequer of Ostgardr

Deputies needed: Social Media and Chatelaine

Marketing and training for chatelaines would be nice: cards have been purchased for demos

Change Ostgardr charter: 

A policy change will be posted and will be voted on next month.⅔ of officers must vote for the charter change to pass.

Brandr: discussed A&S and marketing in a way newcomers can find workshops going on.

What can we call it that will be familiar to people and understand what it means? I.e. crafts,  Brandr will work on putting together wording, marketing, etc.

Dates for events: 

Arts crafts night at Brandr’s

Having monthly A&S meetings online

A robust conversation was had on how to make Arts & Crafts accessible for newcomers.  What works and what needs to improve? Need to look into locations to have standing events.

Lada: Scribal workshop 10/16

Ragnarr: 11/17 Online A&S workshop to capitalize on demos.

Kunigunde: Concern about A&S in public space as being on display

Mathghamhain: Monthly arts and crafts night starting in November

Brandr: Arts & Crafts nights for hanging out and doing A&S together in person. 

Misha: Sunday solar once a month, class sometimes offered

Brandr and Mathghamhain: A&S following business meetings

Angelica: Marketing Arts & Crafts in public spaces to attract newcomers

Uji: Marketing videos for arts & crafts that we do

Friderich: Brandr access to Ostgardr Calendar? Friderich will look into access for officers.

Mathghamhain: Reminder about Cloisters