Annal for A.S. XXVII (5/92 – 4/93)

On July 25, Robin Argyle du Couer Aile was made a Laurel by Ruslan and Margaret, and Sean de Londres was made a Court Baron by them on October 3 at the Coronation of Lucan and Jana. Master Robin took over as Seneschal of Whyt Whey in September, and Andrea MacIntire became Seneschal of Northpass in January. In July, Elizabeth Talbot became Minister of Lists, Suzanne Neuber de Londres became Chatelaine in January, and Sean de Londres became Minister of Arts & Sciences in April.

Annal for A.S. XXVI (5/91 – 4/92)

Under the direction of Dawyd z Gury, A “Passage at Arms” was held in Northpass on June 15. Whyt Whey became official in August, and Mirella Rieti was named its Seneschal the next month. Richard the Poor of Ely became the Seneschal of Northpass and Yciar Albar de Montesinos became the Fencing Marshal in September. Angelique de Dampierre took over as Chronicler in October, and in November Siobhan Forbes of Lonachan became Minister of Lists. In April Ateno of Annun Ridge became the Knight marshal and Alvarro Litteral du Setubal became both Fencing Marshal and Herald.

Annal for A.S. XXV (5/90 – 4/91)

After much internal strife over control of the Canton, St. Pyr’s Well was dissolved by mutual consent in May. Ygraine of Preston received a Maunche on May 12. On September 15 Richard the Poor of Ely was given a Seahorse. Robin Gallowglass became Chronicler in April.

Annal for A.S. XXIV (5/89 – 4/90)

This was a very important year for Ostgardr, since Horic and Lea Gravargr became King and Queen on October 21, the last Ostgardrians to do so (at the time of this writing). The Province handled their Coronation on October 21, although the event was actually held in Rusted Woodlands.

Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee was given a Silver Crescent on May 13 and a Tygers Combattant on November 4. Maunches were received by Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius (cooking) and Kendra of Ostgardr (jewelry) on October 21, Robin Argyle du Couer Aile on November 4, and Elizabeth Talbot (costume) on March 3. At Twelfth Night on January 13, Ian Mitchell received a Silver Crescent. Mordred Mjodvitner was knighted at Pennsic on August 19. At Their last Court on April 7, Horic and Lea made Dawyd z Gury a Court Baron and Aleksandra d’Accipitre a Laurel.

The Canton of Whyt Whey (Manhattan) was founded in August, with Edward Zifran of Gendy as its Seneschal. In February he would turn the post over to Gwyneth Greencliff de la Brunefalaise. Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius and Ervald la Coudre the Optimistic joined to serve as Chronicler in July, Aine Ciaran of aes dana became Captain of Archers in November, Mordred Mjodvitner became Knight Marshal and Eric of Kelton became Seneschal in March, and in April Katherine Gillesfleur became Captain of Archers and Elizabeth Cameron nic Ian became Chatelaine.

Annal for A.S XXIII (5/88 – 4/89)

Lions End was granted official status in March. Jehan le Batarde received a Tygers Combattant on January 21, and was made a Knight at the Coronation of Morghun and Maurya on April 15. Also at their Coronation, Edward Zifran of Gendy was made a Pelican. Seahorses were given to Emeric Wendel the Diversified in June and Edward Zifran of Gendy on April 8.

Annal for A.S. XXII (5/87 – 4/88)

At Pennsic on August 8, Katherine Gillesfleur received her Silver Crescent. On March 5 of that year she would also be inducted into the Order of the Laurel for her costume work. Mordred Mjodvitner also earned a Tygers Combattant on March 5. In February, the Canton of Lions End formed in Nassau County with Reyna of Crystaldale as its Seneschal. Seahorses were given to Garlon Dragonheart ap Rheged and Roen Dentilliere de la Voile Rouge on April 16.

Annal for A.S. XXI (5/86 – 4/87)

St. Pyr’s Well became official in June. Horic Gravargr was Knighted at Pennsic on August 16. Maria Allesandra della Tre Torri Alte received a Seahorse on September 21, and Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius received one on February 1. Aleksandra d’Accipitre earned a Maunche for her calligraphic skills at the Coronation of Sebastian and Sirillian on October 11.

The Officers list in July was as follows:

Seneschal: Gisela die Gelinde
Herald: Emeric Wendel
Knight Marshal: Mordred Mjodvitner
Exchequer: Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius
Chronicler: Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee
Minister of Arts: Roen Dentelliere
Minister of Science: Garlon Dragonheart
Minster of Lists: Caitearn Giselasdottir
Chatelaine: Eilonwy ferch Morgant
Seneschal – St. Pyr’s Well: Andros ap Anlawdd
Seneschal – Northpass: Allessandra

Annal for A.S. XX (5/85 – 4/86)

The canton of Madnan was dissolved in May, while the canton of St. Pyr’s Well was formed in June. Seahorses were given to Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee and Dawyd z Gury on June 22 and Caendra of Ostgardr and Eilonwy ferch Morgant on April 4. Dawyd would also receive a Silver Crescent on October 19. At Pennsic, on August 17, Gisela die Gelinde was presented with a Maunche. Northpass attained official status in August.

Annal for A.S. XVIII (5/83 – 4/84)

Mordred Mjodvitner received his Silver Crescent at the Coronation of Viktor and Sedalia on October 8 and Aidan ni Leir was inducted into the Order of the Laurel on December 7. Also in December, the canton of Vikings’ Hall formed in Westchester & Putnam Counties.

The officers at the end of this year were:

Seneschal: Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee
Herald:  Dawyd z Gury
Knight Marshal: Mordred Mjodvitner
Exchequer: Ian Mitchell
Chronicler: Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee
Minister of Arts: Medbh na Armagh
Minister of Science: Anaron Caithness of Wyk
Minster of Lists: Gisela die Gelinde
Captain of Archers: Aubrey Lowell
Chiurgeon: Rannveigr Haakonarsdottir