Annal for A.S. XXXIV (5/99 – 4/00)

John the Bear became the Provincial Champion on May 29 at the Huntington Ren Fair. Brithwen of Bores Hulla became Archery Champion at Barleycorn on Sept. 11. At Pennsic, Suzanne Neuber de Londres received her Laurel and Kamilah al-Sudani got her Maunche. Ana Ravaya de Guzman was made a Maunche at the Royal Bardic competition on March 11. Luigi Vascili received a Seahorse at Celtic Silliness on March 18.

In September, Jacqueline Loisel became the Minister of Lists and Conor O’Ceallaigh became the Captain of Archers. He also received his Sagittarius on November 20.

The Queens County Fair was held on Sept. 25 & 26, Agincourt was held on November 13, and the Brewers’ Collegium was held on Dec. 10-12.

A celebration of Ian and Katherine’s twentieth year as Viceroy and Vicereine was held on January 22. At that event, Seahorses were given to Joshua ibn-Eleazar, Rufina Cambrensis, and Cassandra of Beth’lem (who was Katherine’s predecessor as Vicereine). Presentations honoring Their Excellencies were made by Clan MacBain, the Shire of Eisental, House Silver Horde, Mistress Anne of Hatfield, Houses Estoile and Fox’s Den (on behalf of Morningstar the Mercenary) and Edward Dragonslayer and Morwenna Durwood (on behalf of Cassandra of Beth’lem).

Annal for A.S. XXXIII (5/98 – 4/99)

Crown Tourney was held in Northpass on May 2. Maunches were received by Rufina Cambrensis, Joshua ibn-Eleazar, and Jacqueline Loisel. Silver Crescents were received by Sean de Londres, Andrea MacIntire, Suzanne Neuber de Londres, Ateno of Annun Ridge, and Elizabeth Talbot. Derek von Schwarzwald was named to the Order of Tygers Combattant.

[Added, Aug 2021:] As Lilie Dubh wrote in The East Kingdom Gazette:

Autocrat for the day was Lady Andrea MacIntyre (now Meesteres Annetje van Woerden). The site was in the Canton of Northpass – a lovely old retreat house and grounds, owned by Episcopal nuns. The tourney yielded up Brion Tarragon and Anna Ophelia Holloway as the new Crown Prince and Princess, and court was a flurry of AoA’s for those in Østgarðr who had become part of the fabric of the local SCA through their work, art and skills.

At Southern Region War Camp in Eisental on July 25, Jehan le Batarde was made a Silver Crescent, and Brekke Franksdottir finally received her Laurel (she was supposed to get it many years ago, but her reign caused a postponement of the plans). Henry Kersey of Devon was made a Laurel by Timothy and Gabrielle (later of Æthelmearc) at Pennsic on August 13. On September 19, Elwisia Mouche de Voujeacourt received a Silver Crescent.

In July, several offices changed hands. Brithwen of Bores Hulla became Chatelaine, and Luigi Vascili became the Knight Marshal. The A&S ministry was spilt up, with Brekke Franksdottir and Sean de Londres becoming Ministers of Arts & Sciences, respectively.

The Order of the Sea Dog, for service to the cantons, was founded at Agincourt on October 31. The initial recipients were Brekke Franksdottir and Marion of York from Lions End, Aurora ffolkes and Thomas of Northpass from Northpass, and Brithwen of Bores Hulla and Anabel Ravaya de Guzman from Whyt Whey.

Andrea MacIntire was given a Maunche at Twelfth Night on January 16. At Mudthaw on March 27, Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius received a Silver Crescent and Geoffrey St. Albans of Eastwood received a Maunche.

At the Valentines Revel on February 20, Elwisia Mouche de Voujeacourt was made a Sea Dog and Lazarro became the Provincial Bard. Other events were the Brewers’ Collegium on December 5, and Celtic Silliness on March 20.

Annal for A.S. XXXII (5/97 – 4/98)

At Southern Region War Camp in Eisental on July 26, Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius was made a Laurel for his cooking skills by Hanse and Moruadh. Also in July, Renier Verplanck and Jesca de Deux Roses became the Seneschals of Northpass and Lions End, respectively. That fall, a canton in Brooklyn (Brokenbridge) was organized, with Ben of Brokenbridge as its Seneschal. They became incipient in January. Lucan & Caitlin held their Twelfth Night at the Garden City Cathedral in Lions End on January 3. At the Valentine’s Revel on February 14, Anabel Ravaya de Guzman became the first Provincial Bard. Also in February, Andrea MacIntire became the Provincial Seneschal. Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee received a Maunche on April 4.

Annal for A.S. XXXI (5/96 – 4/97)

Bjorn and Morgen made two more Pelicans in the Province: Ygraine of Preston in Northern Outpost on May 4, and Brekke Franksdottir at the Festival of the Pillar in Sterlyng Vayle on September 28. In June, Rufina Cambrensis became the Chronicler. In July Gabriella Verde became the Captain of Archers. Suzanne Neuber de Londres took over as Minister of Lists in October. Joshua ibn-Eleazar became the Province’s first Web Minister in January. In February, Alexander de Pantera became Seneschal of Northpass. In March, Kamilah al-Sudani became the Seneschal of Whyt Whey.

At Lions End’s Lions in the Sun event on June 21, Seahorses were given to Eleanor the Fair and Marion of York. The entire Moose Guard received that honor on September 7 at Barleycorn.

Ygraine of Preston had her Arms Augmented at the Coronation of Lucan and Elspeth on October 6.

The Queens County Fair was held on September 14 and 15.

Annal for A.S. XXX (5/95 – 4/96)

Lions End hosted the Feast of the Sated Sultan on May 13. Elwisia Mouche de Voujeacourt and Gwilliam Trekalong became the Seneschals of Lions End and Whyt Whey, respectively, the former in May and the latter in December.

Suzanne Neuber de Londres received a Maunche on June 17, and Richard the Poor of Ely was made a Pelican as the first official act of Bjorn and Morgen during Their reign. Edward Zifran of Gendy had his Arms Augmented by Balfar and Luna at Their last court on April 13.

At some point during 1996, Brekke Franksdottir was inducted into the Order of the Seahorse.

Annal for A.S. XXIX (5/94 – 4/95)

Østgarðr participated in the Queens County Fair for the first time this year on Sept. 17. Gregor & Christence’s Twelfth Night was held at the Garden City Cathedral in Lions End on January 7. Gwyneth Greencliff de la Brunefalaise became the Minister of Lists in June, Yosef ben Lazar became the Herald in November, Gisela die Gelinde became the Minister of Arts and Sciences in December, Gabriella Verde became the seneschal of Northpass and Emme Atwater became the Chronicler in February, and Sirhan al Cynani became the Knight Marshal in April.

Maunches were received by Richard the Poor of Ely on July 3 and Ateno of Annun Ridge on April 8. Ian Mitchell was made a Pelican at the Coronation of Timothy and Gabrielle on April 1. Stephen the Salacious was made a Seahorse on December 11.

Annal for A.S. XXVIII (5/93 – 4/94)

There were a number of changes in the Seneschalate this year. In October, Dieter Gotz von Berlichigan became Seneschal of Whyt Whey, in December Sean de Londres became Seneschal of the entire Province, and in April Brekke Franksdottir became Seneschal of Lions End. She also earned her Maunche on July 10. Back in January, Renier Verplanck became Chronicler. The first Valentine’s Revel was held on February 13.

Annal for A.S. XXVII (5/92 – 4/93)

On July 25, Robin Argyle du Couer Aile was made a Laurel by Ruslan and Margaret, and Sean de Londres was made a Court Baron by them on October 3 at the Coronation of Lucan and Jana. Master Robin took over as Seneschal of Whyt Whey in September, and Andrea MacIntire became Seneschal of Northpass in January. In July, Elizabeth Talbot became Minister of Lists, Suzanne Neuber de Londres became Chatelaine in January, and Sean de Londres became Minister of Arts & Sciences in April.

Annal for A.S. XXVI (5/91 – 4/92)

Under the direction of Dawyd z Gury, A “Passage at Arms” was held in Northpass on June 15. Whyt Whey became official in August, and Mirella Rieti was named its Seneschal the next month. Richard the Poor of Ely became the Seneschal of Northpass and Yciar Albar de Montesinos became the Fencing Marshal in September. Angelique de Dampierre took over as Chronicler in October, and in November Siobhan Forbes of Lonachan became Minister of Lists. In April Ateno of Annun Ridge became the Knight marshal and Alvarro Litteral du Setubal became both Fencing Marshal and Herald.

Annal for A.S. XXV (5/90 – 4/91)

After much internal strife over control of the Canton, St. Pyr’s Well was dissolved by mutual consent in May. Ygraine of Preston received a Maunche on May 12. On September 15 Richard the Poor of Ely was given a Seahorse. Robin Gallowglass became Chronicler in April.