Annal for A.S. XXXIV (5/99 – 4/00)

John the Bear became the Provincial Champion on May 29 at the Huntington Ren Fair. Brithwen of Bores Hulla became Archery Champion at Barleycorn on Sept. 11. At Pennsic, Suzanne Neuber de Londres received her Laurel and Kamilah al-Sudani got her Maunche. Ana Ravaya de Guzman was made a Maunche at the Royal Bardic competition on March 11. Luigi Vascili received a Seahorse at Celtic Silliness on March 18.

In September, Jacqueline Loisel became the Minister of Lists and Conor O’Ceallaigh became the Captain of Archers. He also received his Sagittarius on November 20.

The Queens County Fair was held on Sept. 25 & 26, Agincourt was held on November 13, and the Brewers’ Collegium was held on Dec. 10-12.

A celebration of Ian and Katherine’s twentieth year as Viceroy and Vicereine was held on January 22. At that event, Seahorses were given to Joshua ibn-Eleazar, Rufina Cambrensis, and Cassandra of Beth’lem (who was Katherine’s predecessor as Vicereine). Presentations honoring Their Excellencies were made by Clan MacBain, the Shire of Eisental, House Silver Horde, Mistress Anne of Hatfield, Houses Estoile and Fox’s Den (on behalf of Morningstar the Mercenary) and Edward Dragonslayer and Morwenna Durwood (on behalf of Cassandra of Beth’lem).

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  1. Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

    Note that Cassandra ruled alone, and was styled Viceroy rather than Vicereine.

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