Annal for A.S. XXXII (5/97 – 4/98)

At Southern Region War Camp in Eisental on July 26, Gideanus Tacitus Adamantius was made a Laurel for his cooking skills by Hanse and Moruadh. Also in July, Renier Verplanck and Jesca de Deux Roses became the Seneschals of Northpass and Lions End, respectively. That fall, a canton in Brooklyn (Brokenbridge) was organized, with Ben of Brokenbridge as its Seneschal. They became incipient in January. Lucan & Caitlin held their Twelfth Night at the Garden City Cathedral in Lions End on January 3. At the Valentine’s Revel on February 14, Anabel Ravaya de Guzman became the first Provincial Bard. Also in February, Andrea MacIntire became the Provincial Seneschal. Tadg ui Duinn of Isle Magee received a Maunche on April 4.