Annal for A.S. LI (5/16 – 4/17)

Demos were held at the Viking Day festival in Broken Bridge on May 14, at the EternalCon sci-fi con in Garden City on June 11 and 12, at the Riverdale RiverFest on June 12, the Cloisters Medieval Faire on September 18, and the Queens County Fair on September 24 and 25.

Lord Mongo Chinua became the Herald in May.

As of September 1, the Officer Corps was as follows:

Seneschal: Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa
Exchequer: Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa
Herald: Lord Mongo Chinua
Knight Marshal: Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver
Captain of Archers: Lord Suuder Saran
Captain of Fence: Lady Marion of York
Minister of Lists: Baron Jan ap Visby
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Lada Monguligin
Chatelaine: Lady Sofiya Gianetta di Trieste
Chamberlain: Mistress Katherine Gillesfleur
Chronicler: Magistra Rufina Cambrensis
Webminister: Lady Arnora Ketilsdottir
Historian: Master Richard the Poor of Ely
Seneschal – Brokenbridge: Lord Suuder Saran
Seneschal – Lions End: Countess Brekke Franksdottir
Seneschal – Northpass: Lord Thomas of Northpass
Seneschal – Whyt Whey: Lady Alienor Salton

At the Feast of John Barleycorn in Northpass on September 10, Suuder Saaran and Lada Monguligin were invested as the Viceroy and Vicereine of Ostgardr. Seadogs were bestowed upon Lille of the Red Towers and Barbara “the Nearly Naked Frisian” de Vries for their contributions to the Canton of Broken Bridge. A Sea Lantern was given to Ervald la Coudre the Optimistic. Seahorses were given to Guy avec Cheval and Johanna ap Visby after they stepped down as Viceroy and Vicereine in recognition of their years of service. Jenna Childslayer was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent.

Also at that event, Ervald la Coudre the Optimistic became the Province’s Heavy Weapons Champion, Mongo Chinua became the Archery Champion, and Yehuda ben Moishe became the Fencing Champion.

Musician’s Day was held on November 12.

Several new officers took over in January: Lady Beatrice della Rocca (Chatelaine), Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste (Minister of Arts and Sciences), Lord Ervald la Coudre the Optimistic (Knight Marshal), Lady Arnbjorg Helga Nilsdottir (Captain of Archers), and Erich Gutermuth (Minister of Lists).

Lord Alexander MacLaughlin was given the Order of the Seal Lion at Brokenbridge’s Twelfth Night in Valhalla event on January 7.

Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste was named the Queen’s Arts and Sciences Champion on February 11. Silver Crescents were given to Sir Jabril at Mudthaw on March 25, and Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa at Balfar’s Challenge on April 22.

At Lions in the Spring on April 22, Lady Beatrice della Rocca was named the Provincial Arts and Sciences Champion, and Lady Jenna Childslayer was named the Provincial Bardic Champion. Lady Marion of York had her Seahorse augmented with a clump of seaweed.