Commons minutes April 2017

Crown Province of Østgarðr Commons Meeting
April 21st, 2017


Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Arts and Sciences Minister
Lady Beatrice della Rocca, Chatelaine
THLord Suuder Saran, Viceroy
Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa, Exchequer
Baroness Jacqueline Helene Loisel
Genie Silverberg
Lady Alienor Salton, Whyt Whey
Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, Youth Marshal
Mistress Rufina Cambrensis, Chronicler
Master John Elys, Deputy Chronicler
THLord Mongo Chinua, Herald
THL Lada Monguligin, Vicereine
Lord Erich Gutermuth, Minister of Lists
Baron Luigj Vascili

Start Time: 8:10pm

Old Business: None


Chronicler: Seahorse is out. Please remember to subscribe to the newsletter.

Youth Combat: has resumed events in Rusted Woodlands tomorrow at Balfar’s. Trying to get more kids available on weekends. Building youth pell. Have banner made by Lady Alienor

Whyt Whey:

Still talking about hosting schola, need new leads.

New people came to meeting last night.

Looking for deputies to overtake positions: Erica for deputy webminister.

Just got certification as charity, and so will be able to use Google EK.

Next class is tablet weaving,

Branch arms are past kingdom, no commentary as of yet.

Supplying things for Picnic in the Ruins.

Recorder schola was a great success, will be having another.


We have money, and still have some line items outstanding.

If you have receipts outstanding, please get them in soon.


We had some great turnout working with Hawkes Reach at the demo at ICON.

There are some more demos coming up, and some great events that will be open to the public during the coming months.

Reminder to those who are coming to upcoming events, that if you need Gold Key, please contact me!

Minister of Arts and Science:

Great to see so much happening. Between workshops, game nights, pewter smithing, pouch making, recorder classes. Forge making. Just wonderful to see such diversity. Outdoor activities adding more ans stuff. Lions in Spring coming tomorrow. Favors been working on embroidery machine for favors for 50th year, as personal tokens for next year will be reimbursing for the thread.

Hoping to schedule banner classes specifically with an eye for Pennsic. Checking with Angelica for silk etc making.

Pennsic University class submission deadline is coming soon check website for more information

Been making stuffed toy kits for children’s largess. They are really easy to make.

Northpass: nothing happening, everything is quiet

Minister of Lists: We didn’t have any lists.

Fencing: Gardener practice to that end.

Herald: No report.


It is getting warm, so we will be shooting again May 20th.
We had 4 new fencers show up at our last practice.
We are getting fencers coming down from Northpass and the community is growing.
We are considering moving off of Tuesdays to avoid competing with Glen


Come to Lions in Spring.

We have business cards

We’ve been doing a lot of canton events here and there; want us to start thinking about having an Østgarðr event for Østgarðr, as opposed to canton events.
Suuder researching a possible event: medieval escape the room event (dungeon cell that you need to escape from, using a combination of skills). Would be a different event.
Possibly a competition? One maybe 2 rooms run at the same time? Details still to be worked out. Conversation in the room seemed largely positive

What would populace really enjoy? Please contact the Viceregents for with ideas and suggestions

Upcoming events

Lions in Spring: April 22nd event in Lions End. Østgarðr Arts and Sciences championship. Come, submit, and enjoy!
Balfar’s Challenge: April 22nd. To those going, good luck!
Picnic in the Ruins: Apr 29th music, dancing, socializing, potluck, no fighting, no fencing, no archery, no classes. no banners, no changing facilities
Silver Horde anniversary event May 12 – 14th.
$17 and $10 [Web page says $15 — ed.] for feast
camping in cabins, in Estonia house in An Dubhagain
theme is Siege of Kiev.
would like to have nice a&s display.
Lada and someone will be having an AoA day, to fill in empty shields on scrolls: first come, first serve.

Viking Day: May 20th
Lada is onsite coordinator. Bring displays, pop ups, etc. If you need special things, pls contact Lada. Still looking for marshals.

Riverdale Riverfest: June 11th details are on the website, check back for updates

Blood and Axes: June 13th details are on the website, check back for updates

Jackie motions to adjourn, John seconds, all approved. Meeting concludes at 8:50pm