Commons minutes May 2017

Meeting start: 8:30? May 19, 2017
Transcribed by Alienor Salton.

Thomas of Northpass & Lady Aurora ffolkes (our hosts)
Oliver de Bainbridge
Richard the Poor
Alienor Salton
Angelica di Nova Lipa
Luigi & Jackie Kapaj
Esnade & Victor (of Northpass)
Suuder & Lada


Seneschal (Bish): we are having a meeting.

Exchequer (Angelica): we have $$. Gilded pearl $$ went to kingdom. Alienor will inform EK webminister Lord Greylever that Gilded Pearl is defunct & may be removed from the “needs webminister” list.

A&S (Sofya): many things are happening in the province. Clothing workshops, pewtersmithing, etc. There is a silk banner class on sunday.

50th anniversary will be a big deal — East Kingdom is preparing for next year, reaching out to historians. Magdalena will be in charge of the 50th year site. It will take place in June of next year, at the site of this year’s war of the roses (Albany area). We need to think about the Østgarðr display for it. Please mention any ideas you have about our display to Sofya & Richard (as our historian).

Østgarðr 50th favor is in development, showed off work in progress (sewn sample by Sara Murphy plus the new images of the seahorse with an L). Sofya’s kids gave her an embroidery machine, so work can be spread between Sara & Sofya. Linen & thread will be provided by the province. Sofya will make one large purchase, to keep the favors consistent. Sewing & assembly / finishing will start after Pennsic. We are making at least 100.

Please let her know about anything A&S related that is happening so she can brag about us in the upcoming report. There is a new SCA artisan’s list, by Master Lorenzo, from Meridies, about which we are raising awareness. Cf.,

If you want to teach, there are many nearby events that need teachers. The Queen’s hand pie challenge is coming up. Please check out EK calendar for events that need assistance. Michelle from Hawke’s Reache does a monthly schola; Bish will be doing a Q&A on research at one in August.

Knight Marshal (Ervald): practice is happening on Tuesday nights; new fighters are showing up. Old fighters please start coming! McCarren park, in Brooklyn, 1-2 exits south of Kosciusko bridge. There is lots of on-street parking. Non-fighters also please come show up to talk to people who are watching while other people are fighting, for outreach. Our Knight Marshal is looking forward to Viking fest this weekend & gearing up for Pennsic. There is a new Facebook event announcement for fighter practice each week, please feel free to invite interested parties. Bish points out (from reading Curia minutes): marshal of armored combat is the new title for knight marshal.

Whyt Whey (Alienor): Anneke is becoming deputy webminister of Whyt Whey, Alienor is becoming deputy webminister of Østgarðr. Awaiting response from EK webminister Lord Greylever re: warrants.

On Anneke’s status for holding canton officer as a resident of Brokenbridge: EK bylaws: “1. only residents of the canton/riding may hold canton/riding offices unless they choose to change their charter to allow officers other than Seneschal and exchequer to live outside of the canton/riding.” Østgarðr bylaws: “To be an officer of a canton a person must have been active in the canton three months to hold canton office other than canton seneschal which requires a six month residency.” Our interpretation is that Anneke, who has been active in Whyt Whey for much longer than 3 months, is allowed to hold canton office other than seneschal, which has a residency requirement.

Cloisters demo is on the EK calendar for Oct. 1st. We will be repeating last year’s successful innovations (classes, fashion show, sing-along chorus, youth combat, popup & table layout) along with our usual favorites (fighting, fencing, dancing, A&S displays). Any new ideas, please suggest them now so we can work on them. Usual planning will start post-Pennsic.

New event in Whyt Whey! We are planning a schola for Oct. 28th, co-autocrated by Godiva and Beatrice. Proposed site is McAlpin Hall, 2nd floor of the West Park church, 86th at Amsterdan (near the 1 train). Easy to reach from Penn Station. Proposed activities include “Toast Your Failures” competition, sharing failures & lessons learned from those projects, hand pies for the delectation of all, and a silent auction to raise funds for the provincial coronets.

Fencing & dance practice are ongoing in Central Park, near each other on the same evening in Central Park. 4 attended each practice this past Tuesday. Archery practice resumes on Sunday at Willowbrook park in Staten Island. Please let Alienor know if you would like a ride out there.

Beatrice is leading an effort to make fencing hoods in the provincial green and white. Linen is acquired. Facebook conversation will begin among Beatrice, Caitlin, Ann, Will, Godiva and Angelica. Please let Beatrice know if you would like to be included in this effort.

Alienor is working on youth fighter tabards in the provincial green & white. Youth combat list and pell are ready to be deployed! Huge thanks to Mathghamhain for his beautiful work. Youth fighter practice will begin in Central Park soon. (Ervald requested youth fighter practice consider joining the adult fighter practice in McCarren park on Monday nights. Unfortunately, the strictures of school nights combined with the distance from Manhattan, where the current youth fighters reside, prohibit most youth from attending.)

Whyt Whey herald reports that 2 devices have recently been submitted. 2 badges are in submission. 1 device is being prepared for submission. Mathghamhain remains open to assist anyone in or out of the canton who wishes to register a device, add a badge or reformat their heraldic art for use on banners or other types of display (business cards, machine embroidery, silk painting)

Historian (Richard): a book Richard wrote ages ago — A Geographic History of the East Kingdom — was located on an Aethelmarc website. Mathghamhain is converting it for modern web display.

Northpass (Thomas): they had a commons meeting (where we met tonight) a few weeks ago. Wilhelm is running Blood & Axes in early June. Barleycorn will be at the usual time. They are correcting the EK calendar event listing for it from New York, NY to North Salem, NY, to obviate the mistaken impression that it is happening in Manhattan. All reporting is up to date. (Sofya thanks the province for their timely reporting. Says it makes her job much easier and is very much appreciated.)

Bish: 3 officer reports to share from email (Brekke, Rufina, Mongo).

Lions End (Brekke): is unable to attend tonight or tomorrow. Will attend owls head demo in lions end. They have been running a bi-annual schola. Would like to switch to running it annually, to improve attendance. People are more likely to put it on their event schedule if they can expect it around the same time each year. Their target date is the 4th Saturday in April. Also, there is a big demo planned in Farmingdale, June 2nd next year. Their rain date is June 9th. Needs fighting. Hands-on youth activity appreciated.

Chronicler (Rufina): please use for NOT chronicle related business. Do not use the seahorse address for non-chronicle related business such as event planning.

Herald (Mongu): Sofya’s device is passing without comment, has not reported out of Kingdom yet. Sofya is most appreciative of the work put in by her consulting herald and is confident it will pass without any hiccups.

Viceroy (Suuder): is allowed to / charged with taxing the waterways of the province! Need seafaring folk (privateers if you will) to help in this endeavor, liberating some taxes. Angelica points out MSR has a navy. Pirates please step up. Will compensate.

Vicereine (Lada): Pennsic! Please come, consider camping with Ostgardr. Pre-register so we get our full land allotment. For opening ceremonies, please represent in green & white. We are hosting a party on Tuesday of war week, a provincial pot-luck. Bring a dish, hang out, will have a good time. Raise a cup to Bish in his absence. Should be a large camp this year. Lots of people coming back.


Lions in Winter made $40. The silent auction put them over the top.


Blood & Axes ( June 2nd. Putnam County Veteran’s Memorial Park. Run by Wilhelm. Will have fighting, fencing, youth combat, archery, thrown weapons. Details are missing from printed Pikestaff, but are available on the EK calendar. Has no kitchen, so field kitchen is it. Esnade is offering rides from the Ardsley Metro North train station. Contact Thomas of Northpass via email to connect w/ Esnade for lifts.

Barleycorn ( Sept 8-10, is in the works. Some jobs are assigned; some still need filling. Details need updating, will be done in the next month.

Goat’s Tavern ( Oct 22nd at Blue Mountain. The theme is nautical. There will be a family-friendly schola. Please see Philip for details. Needs instructors.

To-be-named-later Whyt Whey schola, Oct. 28th. See WW seneschal report, above.


Viking Day ( tomorrow! Owl’s Head Park, Brooklyn. Lada will be there at 8am ready to set up. Green & white is coming, please show up to help set up. Still bring popups so there is room for all in shade. No specific schedule. Event opens at 10am. Fighter authorizations if Orlando shows up. At least 3 fighters will be there. Youth combat will be there, also fencers.

Riverdale Riverfest ( Sunday June 11th. Contact Lori,

Cloisters ( Oct. 1st.


By laws: no activity. In response to query from Alienor, Lada reports that yes, they will be documenting provincial awards.

Regalia: Sofya reports they have been looking at various styles of coronets. Will be speaking to Ervald & Mathghamhain about drafting a design for the coronets. Encourages adding items to the silent auction at incipient WW schola for fundraising. $60 has been raised already. Donations eagerly accepted. Designs, budget & process will be reviewed by the province. Will be taking bids for construction. Bish recommends we get a bid from Bjorn of Northpass.


Eternacon last year will be at Nassau coliseum this year July 1-2. They want us back. Free admission for demo participants. (Bish asks that Ervald email him a reminder to attend.) The demo needs an organizer — Esnade stepped up to volunteer, although she can only attend on one day. Ervald will make a Facebook announcement. The table with crafts & activities was most successful last year. Games were really popular. Stephanie from Silver Horde was also popular: she had a full table of games & children’s activities.

Lada: is urging a royal progress event for the province! She suggested Coronation or 12th night. Has evaluated 2 potential sites. One is insufficient in size, parking or accessibility. Mt. Kisco American Legion is the front runner. Dates for this site are not available for 12th night. Site has 2 rooms, 250 people . 2 kitchens. Lada suggests we put together a bid for King’s Champion A&S and Bardic. Potential dates at site are 10 & 17 February. Bids for the championship are due June 5th. Ian is helping Lada put a bid together. Sofya says yea. Site is also available for coronation but we are too busy around that time. If no commons is available, Lada asks can we roll with it, and post to officers list for approval? Consensus is yes. First pick of jobs goes to Northpass as local-est group. Bish would like to troll. Site will need crossing guards for parking. Lada has event report from last A&S championship; they made $$ on it. Lada is doing site negotiations, let her know if you want to come along. Sofya will join her. Sofya suggests we chat with the kingdom A&S minister, Master Philip, to see if other bids are in place.


June meeting: Bish.
July: canceled for Pennsic.
August: Kapaj’s.

Meeting adjourned: 9:37pm.