Thanks for the Barleycorn Sunday Kitchen Crew

On the first Sunday of September, many volunteers from across the East came together to help put on the Sunday dayboard at the Feast of John Barleycorn. These people worked tirelessly, in less than optimal conditions, and without their service, the dayboard would not have come out on time and with the quality offered.

My deepest thanks to all the following people. If I have omitted anyone from this list, please accept my apologies and let me know so I can correct the oversight.

Friderich Grimme
Trygve Daimonikos
Charity Dale
Master Galfedus
Mistress Alys MacIntosh
Anastasia Bathory
Eyja of the Islands
Ivarr Valsson
Rose (youth)
Iddo (youth)
Vicerein Sofya Gianetta di Trieste
Rosa (Chinua’s wife)
Albrecht Anker
Arnora Kelsdottir
Ragnarr Blasskegg
Drasma Dragomirra
Marion of York
Michele the Ubiquitous
Perez Ben Meir Gershon
Miranda Berger
Guinevere Berger

Alasdair Campbell
Piers Campbell
Wilhelm Campbell
Ciaran Macloud
Marcus MacPhárlain

Jenna Childslayer

Reuben the Curious

With Great Thanks & In Service to the Dream,

Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi

長島 一路 宇治道


Østgarðr Seneschal