Orders and Awards

Confused about the orders and awards of the SCA, the East Kingdom, and our fair Province of Østgarðr? Prompted by a recent question on Facebook regarding our awards, one of our local heralds blogged about the award structure, and created a visual chart of our varied awards.

Presented here for your delectation is said chart, in all its glory.

Charts of non-Martial and Martial Awards of the SCA, the East Kingdom and the Province of Østgarðr

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  1. JoAnna Johansen-Motylewski (Johanne i Visby)

    HI, small aside … the Silver Sea Lion was created by His Excellency Sir Gui as recognition of superior prowess and knowledge in maters martial and now includes Archery , Thrown Weapons and Fencing as well as the original Heavy List.
    The Silver Lantern was created to acknowledge skill, sharing and teaching in the Arts and Sciences.
    Both/either are/is given at the Viceregals discretion and the populace is/are requested to recommend individuals for same.

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