Commons May 17th 2019

Provincial Commons (business meeting and social gathering) is tomorrow, Friday May 17th! All are welcome. 7pm, assemble. 8pm, meeting begins. This month’s meeting may be longer than usual, given the bylaws vote, but we still expect to have time to socialize and sidebar after the meeting. Directions are here:

Agenda (subject to additions):

Vivant to our newest provincial champions, Bardic Champion Catelin Straquhin, and A&S Champion Ragnarr bláskegg!

Day of the Decameron, Siege of Granada & Return of Lions all went very well. Vivant to our respective event stewards Sofya, Jibril and Uji! Super impressed that we did 3 events on successive weekends.

Viking Day demo is tomorrow; please come out. In particular, any armored combat marshal would be helpful.

Farmingdale demo (June 8th) is looking for fighters, fencers, artisans and merchants.

Provincial archery championship will be held at the Feast of John Barleycorn.

Please submit content for the June e-Horse! Chronicler needs a proofreader and also a print publication method.

Bellmore Street Fair demo — y/n?

Bid on 12th Night, possibly at Mount Kisco Legion Hall, y/n? If yes, who wants to help write the bid and who wants to steward the event?

Bylaws vote!