Upcoming Solar, June 19 — Seahorse Origami

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Michele the Ubiquitous of the Canton of Hawkes Reache joins us to teach us how to make an Origami seahorse and hippocampus! Origami is a period art of folding paper to make three-dimensional models.

Michele created the hippocampus model for Alexandre and Eularia’s investiture since she couldn’t find a seahorse model that captured the look of a seahorse from a medieval bestiary.


You can find the class handout here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10LA03ySI_cPUiAEtF3bJJfOSqumHrQIo/view

Please join us here at 8PM on Saturday June 19: https://meet.google.com/otq-vnjr-qfk

Michele the Ubiquitous lives in the Canton of Hawkes Reache in the Barony of An Dubhaigheainn with her lord Robert d’Whitmont, and Smoky the murder bunny (the Vicereine’s lepus defensorem).  She has served as Canton A&S Minister & Seneschal.  Before moving to Hawkes Reache, Michele lived in Unclaimed Crown Lands (Jersey City) and Whyte Whey.  She is known for her enthusiasm for the textile arts and her ability to convince people to join in her wild and woolly IDEAS!  Notably entering the Fleece to Shawl Competition at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival with a team composed of other textile artists from East Kingdom in GARB and hosting a Pennsic U Pity workshop, where she convinced a group of friends to help her conduct a study of how cochineal reacts to various mordants and after baths for just a couple of examples.

Michele has leveraged her experience teaching origami in the mundane world into the SCA, by teaching origami at events and gatherings within the SCA.  These include, but are not limited to, A&S nights in Brokenbridge & Hawkes Reache, Hrim Schola, Pennsic, and various demos. 

You can read more about Michele’s origami in the SCA here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10QxSEZwO_24hCRC1ne0S81Gh9W_HEr4p/view

The Saturday Night Solar occurs every other Saturday night at 8:00 PM ET. The Canton of Whyt Whey in the Crown Province of Østgarðr hosts teachers and topics from all over the Known World so that even when we are apart, we can learn together.

Tuesday Night Armored Combat Practice

As a reminder, our weekly armored combat practice takes place on Tuesdays at 7 PM, weather permitting, at the McCarren Park ballfields in the north end of Brooklyn.

Pre-registration is required; this week’s signup sheet is located here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c45a8ac2aa1fcc61-maccaren.

For additional details, visit the Fighter Practice in New York City Facebook group, or email the marshal of armored combat.

Upcoming Solar, June 5 — Olive Oil: From Antiquity to your Kitchen

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Welcome Back to the Saturday Night Solar!

Join Tellina di Giuseppe da Fiesole of the West Kingdom and the Crown Province of Østgarðr on Saturday night, June 5, at 8 PM Eastern time to discuss olive oil!

First we’ll look at olive oil as a ingredient in a modern context, then compare that modern process with how it’s made now with ancient Roman processes as recounted by Cato and Columella two centuries ago.

Please join us here: https://meet.google.com/otq-vnjr-qfk

Tellina di Giuseppe da Fiesole is from the Barony of Rivenoak in the Kingdom of the West. She has a passion for all things Italian, from food to bookkeeping to clothing and beyond. The current major geek it drawing on mundane experience in the olive oil industry to explore olive oil in period.

The Saturday Night Solar occurs every other Saturday night at 8:00 PM ET. The Canton of Whyt Whey in the Crown Province of Østgarðr hosts teachers and topics from all over the Known World so that even when we are apart, we can learn together.

Resuming Armored Combat Practice

The province’s regularly-scheduled armored combat practice resumed this week.

Covid safety protocols are in place as required by the Society and modern authorities; among other things, pre-registration is required, masks must be worn, and there is no shared food or water.

Location and dates are posted to the Fighter Practice in New York City Facebook group, or you may email the marshal of armored combat for details.

Photograph by Albrecht Anker from the May 25 practice.

Updated Newcomers Guide

The Society for Creative Anachronism has just released an updated guide for newcomers, including a high level overview of some of our activities, specialized terminology, and advice about how to get involved.

Click for 17-page PDF (4MB)

If you’re new to our group, and this captures your interest, we’d love to meet you! Additional information about our local chapter is available on the “Get Involved” page, or you can always email the Chatelaine, our designated officer for welcoming newcomers.

March Commons this Wednesday

Please join the Crown Province of Østgarðr for our monthly commons on Wednesday, March 17 at 7 PM.

This will be an online gathering with both social time and an official business meeting. The agenda will include whether or not to proceed with hosting Ragamuffin’s Ball (August 6, 20210 – August 8th, 2021) as proposed in our October 2020 meeting. If you have other business to discuss, please reach out to the seneschal to have it added to the agenda.

The call will start at 7:00 pm. The business meeting will convene at 7:30 pm and generally takes less than an hour. The call will remain open for socializing after the meeting adjourns. All are welcome to attend!

Join us online: https://meet.google.com/nhu-qsgk-zzi

Video is optional, so you can disable your camera if you prefer, or use the numbers provided at that link to call in by phone. 

This is a casual gathering; period garb is not required.

Feb. 13: Whyt Whey Solar: Braies for You and Your Buddies

Please join Whyt Whey with Armiger Caitlin Straquhin as we discuss…. underwear!

Proper undergarments can be the make-or-break item of an excellent outfit! Braies (or breeches or drawers) were a common item found throughout history, and having one (or several) well fitting pairs meant less time laundering and more time enjoying the weather. Learn how to make this deceptively simple garment with a little math, some gusto, and creativity.

Please join us here: https://meet.google.com/otq-vnjr-qfk