Upcoming Solar, June 5 — Olive Oil: From Antiquity to your Kitchen

[Crossposting Berakha bat Mira v’Shlomo’s announcement on the Whyt Whey site.]

Welcome Back to the Saturday Night Solar!

Join Tellina di Giuseppe da Fiesole of the West Kingdom and the Crown Province of Østgarðr on Saturday night, June 5, at 8 PM Eastern time to discuss olive oil!

First we’ll look at olive oil as a ingredient in a modern context, then compare that modern process with how it’s made now with ancient Roman processes as recounted by Cato and Columella two centuries ago.

Please join us here: https://meet.google.com/otq-vnjr-qfk

Tellina di Giuseppe da Fiesole is from the Barony of Rivenoak in the Kingdom of the West. She has a passion for all things Italian, from food to bookkeeping to clothing and beyond. The current major geek it drawing on mundane experience in the olive oil industry to explore olive oil in period.

The Saturday Night Solar occurs every other Saturday night at 8:00 PM ET. The Canton of Whyt Whey in the Crown Province of Østgarðr hosts teachers and topics from all over the Known World so that even when we are apart, we can learn together.