Upcoming In & Around Østgarðr: March, April, May 2019

Spring is here and our outdoor practices and events are beginning!

Armored combat has already begun in McCarren Park in Brooklyn, 7pm Tuesday nights; for updates, see the Facebook group “Fighter Practice in New York City.”

Rapier fencing will likely begin in mid-April in Central Park (the corner of the park by 59 – Columbus Circle), 7pm Wednesday nights; for updates, see the Facebook group “Historical Arts Rapier Training.”

Updates to both armored combat practice and rapier practice, as well as possibly other practices and events (for example, bardic circle is colocated with rapier fencing every other Wednesday), may be found at the Facebook group “SCA NYC: Crown Province of Østgarðr“.

Northpass dance practice information may also be found at the Facebook group for the Canton of Northpass.

Commons meetings, which are open to the populace, are always on the third Friday of the month, and rotate location through the province — check the prior Commons agenda for the latest on locations, or Facebook!

For information on upcoming nearby East Kingdom events, read on!

The rest of March

Mudthaw, Barony of Settmour Swamp (Roseland NJ, <1 hour W)
Date: March 30
Activities: K&Q A&S Championship


Coronation of Ôzurr & Fortune, Crown Province of Østgarðr and Barony of An Dubhaigeainn (Wantagh NY)
Date: April 6
Focus activity(s): court, court, court

Resurrection of Mangia Borgia, Shire of Coill Tuar (Poughkeepsie NY, 1.5 hours N)
Date: April 13
Activities: Italian Renaissance, gaming, assassinations

Festival of Passing of Ice Dragon, Kingdom of Æthelmearc (Hamburg, NY, 6.5 hours NW)
Date: April 13
Activities: A&S Pentathlon

East Kingdom Brewers Collegium, Barony of Stonemarche (Plymouth, NH, 5.5 hours N)
Date: April 19-21
Activities: classes, brewing guild panels

A Day of the Decameron, Crown Province of Østgarðr (Mount Kisco, NY)
Date: April 27th
Focus activity(s): Period bardic, music, and food.

Balfar’s Challenge, Barony of Dragonship Haven (Southwestern CT, 2 hours NE)
Date: April 27th
Activities: fighting


Return of the Lions, Canton of Lions End (Locust Valley, NY)
Date: May 4th
Focus activity(s): provincial bardic championship

Spring Crown, Shire of Caer Adamant (Harrington, DE, 3.5 hours S)
Date: May 4
Activities: crown tournament

Siege of Granada, Crown Province of Østgarðr (Carmel, NY)
Date: May 11
Focus activity(s): rattan, fencing, A&S, provincial A&S championship

May-Be (I’ll Try Something New), Barony of Iron Bog (Moorestown, NJ, 2 hours SW)
Date: May 11
Activities: classes, baronial heavy fighting & fencing championship tourneys

Quest for Wit and Wisdom, Barony of Settmour Swamp (Pittstown, NJ, 1 hour W)
Date: May 24-27
Activities: quest (scavenger hunt, obstacle course, mystery adventure), baronial championships, brewing competition, bardic circle, artisan’s row

(Note that the travel times shown for events outside of the Crown Province are given as approximate driving times from Central Park; your milage may vary.)

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