Provincial service opportunities!

A message from our seneschal:

The following provincial officers are serving terms that end Dec. 31st, 2020.

  • Exchequer
  • Chatelaine
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences
  • Knight Marshal
  • Minister of Lists
  • Chronicler
  • Chamberlain
  • Archery Marshal
  • Youth Combat Marshal
  • Chancellor Minor

Would you like to volunteer for any of these offices?  I am calling for nominations from the populace from anyone who would like to serve in any of these positions. Role descriptions are below.  If you are interested in any of the positions, I urge you to check out the relevant website for the position.  None of these positions are term-limited, so the incumbents are also welcome to run again.

Nominations and candidate statements will be accepted until Nov. 19th (the day before Nov. Commons).  Please email them to

Candidate statements should include your eligibility for the position (SCA membership, any required authorizations), relevant experience, and your goals for your service in the position — what you would like to make of the office.  

If we have more than one candidate for any position, we will hold elections for those offices.  Voting will be open to all paid members ages 14+ residing in the province, and will run until Dec. 17th.  Results will be announced at the Dec. 18th Commons [social].

Provincial Officer Responsibilities for the positions now open for nominations:

All Provincial Officers are expected to:
• Fulfill the responsibilities of their specific office as described in Kingdom law and policy or as specified herein.
• Promptly report to their supervising Kingdom officers as required (except for those offices which do not have a kingdom reporting requirement).
• Maintain an active paid membership in the Society.
• Send a brief report to the Officers’ Council every month.
• Participate in at least half of the monthly Provincial commons meetings, either attending in person or by phone/video conference when available.
• Safely maintain any regalia of the office issued to them, as well as any Provincial assets which are entrusted to their safekeeping.

The exchequer tracks our financial records, maintains the provincial bank account, and submits reports to the kingdom exchequerate. Being able to use spreadsheet applications is a necessary skillset for this office. Past holders of the office are available to provide training. Reports to the kingdom four times per year. Kingdom policies are posted at

To be a successful chatelaine, you have to like talking to people, both newcomers and people who have been playing for a while. You are the bridge between the modern world and the SCA. You tell people what we do, you find out what people are interested in, and you hook them up with other people who share their interests. We have a large collection of Gold Key (loaner garb) in the province, which you are responsible for circulating and maintaining. You also provide contact information and flyers suitable for distribution at demos. Being responsive to email is an important facet of this job. Reports to the kingdom four times per year on newcomer contacts and new members. Kingdom policies are posted at

Minister of Arts & Sciences
The job of an MoAS is to encourage and promote Arts & Sciences within the group, and to submit quarterly reports on A&S activities engaged in by the group. You do not have to be a skilled practitioner for this job. What matters is that you are interested in what other people are doing, and can encourage them to teach, to display, and perhaps to compete. Finding out who is doing what, and putting them together with other people who want to learn how to do what they are doing, is a core skill for this position. Think of the role as a booking agent for the arts and sciences in the Province — organizing the people and places needed for local A&S activities to take place. Reports to the kingdom two times per year. Kingdom policies are posted at

The chronicler’s job is to produce a newsletter useful to the group on a regular schedule, at least quarterly. The newsletter may be electronic, and may be emailed to a subscription list and/or published on the group website (our webminister can assist with the publication thereof). Courtesy copies must be shared with the Kingdom Chronicler, current royalty, seneschal, historian and archivist. A paper copy must be printed and kept with our provincial archives, retained by our historian. Reports to the kingdom annually in December. Kingdom policies are posted at

Knight Marshal
Armored combat marshals must know and understand the rules of the lists and the conventions of combat, so that they can inspect armor and weapons, authorize fighters, and oversee combat. You don’t have to be a fighter to become authorized as a marshal, but it helps. Reports to the kingdom four times per year. Kingdom policies are posted at

Minister of Lists 
The Minister of Lists supports combat by assisting marshals in running tournaments and keeping track of authorizations. The primary skill required for this position is dealing with paperwork. Standard forms are available to help organize elimination brackets and round-robins. This can easily come with on the job training as there are some really great MoLs to learn from locally in the Southern Region. Reports to the kingdom annually in March. Kingdom policies are posted at

Youth Marshal
Supervises youth combat activity in the Province. Should be a warranted youth marshal, and therefore must know and understand the rules of youth combat, to inspect armor and weapons, authorize fighters, and oversee combat. All warranted youth marshals must be background checked by the Society. Reports to the kingdom four times per year. Kingdom policies are posted at

Chancellor Minor
Supervises youth activities in the Province. All warranted youth officers must be background checked by the Society. Reports to the kingdom four times per year. Kingdom policies are posted at

Our chamberlain keeps an inventory of provincially-owned assets, and maintains a storage space containing it. They also coordinate transporting said stuff to and from events and demos as needed. No kingdom reporting requirement.

Captain of Archers
Supervises target archery activity in the Province. Reports to the kingdom two times per year. Kingdom policies are posted at


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