Provincial Court Report, John Barleycorn Returns

In the long awaited court of John Barleycorn Returns, Their Excellencies did welcome the newly arrived John Barleycorn back with pageantry, fanfare, and merriment.  A moment of silence was then held for those lost over the recent years of plague and in acknowledgement of the modern date. Continuing on to standard court business, great words were said for and by the event steward Aurora ffolkes on the successful event, volunteers were recognized with the award of the Sea Star, and newcomers were graced with gifts of functionally beautiful seahorse soap. 

Their Excellencies did present gifts to other members of the populace. Sofya Gianetta di Trieste was subtly encouraged to spread Østgarðr’s influence in her travels with miniature provincial flags and Jenna Childslayer was encouraged to spread bad ideas and instrument playing far and wide with the gift of a vuvuzela and the title of the Bad Idea Bard. Their Excellencies also presented Angelica di Nova Lipa a long-lost scroll for her previously awarded Order of the Seahorse, only four years later. 

Their Excellencies did recognize many members of their populace for their work and service with various Provincial awards. Catelin Straquhin became the newest member of the Order of the Sea Dog for her continuous support in a variety of roles for both the Canton of Brokenbridge and the Province itself and Arnbiǫrg Helga Niálsdóttir became the newest member of the Order of the Silver Sea Lion for her prowess on the usage of all projectiles.  As well, Their Excellencies added four new members to their Order of the Seahorse: Francisco de Braga for his continued service to the Province as Exchequer among other activities, Alexander MacLachlan for his continued service promoting the art of rapier within the Province and his previous service as acting seneschal, Zahra de Andaluzia for her continued service as Chronicler and the scribal arts, and Valgard Stonecleaver for his long-lasting and continuous commitment to armored combat and service to the Province, the Kingdom, and the Society.

Their Excellencies also was pleased to hear from each gentle who ran the event’s Provincial championships and other tournaments.  After Alienor Salton was called forth to return the token of the armored champion’s muse of love and beauty, Perez ben Meir Gershon first announced the victors of Sir Edward’s Memorial Challenge: Pádraig ÓBrádaig, Ragnarr bliskegg, and Albrecht Anker, who were presented their winnings consisting of Pennsic documentaries and the customary gift of Coffee Crisps (a nice light snack).  All armored combatants who participated in the written challenge were provided their results and given the customary gift of Coffee Crisps (a nice light snack), and those versed in the use of skinnier swords who participated were also acknowledged and provided their results. Albrecht was also recognized as the fighter with the best death and gifted a can of ham. Pádraig was then recognized as both the victor of the tournament and the newest Provincial champion for armored combat, passed on the token for their inspiration during the day’s tournament, and promised future regalia.  

Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin reported on the day’s youth combat tournament, where he recognized Oz as the youth fighter with the best death and Finnbjorn Ægirson as the victor of the day’s tournament with appropriate tokens.  Then, Finnbjorn, as the current Warden of the Fry, was presented with his official regalia, as it has also been found in the great search of Provincial artifacts.

Engel der Pfau reported on the day’s fencing tournament and named Mikulaj von Meissen as the best dressed fencer, for which he was unavailable to accept his gift, as well as presented Leo MacCullan as the tournament victor and newest Provincial fencing champion, for which he was presented with most of the regalia for the position. 

Ronan FitzRobert reported on the day’s archery tournament by presented Bróccín Maclvyr as the archery tournament victor and Marian Paddler as the newest Provincial archery champion, for which Marian was promised future regalia. 

Leon the Navigator reported on the day’s thrown weapons tournament by presenting Raymonda the Second as the victor and new Provincial champion for thrown weapons, where she was also promised future regalia.

Finally, Arnora Ketilsdottir informed the populace of how they can join the Canton of Brokenbridge’s completely and totally unofficial Order of the Carrot, and Their Excellencies spoke powerful words on their time as Viceregents and their search for heirs as they start their final year of service to Østgarðr.

And so concludes the business conducted in Their Excellencies’ court, held the 11th of September AS 56, as recounted by their herald, Drasma Seahorse