Annal for A.S. X (5/75 – 4/76)

A Medieval Fair demo was held on May 24-25. This may have been the first Huntington Ren Fair demo. At an Exotic Dance & Craft Fair on June 7, the Order of the Seahorse was founded (to acknowledge exceptional service to the Province) with Aidan ni Leir and Eva von Oudeachterkol as the first recipients. Another Craft Fair was held on June 21. The Cloisters Ren Fair was held on August 9 & 10. The Not* War [sic] was held on August 30. At the Provincial Championship Tourney on October 4, Angelique of Burgundy and Kathryn of Brookshire were given the Order of the Seahorse. An Arts Day was held on November 29. A Novices Triathlon of the Arts was planned for March 15, but there is no indication that it was ever held. At a College of Heralds Meeting on March 27, the Order of the Seahorse was given to House Ostrov, Osric Stanislaus Ivyarovich of Pripyat and Zhjest, Petr Aleksevich of Novgorod, and Temundai Chagan. At the Coronation of Alaric and Yseult on April 24, Aidan ni Leir received a Silver Crescent.

Annal for A.S. IX (5/74 – 4/75)

A Tourney and Crafts Fair was held on June 29. A Winter Solstice Revel was held on December 21. Demos were done at the Central Park Ren Fair on December 31 and Barnard College on April 26. On October 19, Brekke Franksdottir received a Silver Crescent. She became Queen with Asbjorn on April 19.

Annal for A.S. VIII (5/73 – 4/74)

On May 20, the group’s name was officially changed to Østgarðr at Coronation in Barony Beyond the Mountain. A Baronial War versus BBM was held in Fort Tryon Park on June 23, and Crown Tourney was held on Staten Is. on July 7. The latter was suspended due to heat; it is not known when the tourney was completed. Other events were held on July 13, August 11, and November 17 (the King’s Birthday Revel). A demo was held at the Cloisters Ren Fair on August 18.

Annal for A.S. VI (5/71 – 4/72)

Crown Tournament was held at Snug Harbor on May 15; Akbar and Khadijah won. A demo was held at the Cloisters Ren Fair on September 4. In March, the name “Two Rivers” began to be used for the NYC chapter.

Annal of A.S. V (5/70 – 4/71)

On June 20, “an ill-starred Tournament to be held with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, turned into a most pleasant informal tourney at Greenwalls [the Breen’s home on Staten Is.]”. Akbar and Khadijah’s Coronation was held at Greenwalls on July 7. On July 26, Crown Tourney was held at Snug Harbor; the winner was Murad al-ben Mohammed fighting for Fatima. They were crowned on August 29 at Snug Harbor. Twelfth Night was held at 86 Riverside Dr. on January 9. St. George’s Tournament was held on April 25 at Greenwalls.

Annal of A.S. IV (5/69 – 4/70)

A Tourney was held in the Breens’ backyard on Staten Is. on November 2. A Crown Tourney was held at Snug Harbor on Staten Is. on April 26; the victor was Akbar ibn Murad al-ben Muhamed fighting for Khadijah.

Annal of A.S. III (5/68 – 4/69)

The first Crown Tourney in the East was held in Clove Lakes Park on Staten Is. on July 21, with Maragorn and Adrienne serving as Sovereigns for the day (it was originally scheduled for June 2, but that date was rained out). Bruce of Cloves won for his lady Florence; they were formally crowned on October 27 at a Tourney in Clove Lakes Park.