Østgarðr Provincial Court Report from Deck the Halls of Valhalla

To start the pageantry at Deck the Halls of Valhalla, Their Excellencies Sofya and Angelica did hold a morning court to bid all who attended, especially all newcomers, a wonderful time to be had.  They then invited the autocrat of the event, Ragnarr bliskegg, to announce the schedule of the day’s events.  All were then bid to enjoy these events and court was suspended until the afternoon.

With lovely words and greetings from Their Excellencies was court reopened, of which Ragnarr was invited again to address the populace as autocrat and thanked for his efforts. Their Excellencies then did thank all for helping make the event a success with the award of the Sea Star.

Their Excellencies also did award many of the populace with tokens of Their appreciation: the scribes in attendance were thanked for their tireless work on providing scrolls with tools of their trade, the cooks of the event with gifts of thanks, and all newcomers were invited up to receive gifts of thematic soap and trinkets. Explicitly presented tokens were Francisco de Braga for his past service as exchequer of Østgarðr and Evelyn de Trees for her service as bardic champion, of which she finally received her scroll, given it could not be digitized for proper presentation during the previous ethereal Valhalla court.

Evelyn did then pass on her bardic mantle to the Foxy Bard as the new bardic champion of Østgarðr.  Also recognized as part of the bardic festivities was Marin il Gondelier for honorable mention, Varenne de Forêt as the most entertaining bard, and Zahra de Andalucía as the people’s choice winner.

Zahra was also presented with her Silver Brooch, previously awarded by King Mohammad and Queen Corotica at the 100 Minutes War last month, for which she was unfortunately not able to attend.

And thus concludes the court business, held the fourteenth of January, A.S. 57, in the Canton of Brokenbridge.

In service,

Dama Drasma Dragomira – Seahorse Pursuivant