Open provincial offices: webminister, historian, exchequer

The Crown Province of Østgarðr has several officer positions that are coming open, and for which we are seeking candidates.  All positions are open to residents of Østgarðr who are current members of the society. (Please double-check your membership to make sure it hasn’t expired.)

If you are interested in any of the below positions (webminister, historian or exchequer), please submit a letter of intent to by July 1st.  A letter of intent should include your Society name and membership number, the office in which you are interested, and any information you’d like to share with the voting officers about your qualifications or intentions for the office.  A vote or acclamation for each office will be held at the provincial commons meeting on July 20.

I. Østgarðr webminister

Although I have found it extremely convenient and personally rewarding to serve the province as both seneschal and webminister, those are major offices that should not be duplicated in a large, active, healthy group.  As such, I need to step down as webminister.

The webminister is responsible for keeping the provincial website up to date, posting minutes, meeting announcements and other relevant communications to the province.  Webminister also maintains the mailing lists that are hosted on the EK server.  Maintenance is minimal, as the website runs on a self-updating WordPress instance.  Technical skills involve being comfortable with web-based user interfaces for managing the content of the site and for interacting with the EK mail interfaces to Gmail and other google services.  The scope of the job can be greater for a candidate seeking additional opportunities to exercise their skills — the website is fully under their control.

The deputy webminister, Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, will continue to serve if desired, and is available for consultation, delegation and ongoing suport in this job.

If you have questions about what this job entails, you are encouraged to speak to me (, or to the viceregals (,

II. Østgarðr historian

Master Richard the Poor has announced his intention to step down from his role as provincial historian at the end of June, after EK50.

The historian maintains a record of the major events in the life of the province.  You can view the past historical record on our website at

If you have questions about what this job entails, you are encouraged to speak to Master Richard (, to the provincial seneschal (, or to the viceregals (,

III. Østgarðr exchequer

Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa has been searching for some time for a candidate to take over the office of exchequer.  We are pleased to have heard from several individuals who are willing to take on this service.  If you have already volunteered, or if you would now like to submit your skills to the service of the province, please submit your letter of intent to by July 1st.  Please indicate in your letter whether you are willing to serve as exchequer, as deputy exchequer, or as either.

The exchequer tracks our financial records, maintains the provincial bank account, and submits reports to the kingdom exchequerate.  We will provide training for this job before you are asked to take on the responsibility.  Being able to use a spreadsheet is a necessary component of this task.

If you have questions about what this job entails, you are encouraged to speak to Lady Angelica (, to the provincial seneschal (, or to the viceregals (,