Officer Positions in Need of Candidates

The provincial officer elections for the upcoming year will include the following positions. We are still taking letters of intent from those interested in serving in any of these offices. The current tally of candidates willing to assume office is as follows:

  • Seneschal: 2 candidates
  • Herald: 1 candidate
  • Fencing Marshal: 1 candidate
  • Knight Marshal: 1 candidate
  • Web Minister: 0 candidates
  • Historian: 0 candidates
  • Archery Captain: 0 candidates
  • Youth Combat Marshal: 1 candidate
  • Chamberlain: 0 candidate

We are open to receiving Letters of Intent (LOI) for any of the positions mentioned above. Please be aware that the deadline for LOI submissions is November 14th. To submit your LOI, please send an email to both the Seneschal and the Viceregents. In your email, specify the officer position you are interested in and provide any relevant information that highlights your qualifications for that role.

Yours In Service,
Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi
長島 一路 宇治道
Østgarðr Seneschal