Now at the Met

I think many in our area will be interested in this special exhibit on
art from 11th and 12th century Spain, which is now open the Cloisters branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

“The exhibition’s chronology, 1000 to 1200, corresponds to a pivotal
era in the history of the Spanish Middle Ages—one that saw significant
shifts in the balance of power between Christian and Muslim rulers,
destabilizing long-standing social relationships and introducing new
tensions among religious communities. Yet the visual arts make it
clear that this was not a purely divisive age. In exploring how
artists and patrons of the day drew from many sources of inspiration,
negotiating the visual traditions of different religions, Spain,
1000–1200: Art at the Frontiers of Faith will showcase the richness
and complexity of interfaith interaction. In so doing, the exhibition
draws upon the concept of the frontier—a boundary that simultaneously
separates and connects—as a metaphor for Spain as a place of artistic

  • Lord Ibrahim al-Rashid