Notes from Commons May 15, 2020

Here’s a summary of the discussion from May’s Provincial Commons.

Alec McL: 

  • will go back to Manhattanville when the quarantine is over


  • Haven’t received any reminiscences for folks who’ve passed
  • Lada, do you have permission to share the article he wrote for Silver Horde?
  • Lada: will check


  • Have put together little embroidery kits with hoops and thread and such. If you have information about period embroidery please send it to me.


  • Available to help with online activities


  • Bardic video project is coming along, thanks to Gavin for audio work.
  • Hoping to organize an online concert this summer.


  • Working on submissions for a couple of people.
  • If you want your device redrawn in a format optimized for an social-media avatar, email me.


  • First quarter exchequer docs are submitted, got comments from kingdom, have meeting scheduled for tomorrow to review changes to the report format.


  • Pennsic is cancelled. 
  • If there are things you’d like me to include in writeups of recent events, mail me about them. I try to find information but sometimes I miss things.


  • No youth combat activity, obviously.
  • We have material for sachets — cloves, lavender, cedar, spearmint, and flax seeds — if you will make fabric sachets we can mail you the filling.


  • Not much to report, all event cancelled


  • Cooking efforts for every court
  • Thanks to Anne for setting up an account so I could stream via Google Meet.
  • Lada: Let’s figure out how you can get that added to the EK calendar; 
  • Thanks to Ervald for doing remote fighter practice, I was able to make this last week and have previous ones recorded to
  • At 7:30 PM daily there’s a West Kingdom zoom pell practice.


  • I’ve been looking at some updated rules for Hnefatafl. 


  • Looking forward to publishing the next issue of the Seahorse
  • Participating in a scribal competition. Lots of people drew a letter and sent it off to a guy who runs a parchment shop on the West Coast, “Medieval Goods and Parchment” in Oregon.


  • Interbaronial largess exchange / competition scheduled for Pennsic has been postponed, will reschedule to next year.
  • EK Scribal fundraiser for PPE donations, signup in comments; create a piece of scribal art to be auctioned, proceeds to be donated.


  • Thanks to Gavin to showing up for fighter practice.
  • Tuesday 7-8:30 virtual training and fighter practice.
  • Will start at 6:45 next week to talk about building swords.
  • There’s a FB group for SCA Virtual Fighter Practice with lots of training tips and videos.
  • Previous weeks videos posted on NY Knights Combat YT channel.
  • Hopefully will start up again with fighter practice again when that’s safe, either in McCarren Park or Manhattanville.
  • Hopefully we’ll be able to show up to 100 Minutes War this winter.