Notes from Aug. 2020 Commons

Here’s a summary of the discussion during August’s Provincial Commons.


  • Brewers class tomorrow [Saturday, Aug. 22], 3-6 Thorfinn
  • Laila EKCoP class 16th C music of the stage Sunday, Aug. 23, evening performance


  • Virtual event in the province.  3 princes day.  Event steward & head cook: Friderich.  [Virtual dinner party: Cooking classes online beforehand, then everyone cook at home and eat together.  Zoom breakout rooms for “tables”.]  Laila, bardic.  Could stream music over YouTube.  Bish has offered use of his corporate Zoom account.  Anne will research a paid Zoom account for the province (assess feasibility, see if we want to use for future events).  May also assist with technical aspects?  Perez will help coordinate.  To be held in Nov. (near Princes Day [Ozurr, Anton, Cullen—cross-kingdom, East meets West]).  Needs FB group, mailing list.  Need volunteers to manage the breakout rooms.
  • Purim event mid-Feb / early-March.  Online.  Laila, Berakh & Zahra?  Check with Mistress Judith bas Rabbi Mendel of Settmour Swamp, who has run a similar event.  Fancy costumes, hamentaschen, drinking until you can’t distinguish Haman and … Esther?  Safer at home, lol.  


  • Mask competition sponsored by the viceregents, make a mask that fits your persona, period or provincial themed (your arms, or garb, or other relevant heraldry, etc.). Deadline extended.
  • EK Halloween dance-off to Thriller.


  • Official business meetings to happen every other commons, social meeting continues monthly.  Business bits welcome at every meeting — bring whatever you want to discuss.  No reports required.  Encouraged to submit said bits to the populace mailing list beforehand.


  • EK wiki page for translators.  Put what you’re willing to translate in your personal wiki, and FB message Laila (Krishna Alexandra) to be added to the page.


  • Friderich [EK wiki page construction, persona development]
  • Laila [advanced persona development (coordinate with Friderich’s basic class)], 
  • Jenna [Pennsic 101, sewing machine]
  • Catelin [tailor terms (coordinate with Jenna’s sewing machine class), Islamic Renaissance (Thorfinn has geometric tile pattern book _Islamic Geometric Designs_ for loan].  
  • Encouraged to go through EK A&S online classes — publicity, tech. assistance coordinating the meeting, YouTube video posted if class is recorded.  
  • Laila suggests soliciting classes on topics from Africa & the Americas; Jenna suggests reaching out to instructors on these topics from virtual Pennic.


  • Zahra would like material for the Seahorse.  Next publication date is Sept. 1st.  Will have an in-memoriam section.