Letters of Intent for Provincial Offices

We have received letters of intent for all our open Provincial offices whose incumbent is stepping down at the end of their term (or who has already stepped down), namely Chronicler, Chatelaine, Minister of Lists and Minister of Arts & Sciences.  Those 4 letters are presented herein for your perusal.

Letter of Intent for Chronicler, from Sarah of Whyt Whey

Greetings to the Officers of Østgarðr,

I am writing to announce my interest in the position of Chronicler for the Crown Province of Østgarðr.

I’m relatively new to the SCA, and have spent the last several months participating in various local activities and practices, especially dance, fencing, and bardic circle. My interests are wide, however, and I can’t wait to experience more of what the Society has to offer. In conversation with various members it came to my attention that the position of Chronicler was soon to be open, and as I work in marketing and communications mundanely, I have a lot to offer as Chronicler, both in terms of mundane experience and a fresh perspective as a new member.

As Chronicler, I would produce and publish a quarterly E-Horse, and special announcements as needed. Content would include abridged minutes from all Commons meetings that took place that quarter (with a link to read more), promotion of upcoming events, congratulations or character spotlights as appropriate, and other submitted content ad hoc.

To encourage participation, I would also like to solicit various types of content—images, quotes, websites, videos, etc.—from various sources, and introduce some interactive elements such as trivia, shoutouts, or games. Since the purpose of the letter is not to market or promote, but to inform and engage, I see a lot of opportunity to get creative. Soliciting content from members will also drive engagement.

I thank you for your consideration of my ideas and application to the position. I cannot wait to get more involved in this truly special Society.

Sarah of Whyt Whey

Letter of Intent for Chatelaine, from Sayyida Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya

Greetings unto Il-Kha’an Suuder Saran and Il-Khatun Lada Manguligin, the acting Provincial Seneschal Hlæfdige Alienor Salton, and the populace of the Crown Province of Østgarðr.

With this missive, I am declaring my intent to be considered for the office of Østgarðr Chatelaine. I wish to serve the Crown Province humbly and to the best of my ability, guiding newcomers to the resources of our fertile Province. I intend to help create a warm and welcoming environment for people of all races, religions, cultures, and lifestyles, and to expand our membership through outreach in the form of demos, as well as through effective use of our social media channels.

Though I am relatively new to the East Kingdom, I have 25 years of experience in the SCA, and I have previously held baronial office in the Kingdom of Caid (Minister of Arts & Sciences, Barony of Lyondemere, 2005-2006). I am an extremely active member of the SCA, and I currently serve on the East Kingdom College of Performers Planning Committee, and as a retainer to Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna. I have the time and the capability to devote to this important job, and I wish to share with newcomers my joy in the Dream we create.

In Service to the Dream,
Sayyida Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya

Letter of Intent for Minister of Lists, from Count Sir Rakkurai of Kamakura OSC

I am interested in applying for the position of Minister of Lists. I am prepared to accept the attendant responsibilities of the position.

Count Sir Rakkurai of Kamakura OSC

Letter of Intent for Minister of Arts & Sciences, from Donnchadh mac Eoin

Greetings Officers of Østgarðr,

​My name is Donnchadh mac Eoin, mundanely known as [redacted]. I am announcing my interest in the office of Østgarðr Minister of Arts & Sciences. After speaking with Mistress Sofya about the responsibilities of the office, I think that I would be a good fit for the position. As I understand the position, Minister of A&S is about encouraging enjoyment and participation in the many arts and sciences the society (and our province) offers. I believe my enthusiasm for helping others find something they love in the society is well known. I have been active at many of our recent demos, helping sell the society to potential members, particularly the arts and sciences.​

As Minister of Arts & Sciences, as well as the primary duties of being an active officer and providing quarterly reports to the Kingdom Minister of A&S, I have several ideas that I would like to propose. First, I would like to make an attempt to have some kind of A&S presence at every Provincial event. Be it displays, classes, or competitions, I would like to find a way to integrate A&S everywhere. As A&S is very well represented in Østgarðr, I do not expect that to be too difficult. Second, I would like to work with the Viceroyalty to come up with some kind of A&S “circuit” competition over several events, with both individual event and overall recognition. Third, I intend to actively work with the Chroniclers, provincial and cantonal, to not just promote events and workshops, but to promote the talented artisans of our province and their arts. Hopefully, this can be a monthly thing, but we shall see what form it takes. Lastly, I would like to work with the provincial Chatelaine to provide A&S materials for distribution to potential members. These would have examples of the many arts available locally as well as a schedule of the next few A&S events and workshops in the province. I think these four goals are reasonable for someone starting out as a Minister of A&S. Of course, there are many more things we could try.​

I hope these preceding goals and credentials speak to my qualifications to be the next Provincial Minister of Arts and Sciences. Regardless of your decision, I am forever in your service as an ambassador for Østgarðr and the arts and sciences of our society.

In Service,
Donnchadh mac Eoin