In Memoriam for Sir Edward: A Comet Pierces Eastern Skies Tonight

[This poem was composed by M. Ana de Guzmán, OL on the passing of Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, a beloved figure who had given much to Østgarðr. Our thanks to Mistress Ana for sharing it with us.]

A comet pierces Eastern skies tonight,
the likes of which we shall not see again.
The passing of a giant among men
is heralded with its celestial flight.

One blessed with skill, with puissance, with great might,
adept likewise with needle and with pen,
now makes a journey far beyond our ken
with bravery, our simple country knight.

The evil that men do lives after them?
We know this is not altogether true.
For we have seen the good this man has done.

His wisdom like unto a precious gem,
he mended fences, quarrels not a few.
Recall his light, now Edward’s race is run.

Ana de Guzmán