Commons minutes June 2016

Crown Province of Østgarðr 17 June 2016

In Attendance:
1. Barone Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa–*Seneschal
2. THLady Lada Monguligin–*A&S
3. Lord Suudur Saran­ *Brokenbridge, *Archery
4. THLord Thomas the Constable of Northpass–*Northpass
5. THLord Alexander MacLachlan ­Deputy Fencing
6. Master Richard the Poor­ *Historian, Deputy Exchequer at Large
7. Lady Lillie RedTowers
8. Mungo Chinua­ *Herald
9. Countess Mistress Brekke Franksdottir­ *Lionsend
10. THLady Marion of York ­ *Fencing
11. Devra
12. Alexi
13. Lady Beatrice della Rocca ­ Recording Secretary

Report Sent In:

1. Lady Alienor Salton–WhytWhey
2. Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste–Chatelaine
3. Lady Angelica Di Nova Lipa–Exchequer

Quorum: 11 needed, 9 in attendance. Quorum not achieved.
Start Time: 8:00pm

I. Reports

A. Seneschal Report ­ Barone Francesco

I am still waiting for some officers to turn in their officer and deputy information sheets. If you have not sent them in, please do so.

Coronets as Regalia. Conor Ó Ceallaigh spoke to the Seneschal and mentioned that we do not have coronets. Previously, the Crown Province only had chains of office for the Viceregals, as Ostgardr was not considered to be on the same level as a barony. In the past few years, the Throne has considered the Province to be on the same level as a barony, and therefore is allowing us to have coronets, as well as chains of office. Conor is therefore offering to donate a stained glass panel for Barleycorn, so that we can raise money for the coronets. A discussion is had on whether we want to raise money for the coronets, or simply spend the money we already have. Master Yurgen of Northshield is recommended by Barone Francesco, whose coronet cost 480 and was a very custom job. As the meeting is not quorate, no vote is held, and discussion suspended until next meeting.

B. Officer Reports

1. Archery Report, Suudur
a. Archery practice has started up again, on Long Island, and thus far has been well attended. Suudur regrets being unable to attend as many practices as he would like, due to a new job

2. Brokenbridge Seneschal ­ Suuder

There will be a meeting set for the middle of next month, see the website and mailing list for more information!

We need to check with the webmistress to confirm that we are on the Kingdom server

Viking day was very successful, it had a great showing, although there were no fighters aside from youth fighters. There were fencers, but they did not fence in our lists. Targai, Marion, Akelina, King of Acre stopped by. They were happy with us again and expect us next year. We made 400 off of it. There is a discussion on whether the money will be split between Brokenbridge and Ostgardr, as it had been policy to split the funds.

A&S classes and meetings are happening, at Anneke’s house. The last class was a naalbinding class.

3. Northpass Seneschal ­ Thomas

Northpass is preparing for Barleycorn 25 and the Investiture of the Viceregals. Links are on the website, please check it out. Volunteers are always welcome

There are no elections coming up, positions are set as per the list given to Barone Francesco

4. A&S ­ Lada

Beadmaking class that was originally set for tomorrow is cancelled due to the teacher breaking their leg, and will likely be rescheduled for after Pennsic.

There is an arrow-making class happening tomorrow in Northpass. The class is still open, and is over at Wilhelm’s house.

5. Lions End ­ Brekke

Lions End held a meeting and an election. She needs to followup with people and will send in a report later.

Meetings are at the Levittown Library on the 1st Monday of the month.

Please check website for details

6. Herald ­ Mungo
a. Quarterly report was submitted. The herald is still learning the position

7. Fencing ­ Marion

We had some fencing last week at Eternalcon, there were 3 fencers Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

We may have a fencing practice starting up at Swordclass on Sundays between 4 and 6 pm. Cost is $5 a person, and is contingent on there being enough interest.

8. Exchequer ­ sent by Angelica, read by Beatrice

Currently banked funds total $12,877.12: $7,036.89 in savings, and $5,840.23 in checking.

We received a $400 check for the Riverfest demo that has not yet been deposited.

Ostgardr Seneschal and Exchequer have been added to the bank account as signers

Upcoming Viceroy and Vicereign will be added after their Investiture

As per last month’s meeting, the Guilded Pearl matter remains open, pending a decision by the members.

9. Chatelaine ­ sent by Sofya, read by Beatrice

We had a generous donation to our gold key inventory by Heather Stanley from Brokenbridge. She had been holding onto various items her mother wore in the SCA and thought they would be of more use to us. Ervald and I picked up the items a few weeks ago which included a box of various sewing patterns. I’ve sorted through most of the gold key and don’t know what to do as of yet with the various patterns but will work with others to find the right home or use for them. I thanked her from all of us.

Riverdale RiverFest: Although the weather did frighten some people away it did hold off enough to have a decent number of people stop by and look at our displays. We didn’t have a lot of people sign up (about 15 emails) but those who did were asking a lot of questions.

EternalCon; June 10th­-12th: EternalCon was a success! Although we were competing with Southern Region War practice which reduced our volunteer resources and entry passes were limited by the venue, we came together and were able to make a weekend event that surpassed my expectations.

i. Our success, to me, was greater than the number of emails/numbers, although we did well with over 50 contacts. We even have a recruit from the demo who is planning on attending Whyt Whey’s A&S night, June 16.

ii. We gained tremendous exposure and a possible future invite to next year’ event. This year was about proving our place at EternalCon and I believe we did.

iii. Frank, the organizer of EternalCon, has been looking into creating a medieval themed event in Long Island and he definitely wants us involved. A site has been located and now it’s just a matter of them working out the event and getting back to us. I will keep everyone informed when I hear of further details.

iv. While at EternalCon I had a moment to speak to another comic convention promoter, Mike Carbonaro, an organizer of various comic conventions in New York City, who agreed to have the SCA participate in his yearly ‘Big Apple ComicCon’ which will take place Saturday, March 4, in Manhattan. I don’t know how much room he is giving us but I will work out the details with him later and will present for approval.

v. Our members were also photographed and videoed by various news reporters and photographers.

I believe the SCA was promoted and seen in a very positive light and I’m very proud of how this demo turned out.

10. Whyt Whey ­ sent by Alienor, read by Beatrice

We are on course for the Cloisters demo. Parking passes and arranging to pick up the green and white will be much as usual, to be arranged later. New elements include a fashion show (live models wearing whatever you happen to be wearing that day) and a chorale, singing from our canton songbook (copies available on our website).

Picnic in the Park is not likely to be scheduled this year. Will try again next year.

Our new device and badge have been submitted to Yehuda, Blue Tyger, submissions herald for the East. The process takes about 8 months. We are eagerly watching for progress through the system. Looking forward to making banners and tabards with the new device.

Our bank account is open and our exchequer has received the first bank statement.

A&S meetings are going brilliantly. Most recent class taught by Thorfinn on making wire rings was a huge hit. Pics in our Facebook group. Next meeting will be Pennsic prep: finish hemming & trimming that garb. Please keep an eye out for updates!

f. Website is coming along. Many thanks to Arnora, our provincial webminister for making a global shared calendar. Also to the society archivist for providing scans of the original artwork for canton members’ devices, now serving as our website banner. Usability review by EK web staff coming soon­ish. Next content to be added will be output from our A&S gatherings (photos, how­tos, etc.)

Barone Francesco notes ­ if absent, please send reports to officer’s list or to the recording secretary

C. Viceregal Comments

D. Viceregal Heirs Comments

We want 2 things at Barleycorn. First, we would like for everyone to reach out to old scadians, and get them to come back and enjoy themselves. At investitures, display all Sea stars, provincial regalia etc. Show all the stars!

II. Recently Past Events

A. Riverdale Riverfest — 05 June (Autocrat: Lady Elionora)

Suuder ­ Event was lightly attended, we had several fighters showed, some from Northkingdom. People liked it, despite weather and put on best show that we could with fighters as the main draw. At day’s end, all go put away with expediency. People there enjoyed us, and the young fighters from the north enjoyed themselves. Marshal was Sir Valgard and Sir Gui, and Big Luigj, who brought his pell and supervised kids.

B: New Dorp Highschool Demo ­ Comiccon

Lada ­ We were asked to attend at the last minute, a convention organized by the teachers for the students. We had a good turnout, with a few fighters, Austin, Scott, Ronin and Jay, under one marshal, Roger Yonge, one of Sir Gui’s squires. Got about 2 pages worth of names, which have gone to Sofya. Had people stop by, we were the only group outside, but others got moved indoors once the weather turned. School loved us, they are doing it again next year, and will be asking us to come. Do not yet have a date, and will give us whatever space we want. Really good for a short notice demo. Got a bit of a spot on NYU1, although we were mislabeled as larpers.

III. Upcoming Events

A: We received a missive from the Kingdom of Acre. Their autumn crusade is Sept 16­18th and we are invited. The event is in Connecticut. Friday night there will be torchlight tournament, please check with Lada for more information.

IV. Upcoming Demos

A. Queens Farm — 24 & 25 September (Autocrat: Baron Ian)

Queens Farm demo is still on, and they still have pig races. Please see Autocrat for more information.

B. Cloisters — 18 September

The Cloister’s Medieval Faire demo is our largest event of the year, during which they bring upwards of 3.000 people through the gates. Please see Alienor’s report for more details.

V. Old Business:

A. Viceregal Investiture at “John Barleycorn 2016”

1. Change of RP status on EK Website? Has gotten RP status ­ Suuder working with Wilhelm to change in the event listing. He has been a tremendous help. Negotiations with Wilhelm also go through Thomas

B. “By­Law Committee” — To identify loopholes in the By­Laws to be fixed

1. Committee has not yet met, Beatrice to look up members and get a meeting together.

VI. New Business

A. The new position of “Deputy Seneschal – Scribe”, has changed to “Deputy Seneschal ­ Recording Secretary.” It is an appointed position, and currently held by Beatrice della Rocca

VII. Next THREE (3) Upcoming Meetings

A. July: CANCELED for Pennsic
B. August: Norana has offered her place. Address is forthcoming
C. September 16th: Northpass ­ Thomas at the beach, a definite maybe.

We are always open to new locations! If you know of any, please contact the Seneschal to arrange.

End Time: 9:17pm
• Proposed: Brekke move to adjourn
• Seconded: the room
• Accepted / Denied: passed by acclamation