Commons minutes for June 2021

June 2021 Minutes • Østgarðr Commons

The June commons meeting was held June 16. Here are the minutes/notes as recorded by Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin and edited by Alienor Salton. The officers’ reports are attached at the end.


  • Called to order at 7:31pm.
  • Seneschal:  

Vivat to Lady Kunigunde, AOA in court

Vika and Simon for Sovereign’s Award of Esteem

Yehuda for Order of the Golden Rapier

Vivat to Wilhelm for reauthorizing in thrown weapons

Vivat to Noble Anne for their service as webminister, and best wishes as they move out of the province. Webminister baton has been passed to Mathghamhain, looking for a replacement

Vivat to Zahra for the new e-Horse, looks great; next issue is Sept 1, please submit material now.

Thanks to BB demo crew — it looked fantastic. Ragnarr: Thank you to everyone who came out. Lada: They got a shoutout from the SCA president (?).


  • Alienor: Reopening has begun! New guidelines. BOD has lifted most directives as of July 1. Kingdom rules also adjusted as of July 1. Safety habits are still encouraged. Crown will continue to wear masks through the summer. First requirements are public safety, federal, state, and local regulations. SCA rules say no buffet or shared food; sealed food is okay. Pre-registration is required for events, but that may not be required for fighter practice. You do not have to have your safety plan pre-approved by kingdom to organize an event, but it is needed to have a plan and share it with attendees. 

– Alienor: Fighter practice is going well. Fencing has paused. Would it be nice to have other people at fighter practice?

– Sofya: I might go one night.

– Albrecht: it would be great to have other people there; we had 40-50 spectators there, and it would be great to have someone explaining what we’re doing. 

– Jenna: I have some newcomers I’m planning on sending that way.

– Perez: If we had more people who needed a ride, it would justify renting a car for the evening.

– Alienor: we need to continue pre-reg through June, but should we continue it beyond then?

– Albrecht: Let’s continue it through July. It’s useful to have a handle on how many people to expect. We had 10 fighters, 5 non-combatants last night. 

– Alienor: Okay, let’s continue it.

– Alienor: Alec stopped by Court Square and was skeptical about the space and lighting.

– Albrecht: McCarren seems like a better bet. I’m continuing to look at other sites.

– Ragnarr: Valgard would prefer to continue to stay at McCarren; it’s been successful and he doesn’t want to mess with it.

– Albrecht: Would be nice to have a weekend practice in a location with more space. 

– Albrecht: At McCarren, we’ve had to move to a different area of the park, and unfortunately the spot we’re using now doesn’t have good lighting when it gets dark.

Demo / Twitch / Discord Social Media

– Alienor: The demo seemed to go well. What was it like working with Twitch. I was surprised by how excited my teen was about it. 

– Ragnarr: it went well. If we wanted to do something like this ourselves, we’d need to have someone dedicated to doing the filming. If we had someone who specialized in streaming. Having a host is an important part of this format.

– Edwin: Folks in the bardic community might be good at the engagement element of hosting. Plus we need someone techincal to manage that side.

– Albrecht: I used to run a Twitch channel with a bunch of streamers. Technical infrastructure isn’t very complicated — a laptop, a phone, etc. I was thinking about doing something like this for fighter practice. Having a host / MC to engage with the people both on camera and in the chat is key.

– Catelin: we should consider doing something similar with other Twitch streaming companies. This format allows us to reach an audience that would not have found us organically. There’s a tradeoff where the Twitch streamers get content for their channel, while we get exposure to their audience.

– Lada: I’ve seen people use Twitch streams at events, but there were issues around consent, which is now easier because we can do release forms electronically. Perhaps we could have a shared channel that would allow multiple people to stream from different kinds of events, eg at an armored combat practice, at a fencing practice, etc.

– Albrecht: You can set up a channel so that multiple people can stream to it. You’ll probably need a laptop with OBS software and also a phone, although there are choices about it.

– Perez: Today we had access to wifi, but at other locations data usage cost and speeds are a potential use.

– Jenna: My impression is that it’s hard to find Twitch channels.

– Alienor: we have existing social media channels for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … and Discord?

– Albrecht: We have a couple of people using it now. One thing holding us back is a bot. Known World Discord has a bot. 

– Alienor: what’s the cost?

– Hanya: $80-90, one-time purchase.

– Alienor: Can we get a volunteer to teach a class on using Discord?

– Randve: i volunteer

– Alienor: It would be good to have some younger people volunteer on the social media community.

– Alienor: could we use the Whyt Whey Solar as a venue for a Discord class?

– Beraka: yes, we could schedule that as soon as July.

– Jenna: I would give up my July 17 schedule.

– Beraka: I will probably need a deputy to manage the Solars in September due to Jewish holiday schedule.

– Lada: I set up LinkTree site, which has links to our other social media site. It’s popular on Instagram. Let me know if you have other links to share there.

Committees and Projects

  • Feast of Fireflies

    – Randve: We’re rolling out a last-hurrah virtual feast. mid August. Similar to Pennsic potluck. An opportunity to commemorate that with you all. I would love to have a collection of recipes of things you would bring to the potluck. Send them to me via email, Facebook, or whatever. Recipes don’t have to be period, but that would be okay as well — the theme is “what would you bring to our Pennsic Potluck”. Need submissions by July 20.

– Edwin: I sent a link to a viking bread recipe, do I need to re-send it?

– Randve: I’ve got it.

  • Proposed Northern Events

    – Alienor: Oliver is unable to join us, but has submitted a slate of events for the fall and then 2022: March, mid-may, September, October. Also one suggestion for a 9/11 Barleycorn at Veteran’s Memorial Park. We need to talk about how it would work. 

– Sofya: Has the Province proposed any royal events?

– Lada: Their majesties are looking for a list of local events they could attend. We let them know we’re talking about Barleycorn. They’re also looking for champions events etc. Falling Leaves is that same weekend but they’re going all online.

– Alienor: *reads event description* $7/5. No feast.

– Francisco: Is this a resubmission of last year’s event? 

– Alienor: no, it’s a new event.

– Francisco: we’ll need a budget, details on event site cost, etc. 

– Alienor: yeah, we don’t have a budget for this one yet.

– Ragnarr: are we asking if we approve the event?

– Alienor: yes.

– Ragnarr: Having run the event today, under the old guidelines, it was great to see people; even if we had to adhere to strict guidelines for safety, I think it’s wonderful.

– Zahra: Assume it’s not overnight? (yes) I agree it would be great to see people.

– Lada: Carillon just did Southern Region War Camp, which was successful. Everyone adhered to guidelines and restrictions. I think it would be good.

– Sofya: Would there be any food?

– Alienor: current proposal is no food. New guidelines as of July 1, no feast, but you can provide packaged food, commercial food, or food trucks. You can prepare stuff in advance and deliver it in individual packages

– Sofya: I’m not opposed to it with those kinds of standards. I’m feeling more comfortable, but I’m not quite there.

– Alienor: It feels like we’re headed in a good direction.

– Perez: I’d be glad to help with food prep.

– Jenna: What is the kingdom guidance on masks?

– Alienor: there’s no mask mandate as of July 1. It’s encouraged but not required.

– Kunigunde: Thinking about kids, since under 12s aren’t vaccinated, are we thinking of kids activities?

– Alienor: as chancellor minor we’d be interested in your input.

– Kunigunde: Summer camps are happening. Many state-level restrictions have been lifted. Outdoor stuff seems reasonable, but still being careful. Would want to adhere to best practices.

– Alienor: It sounds like people are interested. I’d be more comfortable if we had some more people involved in planning and safety and such. Please volunteer to help with setup, contact Tom and/or Oliver. 

– Lada: Yes, volunteer to help with the event.

– Zahra: Can bardic be a part of events?

– Alienor: Singing and wind instruments don’t seem safe, so I’m going to lean against it for now. 

– Alienor: so I’m going to tell Tom we’re approving the event

  • Three Princes

– Lada: Do we want to do another Feast of Three Princes?

– Ragnarr: I’d say yes, we learned a bunch from the last one, it was successful, let’s do it again.

– Edwin: I feel like, with opening up we could branch out and have the people running the event in one place.

– Catelin: Doing it virtually again would be great. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people in Tir Mara (Canada), Ozurr will be Canada. It’s also a great opportunity for people to reconnect.

– Albrecht: I don’t think we should get rid of the virtual stuff we’ve created. I’m able to attend commons meetings, tune in to court.  

– Alienor: I’m reminded of when Sofya’s elevation was streamed.

– Morwenna: I love attending the Solars and Commons, which I previously wasn’t able to attend.

– Alienor: We’re going to continue Commons online at least through December.

– Kunigunde: Getting anywhere outside of Westchester on a weekday night is a real challenge.

– Alienor: let’s recruit volunteers. Same timeframe, early November.

– Perez: let’s investigate how to handle hybrid events, with some people in groups in person, but let’s be aware of challenges involved in trying to have multiple. 

– Mathghamhain: it’s awkward to have a “main location” and other people virtually.

– Perez: One possible point of reference is events that have multiple activities happening in parallel. Maybe have some staff organizing an in-person experience and other staff organizing the networked element.

– Albrecht: let’s try it and see. It’s the only way we’ll really know what works.

– Zahra: Second Mathghamhain’s point about having two different experiences. Having a youth section isn’t comparable, because for this we really want everyone to have a similar experience. I worry that the hybrid approach verges on running two different events at once. Maybe an approach with multiple households / groups of friends connecting would be a good compromise.

– Kunigunde: Experience of kids having classes with some kids in person and some virtual is not good — the people who are remote feel like second-class citizens. 

– Catelin: Agreed. Not everything has to be hybrid. Some things can be digital-centric — classes, etc — while others are in-person.

– Alienor: since we can’t have feasts in person, having them be virtual is good.

– Perez: Maybe feast restrictions will be lifted by November, but we can’t plan on it. I wonder if the feast restrictions would apply to families / households. I’ve seen some shabbats run with households as hosts, which might be relevant — to allow people to host a few friends. Some people did host a couple of friends last year; perhaps we can facilitate this. Maybe someone wants to run a “Tir Mara Satellite table” which we would help to facilitate — if the regulations facilitate. 

– Alienor: Tir Mara’s rules are really strict.

– Lada: the big success of the event was that we connected people across great distances. I want to make sure that we don’t lose that by having people gathering in person.

– Kunigunde: Thinking about classes, Albrecht’s architecture class from Valhalla was something that worked better because it was online.

– Ragnarr: Could we have a mini-tournament ahead of time, keep the results secret, and play clips during the dinner?

– Lada: yes, each of the three princes could organize a fight day.

– Albrecht: I’d be glad to create a virtual 3D space for the event. This is a way I can contribute.

  • Other Events

– Two feeder tournaments, then Crown July 17 in Hartshorndale.

– Richard the Poor of Ely is organizing a non-SCA picnic in Sprain Ridge Park (, at the pavilion, also July 17.

– Origami Seahorse class scheduled for June 19 Whyt Whey Solar.

– Upcoming provincial commons dates are July 21, August 18, September 15, I think we should have them, with business meetings. 

– Jenna: I’ll be teaching an online Pennsic 101 class. I’d love to have other folks in the class with experience who can share their perspective. I can also teach a “making friends with your sewing machine” class.

Viceregal Heirs

– Suuder: this year we’re starting the process of stepping down as viceregents. In three months we’ll start accepting letters of intent. We’ll probably cut off letters of intent after three months, then organize the polling. 

– Zahra: Could you stay?

– Suuder: No, term limits.

Upcoming Events/Activities

Sponsored by Østgarðr 

  • Feast of Fireflies, Aug. 14: virtual feast with potluck recipes and decor.

Of interest to the populace

  • Crown Tournament, July 17

Upcoming Commons Meetings

  • July 21
  • August 18
  • September 15


  • Meeting closed at 8:55pm.

June 2021 Reports • Østgarðr Commons 

Viceregents • Suuder Saran & Lada Monguligin

No report submitted.

Seneschal • Alienor Salton

No report submitted.

Exchequer • Francisco de Braga

No report submitted.

Herald • Drasma Dragomira

No report submitted.

Chatelaine • Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya

Nothing to report.

Chancellor Minor • Kunigunde Wedemann

I have no activity to report at this time.

Arts & Sciences • Randve L’il Hammar

No report submitted.

Armored Combat • Ervald LaCoudre

No report submitted.

Archery • Arnbiorg Helga Niálsdóttir

No report submitted.

Fencing • Alec MacLachlan

I’ve suspended the virtual fencing until I can find a better day for it.  That may be Wednesday.  I’ll consult with the usual suspects on that.

I’ve discussed with Eanraig out in An Dub on how to hold a practice.  I’ll talk more about that with him and hopefully we can get something going soon.

Youth Combat • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

No activity to report.

Minister of Lists • Marion of York

No report submitted.

Webminister • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin 

• Anne stepped down last month so I’ve been filling in as acting webminister; I don’t mind doing this work but I have a lot of other things on my plate and would gladly hand this office off if we had another volunteer. Lots of support is available, I’m and you don’t have to be an expert web developer to get involved. If you’re interested, please let me know.

• I’ve made some routine updates to the site and am posting announcements of upcoming events.

• I’ve added a feature that sends a copy of each new post to the populace mailing list; hopefully this will help ensure that announcements reach more folks, including those who don’t use Facebook.

Chronicler • Zahra al-Andalusiyya

The E-Horse was published as scheduled on June 1 (to generally positive reviews!). Thank you to all who contributed, and Mathghamhain for proofreading. 

Thank you as well to all who wrote with feedback!

And with that, I’m now accepting art, articles, contributions, photos, memes, etc. for the next issue of E-Horse, which will be published on September 1, 2021.

Chamberlain • Ian of Clan Mitchell

No report submitted.

Historian • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste

June 2021

June 13, 2021

Being the Court of Their Majesties Consul Tindal and Consul Alberic held on June 13, 2021, AS LVI in the East Kingdom at The Tenth Ethereal Court of the Eastern Consules, the following good citizens of Ostgardr were recognized in Court:

Kunigunde Wedeman: Award of Arms

Vika Grigina z Prahy: Sovereign’s Award of Esteem

Simon Talbot: Sovereign’s Award of Esteem

Yehuda ben Moshe: Golden Rapier

The Consules announced Crown Tournament to be held July 17, 2021, in the Shire of Hartshorn Dale

May 2021

May 16, 2021

Being the Court of Their Majesties Consul Tindal and Consul Alberic, held on May 16, 2021 AS LV in the East Kingdom at The Ninth Ethereal Court of the Eastern Consules, the following good citizens of Ostgardr was recognized in Court: 

    Drasma Dragomira: Award of Arms

April 2021

April 24, 2021

Being the Court of Their Majesties Consul Tindal and Consul Alberic, held on April 24, 2021, AS LV in the East Kingdom Bardic Championship, the following good citizens of Ostgardr were recognized in Court:

    Berakha Lan: Golden Lyre

    David Anthony, The Foxy Bard: 

Crown Bardic Champion to His Majesty Tindal, Troubadour, Silver Brooch, Award of Arms

April 11, 2021

Being the Court of Their Majesties Consul Tindal and Consul Alberic, held on April 11, 2021, AS LV in the East Kingdom at The Eighth Ethereal Court of the Eastern Consules, the following good citizen of Ostgardr was recognized in Court:

    Vika Grigina z Prahy: Silver Crescent

March 2021

March 14, 2021

Being the Court of Their Majesties Consul Tindal and Consul Alberic held on March 14, 2021, AS LV in the East Kingdom at The Seventh Ethereal Court of the Eastern Consules, the following good citizen of Ostgardr was recognized in Court:

Brandr Bjorndall: Silver Wheel

February 2021

February 21, 2021

Being the Court of Their Majesties Consul Tindal and Consul Alberic held on February 21, 2021, AS LV in the East Kingdom at The Sixth Ethereal Court of the Eastern Consules, the following good citizens of Ostgardr were recognized in Court:

Rowena inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh: Award of Arms

Ragnarr Blisskegg: Silver Wheel

Whyt Whey • Vika Grigina z Prahy

– We have a volunteer for Seneschal (Mathghamhain) (three cheers!), and will be voting on the position at the July 1 Commons. 

– Your humble correspondent (and her beloved consort) will be moving out-Province in late July.  Will miss you all, but we won’t be too far.

Lions End • Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi

No report submitted.

Brokenbridge • Ragnarr bláskegg

We have our Twitch Demo tomorrow from 3 to 5!  Please let everyone know to watch on Twitch at this link: We will be talking about our love of the SCA, showing off and having a good time! 

In other news, we are planing a new event, the Feast of the Fireflies headed by Randve Litle Hammar. 

Heavy Fighter practice has resumed in Mccarren park by Brokenbridge’s Knight Marshall Sir Valgard and Ervald which has been well received.  Big thanks to both of them for running it again.


Social Media • Lada Monguligin 

I am looking for more content to our forward facing social media channels:

FB page

Do you have videos of you doing a&s or crafts or practicing martial arts? 

Do you have a class video?

Pics of a project, new kit etc?