Commons Minutes for January 2020

The monthly commons meeting was held January 17 at Ervald’s workplace in Østgarðr proper. Here are the minutes as recorded by Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin. The officers’ reports are attached at the end.



  • Suuder Saran, Il-Khan
  • Lada Monguligin, Il-Khatun
  • Alienor Salton, Seneschal
  • Francisco de Braga, Exchequer
  • Drasma Dragomira, Herald
  • Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya, Chatelaine 
  • Þorfinnr Hróðgeirsson, MoAS
  • Ervald LaCoudre, Armored Combat Marshal
  • Alec MacLachlan, Fencing Marshal
  • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, Youth Marshal
  • Marion of York, Minister of Lists
  • Anne of Østgarðr, Webminister
  • Zahra al-Andalusiyya, Chronicler
  • Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi, Lions End Seneschal
  • Esnede O Murrin
  • Thomas of Northpass
  • Aurora ffolkes
  • Oliver De Bainbridge
  • Perez Ben Meir Gershon
  • Bruno Bruni
  • Jibril al-Ghazal
  • Isabel of Østgarðr
  • Damion DiGrazia, Santa’s Knights


  • Vika Grigina z Prahy, Whyt Whey Seneschal
  • Angelica di Nova Lipa, Deputy Exchequer
  • Miriam of Thescorre

Absent Officers

  • Arnora Ketilsdottir, Chancellor Minor 
  • Arnbiorg Helga Niálsdóttir, Archery Marshal
  • Ian of Clan Mitchell, Chamberlain
  • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Historian
  • Brandr Aronsson, Brokenbridge Seneschal


  • Called to order at 8:00 pm.
  • Seneschal: Thanks to Ervald for arranging our use of this space today and Sunday.
    • Ervald: Presented a quick review of guidelines for use of the facility.
  • Seneschal: We have several new officers — Herald, MoAS, and MoL — and others who are returning for another term — Webminister, Fencing Captain, and Historian (absent).
    • Each officer beginning a term was asked to introduce themselves, say where in the Province they lived, and share “two truths and a lie” as an icebreaker.
    • The viceregents presented badge-of-office medallions to the MoAS, MoL, and Webminister.
  • Miriam of Thesscore was asked to introduce herself via video; she will be co-stewarding the Queer History Schola.
  • Seneschal: Congratulations to the populace for these recent awards and appointments:
    • Angelica di Nova Lipa, Southern Region Deputy Chatelaine
    • Vika Grigina z Prahy, Order of the Sea Dog 
    • Ervald La Coudre, Order of the Silver Sea Lion
    • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Order of the Silver Lantern, Clothier to the Crown, Kings Cypher
    • Alienor Salton, Order of the Seahorse, Order of the Silver Brooch
    • Rufina Cambrensis, William Blackfox Award nomination
    • Brandr nefsbrjotr Aronsson, Order of the Burdened Tyger 
    • Ragnarr blaskegg, Order of the Sea Dog
    • Zahra al-Andalusiyya, Award of Arms
    • Duggmore Dougles, Order of the Silver Wheel
    • Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi, Order of the Silver Wheel & Arms
    • Friderich Grimme, Order of the Maunche
    • Marion of York, Order of the Silver Crescent
    • Geoffrey of Exeter, Order of the Maunche
    • Suuder Saran, Queen’s Award of Courtesy, King’s Award of Esteem
    • Lada Monguligin, Kings Award of Esteem
    • Ryouko’jin of the Iron Skies, Kings Cypher, Pennsic Warlord
    • Ozurr the Bootgiver, Order of the Chivalry
  • Thanks to the many volunteers for Twelfth Night: it was a roaring success, over 200 people attended, and generated a profit to be split between the province and the kingdom.

Officer Report Items For Discussion

  • Seneschal: Thanks to all of the officers for preparing their reports in advance; they’ve been circulated for review. 
  • Seneschal: We now have an account on TikTok under the name Østgarðr.east.
    • Lada: I set this up because some younger members mentioned how popular the service is. However, it’s been brought to my attention that TikTok has had some problematic policies, which they are apparently attempting to correct; please let us know if you have thoughts on this topic.
    • Þorfinnr: There was a recent incident of suppression of content from marginalized groups. It’s also owned by the Chinese government. We should use it critically, and should monitor to see whether it’s actually productive for us and consider dropping it if not.
    • Alienor: Our former deputy for social media stepped back from that position.
    • Lada: If anyone else would like to contribute to our social media efforts, please talk to me.
    • Esnede: There are also some tracking tools for social media traffic available from MailChimp.
    • Alienor: Let’s have a sidebar discussion after the meeting to talk about these issues.
  • Seneschal: Exchequer & Herald reports to kingdom are due at the end of January. 
    • Canton seneschals, please remind your local officers.
  • Seneschal: The Kingdom A&S Championship and Display event is coming up. 
    • Þorfinnr: I’ve entered these contests, and am currently one of the kingdom champions. I’m glad to answer questions you might have about entering. 
  • Event stewards, please alert Þorfinnr of any A&S classes you teach or organize so he can include it in his report.
  • Seneschal: The Chronicler has requested submission of material for the E-horse by Feb. 15th for inclusion in the next issue.
    • Please also consider filling out photographer & model photo releases so that we may use your photos in the newsletter & website. Paper copies are available at the meeting and download links are on our website in the Document Library section.
  • Seneschal: In the last couple of months we have been using space at the  Manhattanville Community Center for the Tuesday armored combat practice.
    • It sounds like we’re on track to add fencing practice on Wednesdays.
    • We’re investigating adding dancing to Tuesdays and bardic on Wednesdays.
  • Damion DiGrazia: I’m here from Santa’s Knights and NY ACW (formerly NY ACL).
    • I met Ervald at a fighter practice eight years ago, and then got involved in the steel-fighting scene and have been very involved with that for several years. 
    • I also ran practices at Sword Class, but parted ways because my non-profit community programs weren’t compatible with their for-profit model. 
    • I’ve left the finance industry to work full time on Santa’s Knights (, a free program uptown, which uses gifts for kids as an entry to fitness and martial arts.
    • We have 30-70 kids in our “Gladiators” program at Manhattanville Community Center. 
    • I’m talking with other community centers about expanding from our current location to other places where I can run free programs for martial arts and fitness. 
  • Damion: There are a few ways our groups can work together:
    • The Manhattanville Community Center has been used for SCA armored classes in recent months, and rapier classes are going to start next. 
    • It might be possible to host other activities there as well; have Ervald contact me to make arrangements with the site.
    • New York Adventure Club is going to run a medieval program in the city, will have steel fighters on site, would like to have other medievalists on site to contribute to the atmosphere, and might be willing to pay people. 
    • We have access to a laser cutter used for prototyping, via a NYU program for veterans, which can cut steel and leather and plastic; perhaps we could use it for making armor.
    • Lastly, as part of our Christmas program, we provided gifts for 200 kids, but we received another donation late in the cycle and I have some extra items with me which you folks can help deliver to children you know.
  • Ervald: The schedule for the Adventure Club event hasn’t been settled yet, but would likely be a repeating event, maybe held several times per year.
    • Østgarðr can decide if we’re going to do this as a group, or if it’s just something that individual people might want to do.

Committees and Projects

  • Seneschal: Finance Committee has a few items to review, let’s sidebar after the meeting. (Approved Barleycorn. Wrote checks for security deposit that rolls over & site fees.)
  • Seneschal: At least one member of the Regalia Committee has stepped back in the last year; we should review its membership and consider adding other people to the team to help keep the coronet project moving forward.
    • Lada: There are rough sketches but we still need to refine them and then talk with a number of different artisans and vendors to collect bids.
    • Laila: Our household might be able to assist with the design work.
  • Seneschal: The incipient shire formerly known as Nordenfjordr is doing great. Their name change to Old Stonebridges is official, and they’re starting on the paperwork to move out of incipiency.
    • (A quick review of the incipient shire sponsorship was held here for those who were unfamiliar with it.)
  • Seneschal: The Provincial kitchen gear is in Mathghamhain’s custody; will be moved into viceregents’ storage
    • Laila: I sent all of the gold key garb we had to Twelfth Night, and wasn’t able to pick it up from Valhalla.
  • Seneschal: There are two small proposed amendments to the bylaws that have been circulated: “We Don’t Set Canton Seneschal Terms” and “Voting Age of Fourteen.” The text for these were sent to the officers, and are being passed around today. If you have any feedback on them, please let us know. We’d like to put them to a vote next month.
    • (Proposals were circulated; no feedback was voiced during the meeting.)

Other Business

  • Seneschal: Any other business we should discuss?
  • Alec: Fencing practice will start at the Manhattanville Community Center on Wednesday, January 29.
  • Ervald: I currently have the provincial loaner armor in storage; would anyone else like to hold on to it and make it available to fighters? It fits into one large job box.
    • Perez: I might be able to; let’s talk after the meeting.
    • Esnede: Victor might be interested as well.
  • Ervald: I might not be able to host activities at this location after January, but I know the arts and crafts supply shop across the street would be glad to host A&S classes.
  • Laila: I am almost done with my term as kingdom A&S champ, and will have more free time after that — if you’re organizing an event and want more entertainment, I will be glad to help.
  • Þorfinnr: If you have A&S activities at your event, tell me about them so I can include them in my report to kingdom.

Upcoming Local Events

  • January 19 (Sunday), Østgarðr: Scribal gilding workshop here at this location
  • February 6 (Thursday), Whyt Whey: Solar — sourcing fiber & fabrics
  • February 23 (Sunday), Brokenbridge: Commons — Russian knitting class
  • March 7, Østgarðr: Bear’s Tavern — food, drink, games, and adult fun
    • Location: Blue Mountain Lodge
    • Event Steward: Oliver de Bainbrig
    • Oliver: We typically sell out, so register now. Lots of former Østgarðr folks will return for this.
  • Miriam: The Queer History Schola had been scheduled for March 14, but due to issues with the venue, it has to be rescheduled. We’re working to nail down the new date and hope to announce it soon.
    • Laila: Would you like more teachers?
    • Miriam: We do have some time slots open for additional classes; contact me to make arrangements.
  • May 1-3, Østgarðr: Brewer’s Collegium — brewing classes
    • Location: Blue Mountain
    • Event Steward: Oliver de Bainbrig
  • May 9, Lions End: Spring Schola — A&S classes, silent auction, Østgarðr bardic championship
    • Location: Locust Valley, NY
    • Event Steward: Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi
    • Uji: Date may need to be shifted later in the month due to venue issues.
  • Østgarðr / An Dubh Challenge: “A Day at the Races”
    • Event Steward: Suuder Saran
    • Suuder: We are rescheduling, as the previous date didn’t work for their Excellencies An Dubh;  will probably be in June, and perhaps at Putnam County Veterans’ Memorial Park.
  • June 6, Lions End: Farmingdale Demo — Public demo; rattan, fencing, arts.
    • Location: Farmingdale Village Green
    • Event Steward: Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi
    • Uji: Merchants are allowed, period merchandise only
  • September 5 — Østgarðr: Feast of John Barleycorn XXX or IXXX 
    • Location: Putnam County Veterans’ Memorial Park?
    • Event Steward: Oliver de Bainbrig
    • Plan was to also hold Fight for a Cause at this event
    • But Ducal Challenge has moved to Sept 5, so we may lose Fight for a Cause
  • Sept. 19-20, Østgarðr: Queens Farm County Fair — public demo
    • Location: Queens County Farm
    • Event Steward: Not yet confirmed
  • September 27, Whyt Whey: Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival — public demo
    • Location: Fort Tryon Park
    • Event Stewards TBD 
  • October 16-18, Østgarðr: Goat’s Tavern
    • Location: Blue Mountain Lodge
    • Event Steward: Oliver de Bainbrig

Outside Events

  • January 25, Stonemarche: Birka — shopping, fighting, dancing, A&S.
  • January 25, Bhakail: Knot & Lion — tavern, gaming, bardic.
    • Laila: Also hosting Bhakail A&S and gaming championships, which are open to out-of-area people
  • February 1, Quintavia: Embroidery Schola
  • February 8, Beyond the Mountain: Artifacts of a Life — A&S challenge
  • February 8, Nordenhalle: Dancing Fox — dancing, dessert challenge
  • February 8, Carillion: Bellringers — gaming, largesse challenge
  • February 15, Æthelmarc: Æ Swim — big fighting event
  • February 15, Buckland Cross: Al-Hafla — Middle Eastern party, poetry, dancing
  • February 22, Caer Adamant: EK Bardic Champs — also fiber, scribal, bardic classes
    • Laila: I’m the current Queens’ Bardic Champ, please feel free to chat with me about what’s involved in entering.
    • Alienor: There was recently a good discussion thread on Facebook about the responsibilities of a kingdom bardic champion which we can help you find.
  • February 29, Dragonship Haven: EK A&S Champs — also youth display, consultation
    • Þorfinnr: You can display and get feedback without entering the contest.
    • Alienor: This is also a good way to connect with other people involved with the same area of arts.
  • March 14, Bergental: Novice Schola — learn something new
  • March 14, Iron Bog: Mitzvah — baronial birthday, bardic championship, #13 dessert competition, Jewish-inspired feast
  • March 14-21, Gleann Abhann: Gulf Wars — war between Ansteorra & Trimaris hosted by Gleann Abhann & Meridies, 
    • March 18-21: Known World Italian Salon & Symposium
  • March 21, An Dubhaigeainn: Schola — classes; details not yet posted
  • March 28, Settmour Swamp: Mudthaw — tournaments
    • Þorfinnr: The site is accessible via transit if you don’t mind walking.
  • April 4, Concordia of the Snows: Coronation
  • April 18, Carolingia: Artists & Scholars — A&S classes, Laurel’s challenges
    • This is a new kingdom event sponsored by kingdom M0AS office.
    • Aims to be a friendly A&S gathering
  • April 18, Dragonship Haven: Balfar’s Challenge — armored combat, rapier, archery, thrown weapons
  • April 18, Gryphonwald: Black Gryphon Inn
  • May 9, Iron Bog: May-Be — try something new, baronial rapier & armored combat championships
  • May 22-25, Settmour Swamp: Quest for Wit & Wisdom — camping, baronial martial championships
  • May 22-25, Concordia of the Snows: War of the Roses — Lancaster v. York competitions
  • May 29-31, Carillion: Southern Region War Camp — all martial activities including equestrian
  • July 24 – August 9, Æthelmarc: Pennsic
  • September 5, Settmour Swamp: Ducal Challenge — combat with A&S prizes
  • September 25-27, Iron Bog: River War — fighting, camping
  • October 17, Concordia of the Snows: Veisla Schola — Kitchener classes

Upcoming Commons Meetings

February 21

  • To be held in Westchester, at New Rochelle Public Library (thank you, Oliver).
  • Oliver: We had some new people join Northpass in the last few months and would like to make sure we don’t lose them, so please help them make connections.

March 20

  • To be held in Whyt Whey, at the Cavalletto residence.

April 17

  • To be held in Lions End, at Greenvale Townhouse.
    • Uji will work  on setting up this reservation

May 15

  • Seneschal: For May, let’s look for sites in Brokenbridge.


  • Meeting closed at 9:06 PM.

Viceregents • Suuder Saran & Lada Monguligin

12th night was well received.  We were complimented by both Her Majesty and Their Highnesses.  Well done to the Province and especially all those that helped put it on.  We are very proud of the event you put on.

We have a few new officers. Check the Minutes of this commons to see who’s new.

Deck the Halls of Valhalla was held during an oddly warm day, but it was still a very enjoyable day with classes and lots of Bards, especially one of our favorites, Cedar the Barefoot.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and We were returned more Yaks.  

The Crown Province is now on TikTok under ostgardr.east. Please follow and like us. Lada would love videos to tweak and share on the feed.

Fight for a Cause and Barleycorn are now one. This is looking like a very exciting invigorated event for the Province.

Due to unforeseen problems The Ostgardr anDub challenge is changing dates.  Their Excellencies Andub can’t make that weekend so we are shifting it. Suuder has worked out a few things with them and is continuing to work with our Cousins to get the best date.

Seneschal • Alienor Salton

Welcome to our new (Herald, MoAS, MoL) & returning (Webminister, Historian, Fencing Captain) officers!  I have circulated our provincial officer responsibilities documentation via email, please review.  

Our new Minister of A&S and Minister of Lists are finishing the terms of their predecessors, so they will be up for election again at the end of 2020, along with our Exchequer, Chatelaine, Knight Marshal, Chronicler, Chamberlain, Archery Captain, Youth Combat Marshal and Chancellor Minor.

As per our by-laws (V.L.3.), all deputies for Seneschal, Herald, MoAS, MoL, Webminister, Historian or Fencing Captain are discharged — thank you for your service!  The new & returning incoming officers may name new deputies or ask previous deputies to serve again.

Our February 21st provincial commons will be at the New Rochelle Public Library — thank you to Oliver for reserving it for us.  We need to pick locations for March 20 & April 17, and should set our sights on the Greenvale Diner and somewhere in Whyt Whey or Brokenbridge.  Site suggestions, please!

Mathghamhain has proposed 2 bylaws amendments, “We Don’t Set Canton Seneschal Terms” and “Voting Age of Fourteen”, which he emailed to the Østgarðr officers list earlier this week.  I would like us to discuss them at January commons & be prepared to vote on them at February commons.

Exchequer • Francisco de Braga

Østgarðr is presently in good financial standing with $13,324.51 combined in checking/savings accounts. This includes funds for Brokenbridge & Old Stonebridges.

We are waiting for our Paypal check from Twelfth Night ($3,970.41) and is not reflected in the above total. Gate income (Cash/checks) has already been deposited.

Reimbursement/Refunds for Twelfth night have not been issued yet. If you have not submitted your request for reimbursement on approved expenses, please do so. These will need to be documented to complete the event report.

Q4 Reporting is due at the end of the month and I have begun compiling documentation for submission.

I am also working on a budget for Østgarðr 2020 which will be submitted to the Financial committee in February. 

Old Stonebridges has requested an invoice from Østgarðr to submit to the “Town of Clarkstown Parks & Recreation” for the sum of $40.00 which has been submitted. Once received this money will be added to their funds, currently held by Østgarðr.

Friendly Reminder, if you are the event steward for a demo that has no expense and/or income it still requires an event report to be completed and submitted. Please also note that should be CC’d when an event report is submitted. 

Herald • Drasma Dragomira

There were two provincial courts this month, one at Twelfth Night, and one at Deck the Halls of Valhalla. Thank you to Yehuda ben Moshe for heralding court at Twelfth Night.  The reports for both have been filed with kingdom.

The registration of the Order of the Sea-Urchin of Østgarðr has been decided upon, and while the award itself was accepted, the badge was returned for stylistic reasons. We are currently exploring options for resubmission of the badge.

Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin held a class on heraldry basics at Deck the Halls that was well received and attended.  If this inspired you to work on your own name or amory, feel free to reach out.

At Twelfth Night, the Viceregents recognized Vika Grigina z Prahy by inducting her into the Order of the Sea Dog, Ervald La Coudre by inducting him into the Order of the Silver Sea Lion, Sofya Gianetta di Trieste by inducting her into the Order of the Silver Lantern, and Alienor Salton by inducting her into the Order of the Seahorse. As well, they delivered to Rufina Cambrensis the certificate for her William Blackfox Award nomination.    

At Deck the Halls, the Viceregents delivered to Brandr nefsbrjotr Aronsson the Award of the Burdened Tyger awarded by their previous Majesties Ozurr and Fortune. Ragnarr blaskegg was recognized for his continuing efforts as event steward of the event by being inducted into the Order of the Sea Dog.

Chatelaine • Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya

The chatelaine’s office has nothing to report.

Chancellor Minor • Arnora Ketilsdottir

Youth activities at Twelfth Night were a roaring success.

Arts & Sciences • Þorfinn Hróðgeirsson

I’m preparing to survey the province in order to determine what people wish to learn, and what people wish to teach.  The goal of this is to facilitate classes at events and outside of events. I hope to have this out this month. When it’s out, I’d appreciate any assistance in spreading the survey so I get as many responses as possible.  I intend to mostly use the wiki’s A&S ontology for the survey.

  • Relatedly, you can tag yourself with these A&S categories on the wiki.  Consider doing so, so that peeps can find their peeps.

Kingdom A&S championships are coming up soon, and I’ll be stepping down as champ.  Please consider entering or judging yourself, and consider encouraging people who you think are good and/or fair to do so as well.  There’s also display space.

Please remember to consider and nominate people for kingdom awards.  If you want to discuss award standards in confidence, I’m always available to chat.

If you run a class, or organize one at an event, please let me know so I can include them in my report up to kingdom.  I don’t know what was taught at Valhalla and would like to. Below is what I will be submitting upwards, and is also content for this monthly report beyond the above:


  • Halls of Valhalla event.  Classes happened.


  • Whyt Whey solar, class on photographing objects in museums by Lord Simon Talbot


  • 12th Night
  • Three people showed up for consultations led by Lady Mariette (EK deputy minister for education), assisted by Vika Grigina z Prahy, and a bunch showed up for the documentation class.
  • There were people sewing and chatting in there all day; including 4-5 working on favors for Her Majesty.
  • John Elys, Rufina Cambrensis, and Deonna von Aachen played agreeably for the artisans for a chunk of the afternoon.
  • Many performances during the day organized by Laila Al-Sanna’ Al-Andalusiyya.
  • Dancing led by Philip with music led by Sabine de Kerbriant was a hit, and very well attended, including Her Majesty the Queen.  20-30 dancers?

Armored Combat • Ervald LaCoudre

Fighter practice has moved indoors to the Manhattanville Community Center, 530 W 133rd St in Manhattan, from 7-9:30 PM on Tuesdays. There is no cost for this practice, it is being granted as a courtesy by Damion diGrazia, president of the NY Gladiators of Armored Combat Worldwide and Santa’s Knights. Fencing, dancing, bardic, and any other participatory act that can be shared by people of all ages are invited to consider this location for activities on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays.

Due to personal circumstances, the loaner armor I was holding is in storage. I hope to have it available again sometime in February. In the meantime, if loaner gear is needed, I will ask the Usual Suspects as to their availability.

I am undergoing surgery on Feb 4 on my shoulder. this means I will be missing fighter practice that day.

I have started a group chat with a few other marshal and MITs in Ostgardr. It is my hope that this will enable communication and marshalate coverage wherever needed.

Damion diGrazia will be at commons to talk about an upcoming event specifically, and the relationship between the SCA and ACW NY Gladiators/Santa’s Knights

Archery • Arnbiorg Helga Niálsdóttir

No archery ‘til weather gets warmer.  Maybe Feb. if we get some warm days. I will be coordinating some practices with An Dubhaigeainn. No practice per Friderich also. I believe Staten Island is quiet.

Fencing • Alec MacLachlan

I’ve been told that we can arrange to hold practice at the uptown Community Center where heavy weapons practice is held.  I just have to contact them.

I submitted my paperwork for a background check to become a youth fencing marshal over the weekend.

Youth Combat • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

There hasn’t been any local youth combat activity in the Province since our last meeting. 

I did get out to marshal at Hundred Minutes, and am looking forward to doing so again at Birka and then Mudthaw after that.

Our initial efforts to set up a practice in Lions End using indoor space made available by Ronan FitzRobert ran afoul of divergent schedules of the youth involved; we’ll make another attempt in the coming months. 

Minister of Lists • Marion of York

Nothing to report.

Webminister • Anne of Østgarðr 

Office email transfers have been completed as of January 1. Provincial voting online last month was successful due to the efforts of my deputy Mathghamhain. Nothing else new to report. 

Chronicler • Zahra al-Andalusiyya

The last issue of the E-Horse was published on 1 December. Please let me know if you did not receive it, or had any issues viewing it.

As always, I am looking out for content especially in the categories of Shoutouts, Ars & Schola, and Vyllage Square, as well as incidental art to put throughout the newsletter. If you have anything you’d like to share in mind, or know someone who might, don’t be shy! Now is the time to send it to your Chronicler. The next issue of the E-Horse will be published on 1 March, 2020.

I’ve had a wonderful first year as Chronicler, and hope you have enjoyed the E-Horse as much as I have. Here’s to the next year!

Chamberlain • Ian of Clan Mitchell

Nothing to report.

Historian • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste

East Kingdom Twelfth Night in the Crown Province of Østgarðr

On January 4th, A.S. LIV (2020) our Viceroy and Vicereine invited Her Majesty Queen Margarita to celebrate Twelfth Night in the Crown Province of Østgarðr. Her Majesty graciously accepted and traveled to Her lands in Østgarðr bearing gifts for all. The day was full of much merriment, music, dancing and delicious food.

After a full day of joyous entertainment, Our Excellencies, Suuder Il Kha’an and Lada Il-Khatun, held Court and recognized the following citizens of Østgarðr for their service to the Province with beautiful words and scrolls:

  • Vika Grigina z Prahy was inducted into the Order of the Sea Dog
  • Ervald La Coudre was inducted into the Order of the Silver Sea Lion
  • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste was inducted into the Order of the Silver Lantern
  • Alienor Salton was inducted into the Order of the Seahorse.
  • Rufina Cambrensis was awarded a certificate for her William Blackfox Award nomination.   

Shortly after, Her Majesty Queen Margarita also held Court and called forth many good gentles bestowing the following awards to citizens of Østgarðr:

  • Zahra al-Andalusiyya was awarded Arms-Scroll by Lada Monguligin.
  • Duggmore Dougles was awarded the Silver Wheel
  • Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi known as Uji was awarded the Silver Wheel, and also was awarded Arms
  • Alienor Salton was awarded the Silver Brooch
  • Friderich Grimm inducted into the order of the Maunche
  • Marion of York was inducted into the order of the Silver Crescent

After concluding all business Her Majesty needed to conduct, Court was closed, that all might retire to feast.

Deck the Halls of Valhalla, Canton of Broken Bridge-Crown Province of Østgarðr

On January 11th, A.S. LIV (2020) at Deck the Halls of Valhalla in the Canton of Brokenbridge, Our Excellencies, Suuder Il Kha’an and Lada Il-Khatun after a day of classes and entertainment, delivered to Brandr nefsbrjotr Aronsson the Award of the Burdened Tyger awarded by their previous Majesties Ozurr and Fortune. Ragnarr blaskegg was also recognized for his continuing efforts as event steward of the event by being inducted into the Order of the Sea Dog.

There being no other business before them, their Excellencies did thereupon close their court.

Whyt Whey • Vika Grigina z Prahy

No Solar last month, due to holidays.  This month’s was on taking photographs in museums; next month’s will be on sourcing fiber & fabric for your projects.

Quarterly Commons last week (short and sweet).  Salient points:

  • A new canton Herald (Alasdar) was voted in; he is getting warranted & set up.
  • Godiva would like to step back as MoAS for a time; folk interested in stepping up can email moas & seneschal @ whytwhey.
  • Angelica is the new Southern Region deputy chatelaine.  \o/
  • Stiiiiiiiill looking for event sites that are remotely affordable.

We will be approving our annual budget shortly.  It looks very much like last year’s.

Lions End • Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi

We are in the process of planning our spring schola and our Farmingdale demo. Events have been added to the EK calendar. 

We held commons meetings in November, December and January.

Currently we have 32 active and registered members.

Brokenbridge • Brandr Aronsson

This past week we held our fourth annual Deck the Halls of Valhalla and much fun was had by all. We had a few new people show up and our Event Steward Ragnarr Bliskegg was inducted into the order of the Sea Dog for his dedication to Brokenbridge. 

Our next commons will be on Sunday Feb 23 and we will be doing a Russian knitting class (we think). Our March commons has yet to be scheduled and I will be teaching “How to prepare and run an SCA feast”.


Native Land Acknowledgement • Anne of Østgarðr 

We are discussing what’s been done in other regional groups with the Society officer of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. The hope is to come to an agreement on what a time limited trial of this in Østgarðr would look like. Feel free to join our email list to get involved and let me know if you have trouble with Google groups — sometimes the join interface is broken but I can often work around it and add you manually.

Regalia Committee • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin 

With the approval of the Finance committee, medallions were ordered for some of the officers who were recently elected or re-elected and for whom there is currently no regalia. Thank you to Alienor for making chains on which to hang those medallions so that the Viceregents may present them.

At least one of the five former members of the Regalia committee has stepped back from its efforts over the last year; it might be useful to confirm who is still available to work on this project and select some additional people to help fill out the group again in order to bring the coronet project to a conclusion in a timely fashion.

Old Stonebridges [née Nordenfjord] Sponsorship • Cailleach Dhe ingen Chiarain 

Name change from Nordenfjord to Old Stonebridges is OFFICIAL!!!

Shire seneschal is collecting required documentation and letters of support to request polling for branch status change (to Full Status from Incipient).

Recent Events

Twelfth Night • January 4 • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin 

East Kingdom Twelfth Night was well received, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the day, both from locals and from those who traveled a long way to join us for the event. 

Thanks to my co-steward, Mistress Sofya, and everyone on the team who made this possible. 

Attendance was a bit below what we had hoped — closer to two hundred than to the three hundred that have turned up for this event in previous years when it was held in other areas — but perhaps that’s just as well, as the venue would have been awkwardly crowded if we’d had another eighty people.

We managed to keep expenses well below the amount we had budgeted, so the event should generate a measurable profit, which will be split between the Province and the Kingdom — we’ll have a more precise number for this within the next week or two as we work with the exchequer to finalize the event reports.

Upcoming Events

Pennsic Encampment • July 24–August 9 • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin 

I stand ready to serve as camp master for the provincial encampment again this year, if you will have me.

Sir Edward has been slow to accept reimbursement for last year’s purchase of a water heater and other supplies for the camp shower. I’ll try to cajole him into accepting some of the camp fees left over from last year, and put the remainder towards investments that will similarly benefit everyone.

In the coming weeks, I’ll send around messages extolling the virtues of our camp and inviting Provincial residents to camp with us.