Commons minutes August 2016

August Østgarðr Commons
August 19, 2016

In Attendance

Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa, Seneschal
Lady Beatrice della Rocca, Deputy Seneschal Recording Secretary
Brandr Aronsson
Arnora Ketilsdottir, Webminister
Sir Gui Avec Cheval, Viceroy
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver, Knight Marshal
Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa, Exchequer
Lord Alexander Maclachlan
Ragnarr Bliskeg
Master John Elys, Deputy Chronicler
THL Lada Monguligin, Viceregal Heir, Arts and Sciences Minister
Lord Suuder Saran, Viceregal Heir, Archery Minister, Broken Bridge
Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Chatelaine
Mongo Chinua, Herald
Master Richard the Poor, Historian
Lord Ervald le Coudre the Optimist
Countess Brekke Franksdottir, OP, OL; Lion’s End

Start Time: 8:03pm

I. Reports

A. Seneschal Report, Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa

1. We will be needing to have a new election for seneschal on or before January 2017.
a. Baron Francesco served as the Seneschal of Lions End for 3 years before being elected to his current position.

b. According to Kingdom term limits, a person may serve in an elected position for no more than 4 years total. They may serve in other elected positions, but not in the same one (irrespective of location), for more than 4 years. i.e., a person may serve as seneschal in a canton, and then in a province for a total of 4 years. At that point, they may decide to run for a different elected position, but not for another term as seneschal. Once they have had time elsewhere, or taken a break, they may step up again for the position.

c. Those interested in this position should submit a letter of intent, and it is recommended that they take an active interest in the workings of the Province.

d. Postscript: the East Kingdom Seneschal has granted Baron Francesco a variance on the above rule to allow him to finish his term as seneschal.

The election for Seneschal of Ostgardr will take place on, or before January 2018.

2. The moderators of the Ostgardr Facebook page are out of date.

a. This was discovered the day before the meeting, during a discussion on the Facebook page, wherein Baron Francesco discovered he was not a moderator and wasn’t sure who was.

b. Lady Sofya provided a list, which included herself, some officers, and some who are not longer officers. She has offered to remove those who are no longer officers.

3. For the past few months, we have been discussing getting coronets for the Viceregal heirs. In past, the Viceregals had chains of state only, as the Province was considered to be different from a Barony. The Royalty now see the Province as being on the same level as a Barony, and thus, the Viceregals equal to the landed Barons, and thereby needing coronets.

a. THL Lada and Lord Suuder point out that as the coronets are for the Viceregal position, the coronets should reflect the Province, rather than the individual styles of the heirs.

b. Lady Sofya spoke with Michael the Plain, who said that the upper end cost of 2 coronets would be about $1,500, with as many decorations as possible. He also noted that it really depended on what was wanted on the coronets. Lady Sofya suggests that we come up with some idea of what we want, and then solicit bids from interested artisans

c. Sir Gui suggests we do a 50/50 fundraiser and contribution from the Provincial coffers. As there is general agreement to this, Lord Suuder recommends that we put out a call for fundraising ideas to the populace.

d. Jarl Valgard calls for a vote. He motions that we obtain two sets of coronets, one leather and one metal, and do whatever we need to facilitate this. Mongo seconds this motion. A vote is held: all are in favor, and none opposed.

e. Jarl Valgard proposes that since we should form a coronet committee. Lady Angelica, Brandr, THL Lada, Lady Sofya, and Lady Beatrice volunteer for the committee. They will be in contact with Jarl Valgard for getting bids, and Sir Gui for assistance with promotion. Those who have ideas for fundraising, please contact Lady Beatrice at

B. Exchequer Report, Lady Angelica di Nova Lipa

1. Ostgardr has a total of $13,505.46.

a. In checking, we have $6,467.42

b. In savings, we have $7,038.04

c. Of the total, roughly $4,400 are dedicated funds, held in trust as follows:

i. Brokenbridge: $3,070.17

ii. Nordenfjord: $1,280.01

iii. Gilded Pearl Guild: $128.20

2. These items held in trust because while all cantons have their own exchequers,not all have their own bank account.

3. The Gilded Pearl Guild’s money has been on our books for quite some time, and very little has been heard from them. Therefore, Baron Francesco motions that if the Guild does not claim the money we are holding for them, pending East Kingdom approval and compliance, we put the money towards the coronets. Jarl Valgard seconds. After some discussion, the motion is tabled until we have approval from the Kingdom and word from the Guild.

C: Whyt Whey Seneschal, Lady Alienor Salton, read by Lady Beatrice

1. We have a new herald, Mathghamhain Ua Ruadhain, who trained, and then consulted at Herald’s Point this Pennsic. He was elected at the lively and well attended commons meeting on the 18th of August.

a. At this same meeting, 6 of our 7 officers signed the petition for the changing of our canton’s arms, as per our vote last April. Our herald will submit the petition to Yehuda, the Blue Tyger Herald.

b. Our former herald is now our voice herald, and deputy to the current herald.

2. The canton mailing list is now on the East Kingdom server.

a. The Yahoo! Group is deprecated, and once the archives are copied over, it will be deleted.

3. Plans are afoot for a schola in the new year. Research into the location is underway, and once that is done, we will look for a good time for the event on the event calendar.

4. There is much excitement about the upcoming Cloisters demo. Every year, the Cloisters hold a Medieval Days festival, to which we, and many other groups are invited. It is one of our largest demos, and this year is on 18 September.

a. This year, we are looking forward to having proposed cooking and metalwork demos, as well as classes, which will be held in a central popup.

b. Proposed classes include naalbinding, calligraphy, sprang, and arrow­making. There will be 4 1­hour classes with a mini­Court at the end, at the suggestion of the Viceregal heirs.

c. There will also be a concert, and a fashion show. The rehearsal for the concert will be at our next meeting, on 15 September. The fashion show is informal, with cards being handed out to those who wish to participate. Once you fill them out with whatever details about your clothes you wish, our voice herald will read them out.

d. We need more volunteers for the children’s table. There will be paper dolls for the children. We are adding a youth combat area

e. If you can bring pop ups, folding chairs, and/or tables, please contact the seneschal.

f. We are also looking to have the green and white. Lord Ervald recommends contacting Baron Ian.

g. Lord Ervald notes that there will be an armored combat group down in the arena area

D: Northpass Report, THL Thomas the Constable, read by Lady Beatrice

1. We are preparing for Barleycorn. Please remember to get your reservations in assoon as possible, as space is really filling up!

E: Knight Marshal, Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver

1. We suspended Monday night fighter practice due to Pennsic, but will be up again, starting this coming Monday.

a. Before the suspension, we had 3­5 fighters, with a good mix of experienced and new people.

2. There are currently no plans for Sunday special fights at Sword class, althoughwe are looking at having at least 2 more before the end of Jarl Valgard’s term.

3. There was no official Ostgardr force at Pennsic, although we had 4 fighters there,and Luther won the Unbelted championship.

4. There are currently 2 people considering taking on the mantle of the Knight Marshal.

a. Marshals must renew their warrants and report, although the procedure to report has not yet been put out.

5. We do have loaner gear, and are able to get whatever pieces might be needed.

6. Jarl Valgard motions to thank Jibril for marshalling at Pennsic. Sir Gui seconds,and the motion is passed by acclamation. There is a round of Vivats, and formal thanks and perhaps a card will be sent.

F: Fencing Report, delivered by Lord Alexander Maclachlan, Deputy Fencing

1. There has been some turnout to fencing practice, with one or two people coming.

a. If fighter practice is canceled, fencing practice will also be canceled.

2. We are currently without loaner gear.

a. At the suggestion of the meeting, Lord Alexander will put together a wishlist.

3. Targai may have indoor fencing space in the fall. They are part of historic arms,just north of Fort Tryon.

a. We are currently looking for other space locations for when the weather gets colder: please contact the Fencing Minister with suggestions

G: Arts and Sciences Minister Report, THL Lada Monguligin

1. There was a lot of A&S at Pennsic. The display was very plentiful, and some Ostgardr members displayed works, while other taught classes. Many thanks to all who came out and represented the Province so well.

a. The East Kingdom took the war point

2. There will be a mongolian themed challenge at Barleycorn. There is also the Barleycorn memorial brewing contest, which needs more judges and people entering.

3. There are 2 A&S events coming up: Musicians’ Day, and Goat’s Tavern.

a. Goat’s Tavern is still looking for classes, contact the autocrat if interested.It must be winter themed.

H: Lions End Report, Countess Brekke Franksdottir, OP, OL

1. We had no meeting in August due to Pennsic. The next meeting is sometime in September, although the usual location is closed for labor day. They are looking for alternative locations for September.

I: Chatelaine Report, Lady Sofya

1. We have a great supply of gold key, which keeps growing.

2. Would all cantons please confirm with the Chatelaine as to whether their Chatelaines are active, and whether they are her contact person. Her list is currently as follows:

a. Countess Brekke for Lionsend
b. Lilly Redtowers for Brokenbridge
c. Lady Angelica for Whyt Whey

3. Lady Sofya needs a list of what is happening when, and who to contact. Please remember to notify the Chatelaine about your events, practices, demoes, etc.

a. We are working towards having a unified calendar, but need the information first.

4. A reminder that the Chatelaine’s table always needs volunteers. If you are able, please contact the Chatelaine.

J: Archery Report, Lord Suuder

1. Archery is continuing to happen on Sundays, although we had a hiatus for Pennsic.

a. Pancake and Mongo were on the Champion’s team for Archery

b. The East won the archery point.

2. We are very happy to have new people showing up at Archery.

K: Brokenbridge Seneschal, Lord Suuder

1. We have a new deputy seneschal, Brandr, who has been updated with the by­-laws.

a. Ragnarr Bliskeg is the deputy’s deputy.

2. There is a commons meeting next Friday at Norana’s house

a. We may have a new A&S minister at the time.

L: Herald’s Report, Mongo Chinua

1. He has been copied on Whyt Whey’s arms being submitted to Blue Tyger, and notified of the new herald for Whyt Whey.

2. There was a small court at Pennsic, but were no changes in the Order of Precedence.

M: Historian’s Report, Master Richard the Poor

1. History continues to happen. If it happens around you, please contact Master Richard the Poor.

N: Deputy Chronicler’s Report, Master John Elys

1. The July/August eHorse was sent out August 1st.

O: Webminister’s Report, Arnora Kettilsdottir

1. Lionsend is still waiting for assistance, but they require a password

2. All East Kingdom email addresses have been updated. If you cannot or have not accessed your email, please contact Arnora.

3. We have a google calendar, and are trying to allow all cantons and officers to be able to create events on the website’s google calendar.

4. We are setting up a Website content subcommittee.

a. Sir Gui, Lady Beatrice, and Arnora volunteer, with Alexie asked to help since he is a photographer.

b. We are still collecting permission forms for the website. Please contact Arnora if you need the forms.

II. Viceregal Comments

Everyone seems to be still be having fun. Thanks so much to those who show up to meetings and do work. We get a lot done and it seems that people are still energetic to do everything, which is great. If you have any business at the last court, please contact the Heralds as soon as possible.

III. Viceregal Heirs Comments

Many people have been saying they will be coming to Barleycorn. Please bring your Seastars and show them off at Barleycorn, to show Ostgardr pride. If you have any business at the first court, please contact the Heralds as soon as possible, and specify to which court your business applies.

IV. Recently Past Events

A: Pennsic

1. Pennsic was hot and sticky.

a. Many people participated in many events.

i. Lord Ervald participated in the Baronial Marshal Champions, Thrown Weapons, which was the first thrown weapons champions event.

ii. Jarl Valgard was complimented for being the best talker, when he extemporized a poem.

iii. Ostgardr potluck was well attended and many people liked it.

V. Upcoming Events

A. 09­11 September: Viceregal Investiture at “John Barleycorn” Autocrat: Northpass, Wilhelm

1. There will be an archery shoot for tourney prizes, as well as the rapier championship and other fencing.

2. There is a test on heraldry and history for fighting in the heavy tourney.

3. All are encouraged to come!

4. For those with old tabards, please bring them, as Lady Sofya will replace them with new tabards.

5. Check the event website for updated information!

B. 24 & 25 September: Queens Farm, Autocrat: Baron Ian If questions are had for Ian and Katherine, they should be contacted, their contact info is on the East Kingdom calendar, and they are in contact with the autocrat. Val will be unable to attend, so Lord Ervald is deputized, and will be the marshal on site.

C. 11­-13 November, Musicians’ Day Wilhelm is the registrar and we have a cook.

VI. Upcoming Demos

A. 18 September, Cloisters demo. Autocrat: Lady Alienor In addition to what was said in the Whyt Whey report above, Sir Gui notes that the fighting shows will depend on the temperature and the fighters available. There are currently 3 who plan on being in armor. For information on the schedule and the event generally, please visit the website, and contact Lady Alienor.

VII. Old Business:

A. “By­Law Committee” — To identify loopholes in the By­Laws to be fixed

1. No news to report, due to Pennsic. Committee consists of Baron Francesco, Master Richard, Countess Brekke, Master John, and Lady Beatrice. Lady Beatrice will email the committee and work on setting up a meeting.

VIII. New Business

A. Alexie ­ Dark Canton information search.

1. It was in Ostgardr, in CCNY. They are, and were, his frat brothers. He is in contact with a few of them, and one of them is an adjunct at CCNY. He is looking at restarting it as a College. Jarl Valgard is the adjunct. Alexi going into history department, and there is a process to start a club, he would like to restart it, and would like more information on starting a college from the club. Dancing, fencing, and non­heavy fighting he will have much more room. Alexi to start club, Jarl Valgard to advise.

B. Alexie ­ shoots at gotham archery ­ baltic between 2nd and 3rd in brooklyn.

1. They are looking to do more social events, having spoken to him, they are interested in hearing more about the group, and to see what kind of demo we would be interested in doing, as well as other kinds of fighting, including thrown weapons.

C. Sofya and Jackie interested in doing workshops

1. What are you interested in learning? Lady Sofya is looking to the cantons for information from the populace. With that information, they will make miniseries on hats, cotehardies, and any other kind of workshops that people want to and will attend.

D. Oct 29th ­ Cakewalk Cosplay

1. There is a Cakewalk Cosplay convention at the Hotel NY in Manhattan. For those interested, please contact Lord Ervald.

IX. Next THREE (3) Upcoming Meetings

A. September: Queen’s Farm on the 24th. Please see the website and FB group for updated information.

B. October: Lady Sofya

C. November: Lord Suuder and THL Lada

D December: Cancelled for the Holidays

X. Discussions… (Not Mentioned Above)

January officers meeting We are accepting letters of intent for Archery Captain, Exchequer, Knight Marshal, Minister of Lists, Arts and Sciences Minister, and Chatelaine.

XI. End of Meeting

End Time: 10:00pm
• Proposed: Mongo passes
• Seconded: Jarl Valgard
• Accepted / Denied: accepted unanimously.

Østgarðr Officer Corps

The Østgarðr Officer Corps Roster
❖ If no Seneschal is in attendance, then the meeting is Unofficial, but can continue as a discussion.
❖ If you are an Officer and will NOT going to be able to attend the Commons, please send your report to Lady Beatrice; (she is a Deputy Seneschal, “Recording Secretary.” She will read your Report and will also include it into the Commons Minutes.
❖ Quorum equals 11 Offices in attendance

*: needs deputy Holder Term Ends at the beginning of…
Vicereine Baroness Johanne aff Visby [September 2016] Viceroy Sir Gui avec Cheval [September 2016] Viceregal Heirs THLady Lada Monguligin & Lord Suuder Saran [2021] Seneschal + Baronè Francesco Gaetano Grèco d’Edessa [2018] Emergency Deputy Seneschal: THLord Thomas the Northpass
Deputy Deputy Seneschal: THLord Mongo Chinua
Deputy Seneschal (Recording Secretary): Lady Beatrice della Rocca [2017] Exchequer Lady Angelica Di Nova Lipa [2017] Herald THLord Mongo Chinua [2018] Book Herald: + Baronè Francesco Gaetano Grèco d’Edessa
Knight Marshal Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver [2016] BrokenBridge (Seneschal) THLord Suuder Saran [2016] Lions End (Seneschal) Countess Brekke Franksdottir, OP, OL [2018] Northpass (Seneschal) THLord Thomas of Northpass [2017] Whyt Whey (Seneschal) Lady Alienor Salton [2018] Archery THLord Suuder Saran [2016] Fencing THLady Marion of York [2018] *Minister of Lists Baron Jan aff Visby [2016] Arts & Sciences THLady Lada Monguligin [2016] Chatelaine Lady Sofya of Ostgardr [2016] *Chamberlain Mistress Katherine Gilliesfleur [2017] *Chronicler Magistra Rufina Cambrensis [2018] Webmaster Arnora Ketilsdottir [2018] *Historian Master Richard the Poor of Ely [2017]