Coming in January: Indoor Fighting & Fencing Practice

We are excited to host our first indoor winter fighter practice!
Join us at the Kingsland Bar & Grill 269 Norman Ave #3634, Brooklyn, NY 11222 on Sunday 1/14 from 12 to 3pm.

*Do you want to learn to fight like the knights of the middle ages? Our Armored Combat practice is a full contact sport. We fight with heavy wooden weapons made from rattan and wear metal and leather armor for protection.

*Do you want to learn fine control of the blade like the duelists of the Renaissance? Our Historical Fencing practice is a limited-contact sport. We fight with light metal swords and wear protective gear and fencing masks to keep each other safe.

The practice will be held in a 1-on-1 duelist format to get us ready for Birka tourneys both the fencing and Bear Pit armored combat.

– PARKING! plenty of street parking right by the venue.
– Bathrooms on site
– Indoor heated location to change in
– Brick over pizza and a full bar to celebrate our success afterwards

Suggested donation $10 per person

SPACE RESTRICTIONS: Due to space restrictions no pole arms or spears will be allowed