Chatelaine position available!

Chatelaine, always a crucial role for our province, has even greater relevance in these After Times, connecting people, new and old, to each other through their shared interests in our recreational hobby. Defender Against the Lonely Arts, this champion of conviviality forges the bonds of our community. Do you have what it takes? Nominate yourself at or before our Wednesday August 18th Commons.

To be a successful chatelaine, you have to like talking to people, both newcomers and people who have been playing for a while. You are the bridge between the modern world and the SCA. You tell people what we do, you find out what people are interested in, and you hook them up with other people who share their interests. We have a large collection of Gold Key (loaner garb) in the province, which you are responsible for circulating and maintaining. You also provide contact information and flyers suitable for distribution at demos. Being responsive to email is an important facet of this job. Reports to the kingdom four times per year on newcomer contacts and new members. Kingdom policies are posted at