Commons minutes March 2016

Ostgardr Commons, 18 Mar 2016
Transcribed by Rowan Sawyer

Minutes of the Commons of the Crown Province of Ostgardr, 18 March 2016

In attendance:
Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa – Seneschal
Master John Elys – Webminister
THLady Lada Monguligin – A&S
THLord Thomas the Constable of Northpass – Northpass
Lady Beatrice of Ostgardr – Scribe
Magistra Rufina Cambrensis – Chronicler
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver – Knight Marshal
Lady Godiva d’Mer – (WW: A&S)
Lord Alexander MacLachlan
Lady Angelica Di Nova Lipa – Exchequer
Lady Sofya Gianetta di Trieste – Chatelaine
Lady Alienor Salton – Whyt Whey
Master Philip White

Start Time: 8:01pm
End Time: 9:44pm
Proposed: Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver
None opposed.


Seneschal Report: Baron Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa
The Seneschal would like to have a full and comprehensive listing of all the officers and deputies in Ostgardr; as such he requests:
All Canton Seneschals email him a full and complete listing of all Cantonal Officers
All Crown Provincial Officers email him a full and complete listing of all deputies and officers.
Please include the following in the above reports;
Mundane Name
Medieval Name, including title
Membership Number, with expiration date
Email address

Arts and Sciences Report: The Honorable Lady Lada Monguligin
Arts and Sciences are flourishing in the Province, both Brokenbridge and Whyt Whey have regular A&S nights.
Last night, Lady Godiva d’Mer taught a class on Pysanki, the Ukrainian art of dyeing eggs.
Next month in Whyt Whey, there will be a class on wire weaving. Keep an eye out for more A&S events!

Exchequer: Lady Angelica Di Nova Lipa
There is $7699.35 in the bank account, including all guilds, other groups, and cantons.
Northpass and Lions End have their own accounts and are not included in the above number.
(The Honorable Lord Thomas the Constable of Northpass reports that there is about $5000 in their bank account.)
THLord Thomas asks if the Gilded Pearl’s account was closed, and if so, what happened to the money.
The Gilded Pearl was a guild that may have recently ended.
The Exchequer will look into it, and report back next meeting.

Webmaster: Master John Elys
The Webmaster will be stepping back to being deputy, and his deputy (Norana) will be stepping up to be Webmaster.
The Webmaster has been looking into having meetings held in cyberspace.
This was discussed at the officers’ meeting
Many people have a hard time coming out to weeknight meetings, as this involves upwards of 2 hours travel time, in addition to the meeting itself.
Options are as follows: $39/month for up to 25 participants per meeting; $49 for up to 100. Free 1month trial. Video, screensharing, voice, recording. Can get 50% discount for nonprofits (plus $12 admin fee) through TechSoup on up-to-25-participants plan. See $39/month for up to 25 participants per meeting; $49 for up to 100. (Costs more if not buying a whole year at a time). Video, screensharing, voice, collaborative document markup & whiteboard, recording (incl. video) Free for up to 10 participants; $10/month/organizer for up to 100 (costs more if not buying a whole year at a time). Phone and VoIP audio, screensharing, document sharing, recording
Google hangouts: Free. “group chats for up to 100 people”; up to 10 video. Also have voice capability; not sure of the limits. Can record text conversations, probably not A/V.
The group considers that Google hangouts would be better for smaller groups, with documents being collaborated in real time. In addition, while you do need a google account to access it, you do not need to have a gmail address. Options for larger meetings to be discussed in the future.

Chronicler’s Report: Magistra Rufina Cambrensis
When giving reports on demos, please send information to the Chronicler, who will advertise it in the Seahorse. Please email, call, or whatever else you need to do to get her the information.
Bish has made an archive group, with the intention of storing all records, including reports, and Seahorse publications.
This will allow for easier access to all information
This will also allow us to keep better track of reporting by officers
Webmaster will work with Bish to secure the archive
Reminder to all to subscribe to the eHorse, it is entirely free!

Knight Marshal’s Report: Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver
Fight practices and events throughout winter
One official practice in Williamsburg, happening intermittently on weekends, and under another group’s banner
We had a birthday party for the Viceroy at Swordplay NYC, with cake, soda. 3 rapier fighters, and 2 rattan fighters present.
There have been no injuries, issues or new authorizations
Reminder about using allowed space: When we have a space, do not leave the rooms allowed, or this will result in our losing the space. This may be happening to other groups, but is good for no one.
Projections for spring practices
There is a discussion happening about the day and time of practices in spring and going into summer.
Should be sorted out by next meeting
No report on archery

Seneschal of Canton of Whyt Whey: Lady Alienor Salton
More paperwork is required for the bank; should be taken care of by next meeting
Cloisters demo has been moved to September 18th, and will be discussed under New Business.

Chatelaine’s Report: Lady Sofya of Ostgardr

Gold Key

All gold key has been boxed, and the Chatelaine is taking a new inventory of it.
There will be a tunicmaking workshop, either on Apr. 17th or the 24th. It will be an all day event, food will be provided, but labour is needed! Please keep an eye out for the event listing

Enigma Bookstore Demo

With Angelica and Richard
Great small, interactive event, that allowed us to learn a lot about how we want tables to be set up in future.
Great showing, with interested people, much better than last year.
Hope to have it next year, but unsure if owners will have the demo next year, although they support us.

Workshops and Classes in the Fall

Working with Jackie to create classes for the fall and workshops
Workshops and classes would be either at Jackie or Sofya’s places.
There will be a survey sent out to gauge what people are interested in learning, teaching, and volunteering

Seneschal of Northpass: The Honorable Lord Thomas of Northpass

Bear’s Tavern happened this year. Made a few hundred dollars, as the event sold out
Philip the Firstborn is considering becoming Chatelain of Northpass.
He would like to discuss the matter with Lady Sofya
They do not have their own gold key at present.


Northpass bank account has around $5000 in it, which is NOT enough to cover Barleycorn, which is $3000 a day, not including additionals, or food costs
A new site is needed due to accessibility issues and weather

Arts and Sciences Minister of Canton of Whyt Whey: Lady Godiva d’Mer

Monthly A&S meetings

These meetings serve as both gatherings and teaching events
Last meeting was March 17th, and was a class on Pysanky. There will be a description on Facebook and in the Seahorse, as well as in the new archive. It was a great success, and Lady Godiva is considering holding another one after Pennsic. Pysanky is not suitable for children as the dye is toxic

Next meeting is April 21st, and will be a class on viking wireweaving, by Thorfirr. It is requested that you bring 24 gauge wire.

A&S Initiative; Songbook

We are creating a songbook that will include the Anthem of the East, as well as various other songs that people would like to sing.
We already have 12 songs, which prints out to 5 pages.

Report from Lion’s End

There are two people interested in becoming Seneschal
They have a little over $2600 in the account

Viceregal comments: neither present

Minutes of Officer Corps Meeting

(Meeting minutes are in the works, high points given)

1. Elections
a. New Exchequer, Herald, and Seneschal were elected

2. Investiture
a. Discussion on location and timing.
i. It is preferred to have Investiture in Ostgardr
ii. The Royals are able to make September 3rd.

3. ByLaw Committee
a. There are several gaps in the bylaws, and it is decided to create a committee to look into it and make recommendations to the Officers as to what should be fixed

Upcoming Events and Demos

1. Viking Demo, 14th May 2016
2. Picnic in the Park, 14th May 2016 [Cancelled — editor] 3. Riverdale Riverfest, 4th June 2016
4. Queens Farm, 24th and 25th of September
a. Autocrat is Baron Ian
5. Fort Tryon Medieval Fair Demo, 18th September

Old Business

1. Viceregal Polling and Investiture
a. Viceregal polling has been successful, and we have met quorum.
i. Date and place of Investiture are being worked out
ii. Master Philip and Lady Sofya to co-autocrat
iii. As yet there is no Feastocrat

New Business

1. ByLaw Committee
a. As per the Officers’ meeting, we need to have a committee to go through the ByLaws for loopholes, and present report to Officers
b. It must hold at least one officer.
c. Brekke, Richard the Poor, and Beatrice are interested.

Next Three Commons Meetings

1. Discussion
a. A discussion was had regarding when the next meetings should be held. Val proposed and Rufina seconded a motion to cancel the July meeting due to Pennsic.
Val proposed and John seconded a motion to cancel the May meeting as it is in the middle of demo season. Rufina points out that it would be an excellent time for the committees to get together and have meetings themselves

2. April Meeting
a. To be held at Alienor Salton’s

3. June Meeting
a. To be held at Baron Francesco’s, unless another place can be found

4. August Meeting
a. To be held at Lady Lada’s new residence.

End of Meeting Reminder that the following Officers are in need of replacement
1. Lion’s End Seneschal
2. Master of Lists

Commons minutes January 2016

Commons Minutes
Friday, January 15th, 2016


Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa, called Bish, – OSTGARDR Seneschal
Guy Cheveux de Guise – OSTGARDR Viceroy
Johanne i Visby – OSTGARDR Vicereine
Richard the Poor – OSTGARDR Exchequer
Katherine Gilliesfleur – OSTGARDR Chamberlaine
Lada Monguligun – OSTGARDR Mistress of Arts and Sciences
Suuder Saran – OSTGARDR Captain of Archers
Sofya Gianetta di Trieste – OSTGARDR Chatelaine
Magdelana Caminante – OSTGARDR Deputy Chatelaine
Angelica di Nova Lipa
Mongu Chinua
Ian of Clan Mitchell
Devra the Baker
Thomas of Northpass
Ibrahim al-Rashid
Brekke Franksdottir
Lillie Redtowers
Philip White



4th Q 2016 report sent in.

Notes that five checks have to go out tonight

Item of interest: Received a notice on Savings account (about $6,000) has been steadily earning interest of about $1.00 per month, but is otherwise dormant; this amount of dormancy can lead to escheatment (surrender of the funds) to NYS. Tomorrow I will go to Capitol One to straighten this out. Future Exchequer (To Be Determined) is reminded to maintain activity in the savings account by moving money into/out of it at least yearly.

Re: term in office, Richard met with EK Exchequer, and asked that his warrant as Exchquer not be renewed as of Feb 15th. Richard will hold onto the paperwork, and advise the future Provencial Exchequer.

Angelica di Nova Lipa, present Exchequer of Whyt Whey, can become the Provencial Deputy when a successor Exchequer can be found for Whyt Whey. Ibrahim al-Rashid has volunteered to take the position, with support from Angela.

Books are in order; there was an EK review of finances and property. EK Informed us that we should have an inventory of items such as feast gear. Viceroy opines that feastgear is fully depreciated. We will likely do a count of current feast gear (pots, pans, serving dishes, utensils) for our own information.

Guy notes that we need to inventory the chains of state, etc.

Musicians’ Day was reported as a great success in terms of the classes, music, and food, however we are still waiting on the financials.


Term ends January 2017

Lady Magdelena has volunteered as Deputy Chatelaine

Gold Key (loaner clothing): Inventory will be taken for our own information, and reported to Exchequer for EK reports

From the $100 allocated by the Province, we are looking at two dates in February, to make basic tunics for men and women.

Updating handouts to reflect new EK emails and web site address

Officer holders are reminded to update any of their own communications and to use the new EK email assigned to you.

Just sent out Chatelaine’s report, apologies to the Seneschal

Thank Lillie Redtowers for her update on Brokenbridge.

Don’t need a formal report from the Cantons, but would find it helpful to have notice of new people who have expressed interest or joined the SCA in the Cantons. Where a Canton does not have a chatelaine, the Seneschal or other Canton officer is requested to contact me. An email would do nicely.

Demo for First Contact at the LaGuardia Marriott on February 20th. Bish, Richard, Angelica, will join. This will be a hands-on/interactive demo including Silk painting, brass-rubbings, games, and other items/crafts where the public can literally see and touch our reenactment of the current middle ages. The Ostgardr populace will receive many reminders via official Yahoo groups, Facebook Groups, and we request that the E-Horse include a notice in the next regular edition put out prior to February 20th.

OSTGARDR EARL MARSHALL, Viceroy Gui reporting on behalf of Ostgardr’s Earl Marshall Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver, who is currently delayed in California by a family event.

Outdoor fighter practice has been suspended for the cold season.

Indoor Practice is available at the Knights’ Hall, also known as The Akron. Sparring space is available for $35 per hour.

Knights’ Hall
1944 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10035
between 124th, 125th streets in East Harlem
BY SUBWAY: The 4/5/6 Express stop at 125 St east of Madison.
BY MTA BUS: Numerous bus routes cross through the area, including the M1 both north and southbound, the M60 east and westbound.

We are considering announcing fight workshops / classes at fixed date/times (not free exercise)

Lady Marion (on Long Island) is willing to come into Manhattan to the location to run fencing training. But would have to be assured that people would show up in numbers.

Gui is willing to teach a greatsword class, given sufficient interest.

Gui’s postings on making armor have, for the most part, been ignored; hasn’t received much feedback on armor making.


Practices are now over for the winter. We did have an additional practice due to fair weather and Mongu Chinua.

OSTGARDR CHAMBERLAINE, Mistress Katherine Gilliesfleur

The large green & White tent is in storage.

Feast gear is in Wilhelm’s garage

Asks to set up inventory (more for us than EK), will need volunteers


Bish – OSTGARDR Seneschal

We have received a copy of the ballot from the EK representative who will receive mailed ballots and tally them.

As soon as we receive the populace address labels, volunteers Bish, Sofya, Angelica will coordinate envelope and stamp purchases, duplication of ballots, addressing all envelopes, stuffing, and mailing. Sofya volunteered her home as work site.



Don’t know current term limits for Chronicler Magistra Rufina
[Ed. Note: per Acting Seneschal’s request, I contacted my Kingdom superior asking about Kingdom-imposed term limits, and never got an answer.]


All officers should have (and use!) office-named e-mail addresses on the server. If you don’t have one yet, check with your Webmaster: Arnora for Brokenbridge, John Elys for Ostgardr and Lions End, Wilhelm for Northpass. We think Whyt Whey is in compliance (check with Lou and Godiva).

General Query on our upcoming 50th anniversary:

Ostgardr started in 1968.


Ostgardr’s 50th anniversary is in two years. Time to think about what we will do to celebrate this milestone.

SCA 50th Anniversary.

Lady Magdelena is part of the East Kingdom crew coordinating the multimedia display for presentation during the anniversary event. As we were, and still are an important part of the Kingdom, our members undoubtedly have many old photos, and can produce new images by photo or scan of award and recognition scrolls, A&S items of all types.

The East Kingdom display for our 50th Anniversary will be in an 8 foot by 20 footprint, including the original crowns, seals, and oils of dedication. Everything else will be displayed on two 22″ monitors for the high resolution displays in the EK exhibit.

The display will be finalized mid-May. So, keep those e-cards and letters coming in. There will be a scanner at Birka.

Locally, Angelica di Nova Lipa will be happy to take scans of your hard copy photos, and to return the photos directly to you.

As this is a private showing of media, no model/artist releases are required.

Following the 50th anniversary, there may later be a ‘traveling show’ available for the local groups.

BACONBRIDGE in the Canton of Brokenbridge, Saturday February 6th. 10 AM – 6 PM

Join the canton of BrokenBridge for the celebration of Bacon, and all foods cured with our first ever BACONBRIDGE. Baconbridge will feature classes, on curing different meats, making jerky, origami pigs, bacon-fat candles, and more. Bring us your odes to bacon and curing, to the Baconbridge Balladry Battle, a contest for all who wish to write haikus, sonnets, or quatrain (try to keep your poem under 100 words). For those who wish to personify the essence of bacon, we will have Sir Francis Bacon Garb Contest, a contest of the fashionable. There will also be, wait for it, RAFFLE ITEMS!
Please, check out our comprehensive event website at

2nd floor Community Room
140 Cadman Plaza West, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Whether you think you’re coming or not, PRE-Register! This site is in a doorman building, and if your name is not on the list, you’’re not getting in, no matter how anachronistically you are dressed!


March 4-6

Pitched to be family friendly with the theme “Robin Hood”. Bear will do his best to be there. For more info, see

The head chef for this event is Lou from Three Skulls, a notable expert in populace pleasing cuisine!


Bish to follow up with Elionora to determine her resignation date. Get copy of resignation. EK Seneschal or Southern Deputy should have this. If they do not have it, Elionora needs to be prompted to formalize resignation to EK Seneschal, and copy Bish, Gui, and Johanne, at minimum.
[Editor: this has since been done, and the resignation letter posted to the relevant e-lists.]

Mistress Rufina is requested to create a special edition of the E-Horse regarding the upcoming Seneschal elections.
[Editor: done.]

Populace of the Crown Province, including all Cantons, is encouraged to speak their minds to their Canton and Provencial Seneschals, on which of the candidates for the Ostgardr Seneschals they prefer.

The current slate of Ostgardr Seneschal Candidates are:

Baron Ian”
Master Philip White

Any additional nominations for the office of Seneschal for the Crown Province of Ostgardr need to be tendered by the end of February, the 29th, and addressed to our Viceroy Gui, Vicereine Johanne, and Seneschal ‘Bish’.

The eligible officers [per Bylaws, “Viceregency, all the rostered officers of the Province, and the Seneschals of each of the Cantons”] will cast their votes at the Ostgardr Officers’ Meeting. Our beloved Vicereine Johanne encourages the populace to think on these elections and to make their wishes known. This election will go forward on Sunday March 13th, 2 PM, at the home of the Ostgardr Chatelaine, Lady Sofya, in Astoria. All may attend, however only the named officers may vote. Ostgardr by-laws are in full force; all voting-eligible officers are encouraged to attend.



Chatelaine Lady Sofya proposes that the Province and Cantons again sponsor Seasons Beatings, a free one day event (current cost is reported as $200 for the Blue Mountain Lodge site in Peekskill), and requests that the Province and Cantons contribute $75 dollars each for the event. Cantons and Province are requested to confirm or deny this financial contribution for the next Seasons Beatings event for December 2016 or January 2017, dependent on site scheduling.

This event has been highly successful in terms of populace and newcomer attendance and enjoyment, and is high on the list of most-requested events.


LADY MAGDELENA CARMINANTE will host the next Ostgardr Commons meeting on (the third Friday of) February, the 19th, at her home in Peekskill, in northern Westchester County.

Locations are requested for the March and April Commons.

Canton of Brokenbridge Reports

Brokenbridge Seneschal: Suuder Saran

BB had a meet the candidates night

A&S: Lady Lada reports Lots of things going on.

Lada & Conandil – Calligraphy in Northpass

Brokenbridge Exchequer and Chatelaine

Lillie Redtowers, Exchequer: Money: $2,712.17 held by Province of Ostgardr

Chatelaine: 4th Q – contacts. One young man has been participating, but not yet joined.

Outdoor Fighter practice at McCarren closed for the winter

A&S Minister (Anneke Valmarsdotter) is holding A&S 2nd Friday of each month


Gold Key held by…

Feb event coming up: Baconbridge, needs to see everyone there Saturday Feb 6th.

Summary: Overall a good 2016.

Canton of Lionsend

Have a new Deputy Seneschal, Alec MacLachlan, previous of An Dubhaigein.

Needs a web minister. Bish needs help. Arnora is suggested as a resource, and Michele the Ubiquitous has offered assistance.

Recurrent issue, Need the correct procedure to change officer names / email in the Pikestaff and on websites.

Ostgardr Officer candidates should be persons who routinely attend Ostgardr Commons and Officer meetings a minimum of 50% of the time, plus 1 additional time. (? Per by-laws?)

Canton of Northpass, given by Northpass Seneschal, Thomas of Northpass

Upcoming soon, Bear’s Tavern, the theme for which this year is Robin Hood, which Bear intends to attend (currently hospitalized in King’s Hospital, and very bored, could use company.)

Northpass is solvent

There are forms planning for “Goats Tavern” for the autumn, to have the theme of preparing for winter.

Vicereine Johanne asks that the group be updated on John the Bear’s progress, and that he be advised of our warm regard.