Annal of A.S. III (5/68 – 4/69)

The first Crown Tourney in the East was held in Clove Lakes Park on Staten Is. on July 21, with Maragorn and Adrienne serving as Sovereigns for the day (it was originally scheduled for June 2, but that date was rained out). Bruce of Cloves won for his lady Florence; they were formally crowned on October 27 at a Tourney in Clove Lakes Park.


  1. Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

    The East’s official history lists the royals of this year as Maragorn & Adrienne (crowned 07/21/1968) and Bruce & Florence (crowned 10/27/1968), but it turns out the details are more confusing than that, and almost all of the details are subject to debate or interpretation.

  2. Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

    Walter and Elfrida of Greenwalls had been present at the founding of the SCA, and moved to New York City in AS II. In early AS III they obtained a charter from the King in the West to begin a crown tourney cycle in the East, and for six months they served as the first Seneschals of the East.

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