A letter from our Seneschal

To the Populace of the Crown Province of Østgarðr,

Happy New Year to all my fellow Østgarðians!  This is my first official hello as your new Seneschal. This will be an exciting time for me as I work to get up to speed with everything that is going on within the Province.  I am truly looking forward to working with you all to make the Crown Province excel in this coming year.  

I first want to thank Lord Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi for all your hard work as Seneschal of Østgarðr.  Your leadership has been valuable to the Province and I hope that I can continue all the good work you have done for us.  

To all the Canton Seneschals, I can’t wait to work with you all.  I will be reaching out this week to formally introduce myself and see what help you need and what major issues you are dealing with.  I want to make sure our Cantons are strong and healthy and will help where I can.

To all the returning officers of Østgarðr, thank you for your continued service.  Your knowledge and experience of the workings of your position will be invaluable during this time. You are the backbone of our Province and appreciate your continued support.

To all the new officers of Østgarðr, thank you for stepping up.  As a new officer also, I probably know some of the feelings you are experiencing right now.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If you are in a position that you need help or guidance with, please let me know and let’s work on it together to help you succeed!

And last but by no means least, to the populace of Østgarðr, thank you for your support.  Thank you for being with us and being part of the SCA.  I have heard some exciting things are coming and I look forward to what we all can accomplish together.

-Ragnarr Blaskegg

Seneschal of Østgarðr