Dance Practice information

We will not be holding practice tonight in the park since my family is still recovering. Next week we will have an indoor practice in the Bronx, and the following week (9/24) we hope to be back in the park. Also, Rye dates should be available soon, as well as dates for once a month indoor Manhattan practices .

Next week we will be inside (I have arranged for at least one dance practice a month to be inside in case the weather is unkind this fall.) Evelyn has graciously offered her rehearsal space (The Green.Door 225 E134th St. Apt 3A, Bronx NY) for our use.

Everyone is welcome to join us for practice, no prior dance experience required… We practice in street clothes, as many are coming from work.

Feel free to bring snacks or goodies to share if you are so inclined. Water will be available, and likely other beverages as well.

The Green.Door has two cats in residence for those who may be allergic, depending on your allergy sensitivity the cats can be quarantined if that is enough to keep the receptors at bay.

Practices will be held from 6:30-9:30 PM.

The following are tentative dates for the Green.Door Practices
Wed., Oct. 29
Mon., Nov. 17
Wed., Dec. 10
Dates subject to change/cancellation due to bad weather, emergencies, etc.

For more info or questions, please email

Details for The Green.Door
address: 225 E134th st apt 3A, Bronx NY
Directions and info from Evelyn-
Directions from Subway:
Take the 6 train to the 138th st stop. Cross to the far side of 3rd Ave (the near side is Lincoln) (where the gas station- Shell is toward the left) & Walk towards the gas station, river, and bridges down 3rd Ave. Pass under the bridge on the RIGHT hand side of the street, & look for a white building with red lettering that says “Bridge Building Supplies”. Pass that building, & make the first right onto 134th into an industrial cul-de-sac.

225 will be on the right hand side (before the auto repair shop), and there will be a glass door. Buzz 151 to be let in or call Wilhelm, Conandil, or Evelyn (248-709-0258) and we’ll send a runner to let you in. Take either the stairs or the elevator up to the 3rd floor, and apt 3A will be the first apartment you come to with the green door.

If you take the 4/5 train to 138th st/Grand Concourse: Simply walk the extra short 3 blocks down 138th st to 3rd ave, make a right onto 3rd, and follow the directions above.

You can also take the 2 train to 149th st/Grand Concourse, transfer to the 4/5, and take it one stop south to 138th st/Grand Concourse. Or you can walk it, but it’s a good 15 blocks or so.

Driving Directions from the North:
Take I87 south to the 138th st/Madison Ave Bridge exit. Merge onto Exterior St (stay on the right hand side, or what could be called the Service Drive). Make a Right onto 134th st- BEFORE the entrance to the bridge. You can park either on the street on 3rd ave, pretty much anywhere in the cul-de-sac (it gets pretty creative in there), or make a left under the bridge and park along the left hand side of the bridge entrance. All these parking areas are safe, we have never had any problems.

The area might look sketchy in parts, but it is perfectly safe. There is a 24/hr gas station on the corner and plenty of businesses that are open. I have never had a problem walking to/from the train at any hour of the night. Unfortunately, the walk from the trains to The Green.Door feels the most sketchy. Along the road to the bridge are a lot of really nice restaurants/art galleries, and people of all types are living in the area.


Dance Practice Wed., Aug. 27th 6:30 PM Belvedere Castle

The next dance practice will be on Wed., August 27 at 6:30 PM at Belvedere Castle in Central Park.
Everyone is welcome to join us for practice; no prior dance experience required… Practices are held in street clothes, as many are traveling after work.

We’ll meet in the grassy area of Shakespeare’s garden if it is open.  If you follow the “From the West Side” directions (please note that the tree mentioned in the directions shortly after you enter the park is no longer there, so take the path on the right) the grassy area is the “little clearing” before you reach the castle steps.  We are typically near the bench on the left side.  Once it gets dark OR if the grass isn’t open we move atop the castle.  

To find us atop the castle… If you are coming from the west side, once you climb the steps you can find us congregated by the wall slightly to the left of the little covered alcove in front of you.  From the east side once you go up the steps at the back of the castle we’ll be to the left near the wall before the little covered alcove.
If it’s raining we meet under the overhang up top.  If severe weather is in the forecast please check your email or call us on dance practice days; we’ll make a decision by 2 PM if we’re going to cancel practice.


For more info or questions, please email.

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Annal for A.S. XLVIII (5/13 – 4/14)

The Viking Day Demo was held on May 18. At the Feast of John Barleycorn in Northpass on September 7, Ibrahim al-Rashid became the Fencing Champion; Helga Nielsdottir became the Archery Champion; and Wolfgang der Sucher became the Thrown Weapons Champion. Also at that event, John the Bear was named a Silver Sea Lion for his contributions and skill in thrown weapons.

On June 1, Subotai Cinoa became the seneschal of Whyt Whey, and on September 1, Richard the Poor of Ely took over as exchequer.

A demo was held at the Queens County Fair on September 21 and 22. Season’s Beatings was held on February 1.

At Mudthaw on March 22, Lada Mongguligan was honored with a Silver Crescent and Luis de Castilla was honored with a Knighthood.

At some point during this year, Eilionora inghen ui Ruairc took over as Seneschal.