Annal for A.S. XLV (5/10 – 4/11)

At Viceregal Court at Pennsic, Seahorses were given to Cian mac Fearguis and Margarita Ivanovna Novgorodetsa. Ysenda Macbeth took over as Seneschal and Suuder became the Captain of Archers in July. Wilhelm of Northpass became Seneschal for that canton and Francesco Gaetano Greco of Edessa became the Herald in September. At John Barleycorn on Sept. 11, Lady Marion of York was given a Grant of Arms and Lady Conandil was made a Companion of the Maunche. The Provincial Champions Tourneys were also held at Barleycorn; the winners were Guy de Cheval (Heavy Weapons), Friderich Grim (archery), Wolfgang der Sucher (Thrown Weapons), and Yeh-lu Targai (Fencing). Lady Lile Dubh inghean ui Mordh was chosen Arts & Sciences Champion in April.

Demos were held a the Queens County Fair on Sept. 18 and at the Cloisters Renaissance Fair on Oct. 2. Warrior’s Nadaam was held on Oct. 16, at which time Alaric Jager von Bremen was inducted into the Order of the Laurel.

Oscad de Segovia was inducted into the Order of the Tygers Combattant at Coronation on Sept. 25.

At Provincial Commons in October, Alexandre and Eularia formally announced their intention to step down as Viceroy and Vicereine. Immediately, Friderich Grimm and Lile dubh inghean ui Mordha, as well as Suuder and Lada, announced their candidacy. Guy avec Chevaux and Johanna ap Visby tossed their hats into the ring later.

A “Collegium Musica” was held at Blue Mountain Trail Lodge on the weekend of November 20. Vicereine Eularia Trewe was given the Order of the Pelican at Mudthaw on March 26.