The Knives Will Come Out at Østgarðr Commons

You are hereby invited to bring your choice of blade to this Friday’s provincial commons meeting — knives, axes, scissors, chisels, and the like — and then hone it to a razor-sharp edge as part of our informal blade-sharpening workshop!

(As a reminder, Commons will be on October 18 starting at 7:00 at our usual location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.)

I am not a master sharpener, just an enthusiastic amateur — if someone shows up who knows more than I do, I’d love to learn more from them — but I have had decent success in sharpening our kitchen knives, household scissors, and wood-working tools.

I will be bringing my wet stone grinding wheel, a flat polishing stone, a couple of kinds of sharpening steels, and a leather strop. (If anyone has any sharpening gear of their own they’d like to show off, bring it along!)

TL/DR: Bring some dull knives or scissors to Commons on Friday and let’s see if we can’t get ‘em sharpened up for you!

(* Please do not deploy live steel during the business meeting.)

— Mathghamhain