The Crown Province of Østgarðr has a long-established livery standard that makes it easier to recognize our representatives and supporters at events.

Any member of the populace, including people who live here, people who play here and visit us for events, and friends from other regions, may wear our livery colors and populace badge to show their association with the Province.

Image: Members of Østgarðr wearing our colors and badge at the Pennsic War in 2018

Livery Colors

The Provincial livery colors are green and white.

When wearing our green and white on a surcoat, it should be parti-colored, with white worn over the heart, green on the other side, and the backs counterchanged. A badge may appear over the heart, either that of the Provincial populace, of one of its Cantons, or of an individual or household.

When wearing on a baldric, it should be a parti-colored sash worn over one shoulder and fastened at the opposite hip.

Provincial champions for Østgarðr wear specific clothing known as regalia to signify their position, which includes baldrics as described above that bear the Province’s populace badge as well as a badge representing their area of excellence.

Populace Badge

Another way that people can show their affiliation with Østgarðr is through our Populace Badge.

Our Populace Badge is a blue seahorse with golden hooves, eyes, and mane.

If you’re interested, you can see for a more full history of our seahorse as a badge, and for much more information on the history of populace badges.

In conclusion, if you see someone wearing green and white, with white on their left side, or if you see them with a blue and yellow seahorse, you can ask them if they’re affiliated with Østgarðr!