For Sir Edward: “The Scriptures Say: Build Not Your House on Sand”

[This poem was composed in August 2018 by Dorigen of the Grey Gate in honor of Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, a beloved figure who gave much to Østgarðr. Our thanks to Mistress Dorigen for sharing it with us.]

The Scriptures say: build not your house on sand,
but on a rock, a strong foundation find.
Behold the East, a fair and blessed land,
which, past the time of memory or mind,

has built — nay, leaned — on Edward Zifran’s word,
his counsel wise, and most of all his deeds
(too numerous to mention), seen and heard;
the Eastrealm gladly follows where he leads.

Laurel and Knight and Pelican is he,
and bearer of a Viscount’s coronet;
of custom, law, and of diplomacy
his knowledge stands, nor has been equaled yet.

Through many realms his steadfast name is known:
Edward of Gendy, strong foundation-stone.

~Dorigen of the Grey Gate, 8/22/18