Events Will Require Proof of Covid Vaccination or Test Result

On September 27, the Board of Directors announced that Kingdoms of the SCA would now have the option to require proof of Covid vaccination or negative test results to attend events, and the East Kingdom announced that they would be implementing this policy as of October 12.

This policy will apply to all in-person events, including local practices, A&S evenings, and other official gatherings. If you attend any of our full-day events or informal get-togethers here in the Crown Province or in the neighboring branches of the East Kingdom, you will need to show identification at the gate and either proof of a completed Covid vaccination or a negative result on a Covid test that was professionally administered in the previous 72 hours.

The details of how this policy will be implemented are still being ironed out, as in the regularly-updated Society FAQ and the East Kingdom workflow. The Kingdom seneschal is holding information sessions to discuss this via Zoom on Sunday 10/3 and Monday 10/4 at 7:00 Eastern; if you would like to attend, contact your seneschal for a link.