Commons Minutes for March 2018

The March commons meeting was held March 16 at the home of Wilhelm and Conandil in Northpass. Here are the minutes as recorded by Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin. The officers’ reports are attached at the end.


  • Alienor Salton, Seneschal, Webminister
  • Angelica di Nova Lipa, Exchequer
  • Beatrice della Rocca, Chatelaine
  • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Minister of Arts & Sciences
  • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, Herald, Youth Combat, Deputy Webminister
  • Ervald LaCoudre, Armored Combat Marshal
  • Alec MacLachlan, Fencing Marshal, Deputy Seneschal
  • Richard the Poor of Ely, Historian, Deputy Exchequer
  • Wilhelm Larsson, Northpass Seneschal
  • Brekke Franksdottir, Lions End Seneschal
  • Seònaid inghean Mhic Aoidh, Deputy Chatelaine, Deputy Book Herald
  • John Elys, Deputy Chronicler
  • Conandil, Northpass Minister of Arts & Science, Northpass Chronicler
  • Apollodora of Delphi, Brokenbridge Minister of Arts & Science, Brokenbridge Webminister, Northpass Chamberlain, Northpass Deputy Minister of Arts & Science
  • Marion of York, Lions End Lieutenant of Fence
  • Francisco de Braga, Northpass Chatelaine, Brokenbridge Chronicler
  • Oliver De Bainbrig, Northpass Constable, Northpass Brew Master
  • Ben of Brokenbridge
  • Christiana Sunshine
  • Cameron Sunshine
  • Suuder Saran, Viceroy — Delayed upon the road
  • Lada Monguligin, Vicereine — Likewise

Absent Officers

  • Arnbiorg Helga Niálsdóttir, Archery Marshal
  • Erich Guter Muth, Minister of Lists — Obliged to Labor
  • Rufina Cambrensis, Chronicler
  • Ian of Clan Mitchell, Chamberlain — Medical Care Duty
  • Vika Grigina z Prahy, Whyt Whey Seneschal
  • Brandr Aronsson, Brokenbridge Seneschal


  • Meeting called to order at 8:30 PM by Alienor

The seneschal recognized a number of individuals for their recent efforts:

  • Wilhelm & Conandil, for hosting tonight’s meeting.
  • Cullen Powers, our new thrown weapons champion for Ostgardr.
  • Seònaid inghean Mhic Aoidh, our new Deputy Chatelaine & new Deputy Book Herald & new Northpass MoL-elect.
  • Apollodora of Delphi as new Northpass Chamberlain.
  • Ibrahim, Pia, Sofya, Þórfinn, Lada for teaching at KWASS
    • Sofya?: And Alienor.
  • Oliver de Bainbrig for stepping up as EK50 land agent.
    Branimira, for her initiative in embroidering the viceregal arms banner for EK50.
    Pia for volunteering to transport the pipe & drape to EK50.
    Ervald for interviewing and for donating past Seahorses.
    Judith for compiling music.
    Rufina for selecting best-of newsletter articles.


The seneschal circulated copies of the officers’ reports and highlighted several items for review.

  • When you send your quarterly/annual officer reports to the corresponding kingdom officer and/or regional deputies (whichever is appropriate to your office), please also send copies to the provincial seneschal and viceregals, and if you’re a canton officer, also copy your canton seneschal and the corresponding provincial officer; this will help keep everyone in the loop.
    • Upcoming deadlines include Archery & Thrown Weapons (April 1st), Seneschal and Chatelaine (April 15th).
  • Donations to mug fund can go to Suuder.
  • Reservations for upcoming events hosted by Northpass (Brew U, Blood & Axes, Barleycorn) are being accepted tonight.
  • Meeting / workshop space available at Sussman Automatic; contact Ervald to arrange.
  • Every canton and the province as a whole should compile a page for the EK50 site book.
    • The deadline is March 30! Don’t forget!
    • Prepare ready-to-print material, or mail elements to Mathghamhain for layout assistance, or send in text and images separately and they will lay things out on for printing
  • Regalia committee requests coronet designs, email by June 1st.
  • Academic conference on medieval dress & identity at Fordham (Lincoln Center campus) this weekend.
  • Needlepoint class with Sir Edward after Brokenbridge Commons March 17th (tomorrow).
  • Scribal workshop for provincial order scrolls is March 25th.
  • Fighter practice in McCarren Park resumes Tuesday, March 27th.
  • Ostgardr A&S and bardic championships at Lions Awaken, April 21.
  • Viking Day demo May 19th is same day as Brooklyn Half Marathon; expect street closures.
  • Lions End demo in Farmingdale June 2 would like more children’s activities and armored combat fighters.
  • Brokenbridge’s BaconBridge 2 event will be mid to late June.
  • Runnymede dinner Pennsic 2018 needs volunteers for setup, serving & breakdown.
  • Runnymede dinner 2019 needs ideas.
  • Please reach out to your Norðfjǫrðr  counterparts to affirm support.


  • Lada: We could run a Facebook ad campaign to publicize an upcoming event.
    • Lions Awaken is not a good choice for this due to limited capacity.
    • Picnic In The Ruins would be good — low key, no site fee.
    • Blood and Axes would be good for newcomers.
    • Farmingdale might be good as well.
    • Apollodora has FB advertising experience that may be of use.
    • We need to check Kingdom policies and Society Seneschal rules to confirm whether paid advertising is allowed.
    • If there’s a problem with paying for advertising, we can try listing things in EventBrite and similar free event-listing services.
    • Should we also print up some fliers? Yes!
  • Sofya: EK50 preparations
    • Need people for setup assistance Wednesday before the event opens.
    • Wish to purchase fabric for booth boundary. Will be hung from pipe frame which is being loaned  and transported by Pia. Afterwards can reuse this cloth for other purposes. Need 42 yards of white and green cloth — estimated $150.
      • Budget  approved by financial committee.
    • Also will need to cover cost of printing and binding photo album, annals, other printed material — estimated $100.
      • Budget  approved by financial committee.
    • Ervald is looking for back issues of newsletters which he gave away at a meeting some time ago; contact him if you have them.
  • Alienor: Event and activity planning.
    • We avoid scheduling multiple events and demos on the same day to ensure that the province doesn’t lose money on site expenses and that we make a good showing for the public.
    • However, informal activities like A&S gatherings, martial practices, and casual social get-togethers don’t need to follow that rule — it’s fine if there’s an archery practice happening on the same day as a sewing class, etc.
    • Please use the Event Planning document to assist with planning events. This is a shared Google Document. It contains some personal information so don’t share it with the public but it can be given to anyone who is involved in scheduling events.
    • Please ensure that all events, demos, local activities and informal happenings are listed on the public calendar. This is a shared Google Calendar. The information it contains is public and it appears on the province’s web site.
    • Canton officers, please check with other people in your local area to ensure that everyone who needs access to these calendars has it.
    • If you need help updating the document, email your canton or provincial webminister for assistance; they can either grant you permission to modify the file or can make updates to it on your behalf.
    • Also check EK calendar for recently-scheduled events in neighboring branches.

Upcoming Events

  • Several people are going to the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, June 8-10 — it’s a long drive, so consider car-pooling!
  • Should we exhibit at Riverfest?
    • Last year there was a $750 stipend for the two day participation.
    • Last year did have some organizational problems.
    • Would compete with SRWC and KWHSS, also rain date for Farmingdale.
    • If someone wants to spearhead this effort, please volunteer.
  • Once again, there will be a Ducal challenge in Settmour on the same weekend as Barleycorn; make sure that people know about Barleycorn in advance so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle..

Upcoming Commons Meetings

April 20

  • To be held in Brokenbridge, at Arnora and Ragnarr’s.

May 18

  • To be held in Northpass, at Apollodora and Francisco’s.
  • Note that this location is at the northern edge of Ostgardr, so leave sufficient time for travel, check train ticket costs, and coordinate ride shares, train pickups, etc

June 15

  • To be held in Whyt Whey, at Alienor and Mathghamhains’s.


  • Meeting closed at 9:15 PM.

Viceregals • Suuder Saran & Lada Monguligin

The Østgarðr loaner mug fund:

We are now accepting donations to the mug fund.

New Thrown Weapons Champ:

Cullen Powers!! Hooray!  If you need to get in contact with him, let us know, we have his number, he is not on social media.

Østgarðr Camp at EK 50:

Emailed Land agent.  Have not heard back yet.  But looks like there will be encampments. Land amount is like Pennsic, 250 Square feet per person. Oliver de Bainbrig has volunteered to be the Østgarðr land agent. If your interested in being the land agent also let us know.

Runnymede Dinner at Pennsic 2018:

This year Barony of Bhakail is organizing the dinner which will take place in Silver Horde camp on Monday evening of War Week. Bhakail has requested 2 retainers/server from each Barony to help out with set up, serving and breakdown. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer and we will put you in touch.

Runnymede Dinner at Pennsic 2019:

We would like to have Østgarðr team up with Settmour Swamp in Settmour camp to host the dinner. This event is paid for by the hosting Baronnage out of pocket with option of fundraising specifically for this purpose. We are thinking a Persian themed meal. We have a chef in place already and would like folks to think of appropriate decor to help create the atmosphere for the meal. Additionally in previous years there has a been a tradition of gifts for the other baronies. We would like our artisans to think of what some good gifts might be. Some examples: small painted boxes, napkins, small heraldic banners.

Social Media event promotion:

We have a number of events coming up with a lot of them great for newcomers.

Lada would like to do a small paid FB campaign to test promote one. She says she will pay for this out of pocket. Which one? Is there Kingdom Media policy to adhere to?

New site development:

Scheduled site visit to Christ Church of New Brighton, SI for April 15th.

Seneschal • Alienor Salton

Event & Activity Planning

Our province is large both geographically and in population.  We have many diverse interests and activities. Our provincial policy of not stepping on each other’s toes applies to events, particularly those with a site fee, and public demos, especially those for which we are paid.  The reason we don’t want to draw down audiences for those is a) so we don’t hurt the profit margin on events with a site fee and b) so we make a good showing at paid public demos. Both of those affect the bank accounts of our fellow cantons and our own bottom line.

For the purposes of planning events and scheduling activities to draw audiences of reasonable size, we have three tools. Foremost, for event planning, we have a shared Google document, which resides on the provincial Google team drive. Access to that document is currently granted to the viceregals, and the seneschals and webministers of each canton and of the province.  If there is someone else in your canton who handles event planning, please grant them access or ask me to do so. Conandil as chronicler among her other Northpass responsibilities is the primary scheduler for that canton, and now has access to it. Everyone who plans events should be able to view and edit it, so we can keep it as up-to-date and useful as possible.

When you are scheduling an event, please refer to that document to see if there are tentative plans not yet published on the EK event calendar or on the shared provincial google calendar.  When you are blocking out a time frame for tentative dates, please note them in that document. Especially once you have confirmed a date with a site, PLEASE add it to the document, or update your tentative date information.  You may not be ready to publish it on either of the EK or provincial calendars until you have settled more details, so this is your way to alert fellow event planners of work-in-progress.

Local activities are scheduled on our shared Google calendar, which you may see on our website ( and on several of the canton websites.  You may also subscribe to it, as with any Google calendar, so that it appears on your personal calendar.  In light of our size (geography and membership), activities may overlap or be consecutive, without constraint.  Generally, events are planned far enough in advance that they do not conflict with local activities, however you may wish to double-check the activities calendar just in case.

The EK event calendar is where you will find all published East Kingdom events, which will help you avoid conflicting with our neighbors, at least as much as possible given the active nature of our kingdom.


I visited this month’s commons of the shire we are sponsoring, the incipient shire of Nordenfjord, and am pleased to report that all is going well.  They have a full complement of officers (seneschal, webminister, exchequer, chatelaine, MoAS), an active and growing membership, and are well-organized and up-to-date with their reporting.

They are working on a new name and a corresponding device, as they have been frequently confused with their neighbor, the shire of Nordenhal (and vice versa).  Note to our exchequerate (Angelica, Richard): they will need a check written to accompany their heraldic submission forms, probably within the next 2 months. Lillie Dubh is submitting their paperwork for them.

They are doing some very interesting things with their arts and sciences, and I would encourage our A&S ministers to reach out to Lady Arabella to steal, er, I mean share ideas.

They have space for a thrown weapons range, and are working on a marshall for said activity.  If any of our own thrown weapons marshalls can advise or support in this training, I would encourage you to reach out to Conor Mulvogue,

I have urged them to submit a shire history to EK50, which they were unable to do while suspended, but which is an option again now that their status is incipient.

They will have a presence at Mudthaw and at EK50.  I encourage our officers and members to reach out and affirm our support for their continuing success as a group.


Are we camping together?  Is anyone willing to take on land-agent / cat herding responsibilities? [Addendum: Viceregals report says yes, Oliver de Bainbrig acting as landagent.]

Officer reports to Kingdom

Reports are due from Armored Combat, Herald, MoAS, MoL.  If you have not already notified me and the viceregals that you have submitted your report, please do so now!  Canton seneschals, please confirm that your cantonal officers have submitted theirs, and remind them to include the full chain in their CC: list.  Thank you!

Reports due before next Commons include Archery & Thrown Weapons (April 1st), Seneschal and Chatelaine (April 15th).

Please copy, and on your reports, or notify that you have submitted them, if copy is not possible.  Thank you!


Updates to seneschallate listings in Pikestaff have been confirmed by the Kingdom seneschal.  *fingers crossed* they will appear in next month’s EK newsletter, the Pikestaff.

Youth Activity: Origami

We have received an origami booklet suitable for youth activities, forwarded by Michele the Ubiquitous of Hawke’s Reache.  I have forwarded it to the cantonal chatelaines. Please let me know if you would also like a copy.

Exchequer • Angelica di Nova Lipa

We have money.

A little more money than last month, thanks to our income from our sponsorship of the East Kingdom’s King’s and Queen’s A&S and Bardic Championships.   The event income report was given last month. EK has cashed some of the checks we’ve sent (NMS, and raffle proceeds for the Travel Fund), but not yet the event share check, so next month’s checking a/c balance will be lower.

Currently Østgarðr holds (including the amounts belonging to Brokenbridge and Nordenfjord, about $4,000) a total of: $16,362.91.

Chatelaine • Beatrice della Rocca

Gold Key

Gold Key is present and accounted for, to the best of my knowledge.


Seònaid inghean Mhic Aoidh has agreed to be my deputy. She has been working brilliantly on social media, commenting on and drawing attention to various things going on, and looks like she will continue to do so. She is already doing a wonderful job, and inspires me to do better too!

Additional Remarks

I saw some wonderful examples of Ostgardians introducing the public to what we do at Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium. It is something I have been noticing more and more, and makes me very proud indeed.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Arts & Sciences • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste

  • This past weekend (3/9) the Shire of Hartshorn-dale hosted the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium in Philadelphia, PA. Among the many talented instructors and performers were a number of our Østgarðrians
    • Ibrahim al-Rashid
    • Pia Malestea d’Rimini (Incipent Shire of Nordenfjord)
    • Alienor Salton
    • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste
    • Þórfinnr Hróðgeirsson
    • Lada Monguligin
  • Østgarðr A&S Champions day at Lions Awakens- April 21st- I encourage people to submit for Østgarðr next A&S Champion. If you’re unsure if you want to enter the competition, we will have a display table available as well. I will schedule a consultation table for feedback and answer any questions you may have.


  • Work is well underway for our hall of history display. Below is an overview of what we are working on:
  • Video interviews: Scheduling for interviews is in progress. Most of the interviewing will take place this March and April.
  • Pipe & drape. Pia (from Nordenfjord) has volunteered to carry and transport the pipe and drape to the EK50 site. Display will need to be up the Wednesday prior to the event. We will need 4 people to help with assembly as no work can be done on Thursday. We will also need approximately 30 yards of fabric to use as draping and 12 yards for the tables. It will cost us approximately $140 (approx. $3 a yard) in fabric. This fabric can then be reused for other events to decorate walls or tables.
  • Provincial Map: Mathghamhain has drawn a map of the Province and is working on the design and display.
  • Kingdom Geographic History book; Mathghamhain will be working on updating Richard’s ‘Geographic History of the EK’ book for display.
  • Annals: Richard has posted the Annals and will bind them for display. We are working on what cover to use and how to display.
  • Banners and floor cloth: Banner workshop was a success and we now have beautifully painted Canton banners to display.  Next to be worked on is an appliqued ‘50year’ sign that will duplicate the favors that have been handed out. Fabric has been cut and should be completed in two weeks. After the 50Year banner is done the next project is a decorative floor cloth.
  • Seahorse displays: Ervald has donated a number of issues of the Seahorse. I’ve also reached out to Mistress Rufina to see if she will be able to add to the collection.
  • Arms of the Viceroys and Vicereines: Branimira is embroidering the arms of the Viceroys and Vicereines which will go on a banner.
  • Scribal work; Lada is spearheading a scribal group that will be working on a scroll to display of provincial awards and recipients (seahorse, seadog). Workshop is scheduled for Sunday, March 25th.
  • Music: Judith has been compiling music to be played throughout the day during the entire event.
  • Photos and relics. I am still requesting these from the populace. Please email me pictures. We have gathered quite a number of photos so far which will be organized into a photo album which will need to be purchased. An estimate for the cost of the album will be posted next month.

Please send pictures to:

Again, this is an overview and things may change (items removed/added). June 1st is the goal date for all items to be completed allowing us time for a ‘dress rehearsal/assembly’ prior to the event.

Herald • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

I am currently preparing for the heraldry symposium to be held at the end of the month. I hope the small-group setting and hands-on activities will jump-start a few of our newer pursuivants and help them get their feet wet so they can tackle registrations for the local populace. If you know anyone who might like to become a herald, have them join us.

I have asked Seònaid inghean Mhic Aoidh to assist me as deputy book herald for the province; her enthusiasm and rapid study of that side of the trade will complement the experience Chinua brings to the court and voice aspects of the office.

I know that Northpass is interested in registering a populace badge, and I look forward to assisting with that in any way I can.

I am still waiting for a reply from the principal herald of Atlantia about permission to conflict with their Sea-Urchin award.

I have prepared a rough draft of a 40-page book of text and photos documenting the history of Østgarđr’s heraldic registrations, which I intend to complete and have printed and bound for display at EK50 as well as our public demos.

I have four active name and/or armory consultations in progress from this winter and hope to get the wrapped up and submitted this month. I’m also keeping my eye on submissions for six different people from the last couple of months that are currently in commentary at the kingdom level, and six from the fall that are now in commentary or decision at the society level.

Armored Combat • Ervald LaCoudre

Not much to report this month. It is still too cold to open fighter practice in McCarren park, and I am still awaiting word about the insurance issues for the Sussman Automatic location and the invoice for the loaner armor. As it stands I expect to hold the first fighter practice in McCarren Park in Brooklyn on Tuesday, March 27.

In the upside, though non-martial, the commons meeting at Sussman Automatic proved that the site can work for meetings and workshops. I encourage anyone who has a meeting or workshop and would like a space in which to hold it that is bigger than a typical NYC apartment to consider the location in Long Island City. This will help us build a relationship with the company that will, hopefully, lead to an indoor dancing and fighting practice site.

Fencing • Alec MacLachlan

Here is this Month’s Fencing Report:  Still too cold to have it at Central Park.

HL Marion of York continues to hold a late Sunday afternoon practice in Levittown at a real estate school run by Ronan from An Dub.  I think she gets 2-3 people each week.

Also, a fencer from a fencing school I went to has come to Lions End meetings and expressed interest in fencing.

Archery • Arnbiorg Helga Niálsdóttir

No report submitted.

Youth Combat • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

No youth combat activity this month, but fighting starts up again at Mudthaw on the 24th.

I’ve emailed a handful of local families that often show up for these events, and will spend time this weekend pulling our equipment out of storage and seeing what needs to get patched up after the winter rest.

Minister of Lists • Erich Guter Muth

Wilhelm reached out about a new MoL in Northpass last week. I am reaching out to offer some assistance and getting started guidelines.

Wilhelm also reached out about Blood and Axes coming up. Once marshals are lined up I’m happy to assist the Northpass MoL or be the MoL for the event.

Meetup group is still pending me having time at work to do it.

Rapier loaner gear:

  • 2 size small masks
  • 1 size small gorget
  • 1 size small hood
  • 1 size medium gorget – currently on loan to Anne

Webminister • Alienor Salton

Adoption of our Google for Nonprofits official inboxes is going well on the provincial level.  All officers have successfully logged in to their accounts. Most of us are reading them regularly.  Two of us, however, have not logged in since January.

I strongly encourage everyone to log in at least once a month, preferably in the run-up to each Commons, so you can prepare for the meeting by reading the reports from your fellow officers.  Your own office may have little traffic during the month or indeed ever, however, you can best contribute to the monthly meetings by catching up on provincial business before the meeting.

Chronicler • Rufina Cambrensis

Not much has changed since last month’s report:  the E-Horse continues to publish on a monthly basis; articles are mostly selected for the EK50Y commemorative “Best of the Seahorse” handout.

A couple corrections to Ongoing Events came in this month; the changes are reflected in the March newsletter.  If you spot outdated/incorrect activity/officer info in the E-Horse, please email the correct info to

Maestra Sofya has asked whether I can supply sample back issues to display at EK50Y; I will check the Chronicler’s file box (some issues had surplus copies; some didn’t) and choose from what’s available.

Chamberlain • Ian of Clan Mitchell

No report submitted.

Historian • Richard the Poor of Ely

I have not been made aware of any History worth recording from the past month.

As far as EK50 goes, I believe I have complete sets of the Scuttlebutt / Passage, the old newsletter for Northpass. So those will be a big help in compiling a brief history of that Canton for inclusion in our presentation. We’ll need stuff from every canton; both current and past. Whatever you’ve got, let me know!

Northpass • Wilhelm Larsson

Greetings from Wilhelm and all of Northpass,

We are (as always) busy up here. It is good to hear of activity in other parts of the great province and I commend all of it! We joy in all of the “SCAdianness” being had!

We welcome Østgarðr to Northpass this month as you meet and several locals have shared that they will join us. I appreciate your willingness to accept our hospitality.

First sharing required detail on our officers. All the needed reports are in (A&S and Herald) are in and accepted.

Also with officers there were a few changes in officers. It has been shared at recent commons that it would be good to continue filling out the officer corp and we welcome Seònaid inghean Mhic Aoidh as our MoL and Apollodora of Delphi as our Chamberlain. As we continue to work towards a fighting program in Northpass and seem to be gaining lots of “stuff” these are needed additions to our team. They were nominated and approved at our commons and with our bylaws and customs he has been voted into those roles. As MoL is a warranted position her training has begin.(We are told to think of her as “MoL Elect” .

The Pace club is established but we do not have enough student officers to be an “official” campus club. This will continue as a local priority.

With events we are working hard on many great Tavern was awesome! We are about 1.2 full for overnight stays at Brew U (April 13th -15th) Planning for Blood and Axes (July 6th-8th) and the Knighting of John Barleycorn (September 7th-9th) is continuing. (We welcome anyone from Østgarðr or beyond to volunteer to help if they have interest.) We will accept reservations of all these events at commons. We have announced another event “The Day of the Decameron” to be held next April. We are working on adding three other events including the oft planned and moved “Games and Dance”.

Our newsletter (The Stronghold) is a great way to learn of our doings and contains upcoming events as well as notes from officers and (starting this month) feature articles. It is visually fun (showcasing the recent glass bead making activity) and a good read. These issues can be found here:

We have added a “generic” bring what you are working on style A&S gathering (under the tutelage of our A&S deputy in the northern parts of the area) while we continue Embroidery, Period games and more down in the southern part. We expect more archery and soon, Thrown weapons, Fencing and heavy list combat in the upcoming months as we approach Blood and Axes. We are looking at attending events as a group on occasion (as we newly in the last year or so have many people traveling around and attending events very often.)  There is much more to share but I will end with … We remain Northpass Strong.

Lions End • Brekke Franksdottir

Monday March 5 canton meeting covered our upcoming Schola on April 21; we are planning for a smaller event (around 40 people).  Food will be simpler (although those excellent buns we had at K&Q A&S/B will return), and we will have a setup similar to last year’s, where folks can roam around and try things out.

Our next meeting is Monday, April 2, at the Levittown Public Library.

Also attached please find a summary of my meeting with the Farmingdale Arts Committee on Monday March 12.

Canton of Lions End; meeting with the village arts council

We need the official name of Farmingdale for the insurance cert.; will get insurance for liability only. Contact in THE INCORPORATED VILLAGE OF FARMINGDALE: Brian Harty, village administrator. Fax number for insurance: 516-249999-0093.

The actual demo will be 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The town would appreciate flyers, costumes, and hands-on activities, including classes. They are very interested in our Medieval fighting and are interested in seeing how we deal with our children; they are hoping for children’s activities. I sent some SCA publicity fliers which I got from the SCA chatelaine public website; John Cabobianco has similar material which I gave him at the Lions End meeting. They know that we have people coming from Westchester and Suffolk County for the demo, and are very interested in everything we have lined up.

We have: Youth Fighting; Rapier Fighting; Heavy Weapons fighting (? This is the hard one to get folks out to); Spinning/weaving; embroidery; bookbinding; Dancing (probably without live music, as our musicians will most probably be playing at a medieval concert elsewhere); Cooking Demo & discussion; Masks and Revelry (show & tell); Viking “combat cording” (rope making); Viking braid; Tablet Weaving; Calligraphy and Illumination; (assorted other things)

Desirable: blacksmithing; Glass Bead Making; Stained Glass Making (probably not available; our workers have other commitments); jewelry making

What we have: Use of the Green and the Gazebo. (Space behind Gazebo and fence are “SCA private area”, for food & changing tent; Use of 2 restrooms in village hall (both are small; ladies’ has 2 stalls, one handicapped accessible); PA System

I’m planning/hoping for at least two tournaments, with the fighters in each (youth/adults) choosing a “significant other” to fight for in the tourney – and presenting said “lady/SO” with a carnation in token, and with a rose to be awarded the “SO” of the winner – and a somewhat better prize for their “SO’s” (I have a few necklaces to offer, if this sounds good; hasn’t been presented to the canton yet).

I’ll supply bagels/butter/cream cheese, and it’s a general “pot luck” for feeding ourselves. There’s a VERY good pizza parlor in the building between the fire house and The Nutty Irishman, just to the north of Village Hall, as well, and Farmingdale is locally known for its restaurants. Croxley’s Ale House is two blocks north, just before the railroad tracks, across Main Street from the Village Green, and Wings Over… is on the same side – and there’s Charlotte’s Ice Cream (and speakeasy fairly close across Main Street, if anyone needs an Ice Cream break.

Whyt Whey • Vika Grigina z Prahy

Picnic in the Ruins is a Go for Sunday, April 29 (permit habemus).  Event listing is on the EK calendar, and Thorfinn is starting the publicity campaign.

Next Commons is April 12.  Agenda will be posted closer to time, but presently, intended topics include: filling deputy officer vacancies; bylaws; reporting; and new EK sheet wall for WW.

March’s Solar was pysanky, taught by Godiva.  April’s is TBD.

This weekend, there’s an academic conference on medieval dress & identity at Fordham’s Whyt Whey (errr, Lincoln Center) campus.  People should go!

Brokenbridge • Brandr Aronsson

Things are getting busy here in Broken Bridge.

March commons / Sir Edwards on Saturday March 17 –  Needlepoint class is garnering much excitement within the populace. Yes there will be bacon.

Bacon Bridge 2 – The Baconing  is being planned for mid to late June. We are still working on a site. Ronda’ Littil Hamar will be the event steward,with Lord Brandr co-Stewarding it with her. YES there will be bacon… more to come on that.

Pennsic – What to expect when you’re expecting – class will be held sometime mid June at Brandr’s house.

Viking Day Demo May 19th – Same day as the Brooklyn Half Marathon – please plan accordingly.

Bylaws Committee • John Elys

Committee has not met since January.

Regalia Committee • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste

The regalia committee would like to request coronet designs.  If anyone in the Province has design ideas for the coronets, please let us know my June 1st.  Designs can be send to: