Commons Minutes for July 2018

The monthly commons meeting was held July 20 at the workplace of Ervald LaCoudre in Østgarðr proper. Here are the minutes as recorded by Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin. The officers’ reports are attached at the end.


Total of 33 people, of whom 6 were remote via video conference.

  • Suuder Saran, Viceroy
  • Lada Monguligin, Vicereine
  • Alienor Salton, Seneschal, outgoing Webminister
  • Angelica di Nova Lipa, Exchequer
  • Beatrice della Rocca, Chatelaine
  • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Minister of Arts & Sciences
  • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, Herald, Youth Marshal, Deputy Webminister
  • Ervald LaCoudre, Armored Combat Marshal
  • Alec MacLachlan, Fencing Marshal, Deputy Seneschal
  • Erich Guter Muth, Minister of Lists
  • Richard the Poor of Ely, outgoing Historian, Deputy Exchequer
  • Esnede O Murrin, Northpass Seneschal
  • Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi, Lions End Seneschal
  • Vika Grigina z Prahy, Whyt Whey Seneschal — by video conference
  • Brandr Aronsson, Brokenbridge Seneschal
  • Apollodora of Delphi, Deputy Chatelaine, Deputy MoAS
  • Mongu Chinua, Deputy Court Herald
  • Brekke Franksdottir
  • Arnora Ketilsdottir
  • Iola Wulfsdotter
  • Rosa
  • Catelin Straquhin
  • Francisco de Braga
  • Anne of Østgarðr
  • Thorfinn Hróðgeirsson
  • Rakkurai of Kamakura
  • Reuben the Curious
  • Aurelia di Giovanni Bedici
  • Lilie Dubh inghean uí Mórdha — by video conference
  • Friderich Grimme — by video conference
  • Lissa — by video conference
  • Marion of York — by video conference
  • Wilhelm Larsson — by video conference

Absent Officers

  • Arnbiorg Helga Niálsdóttir, Archery Marshal
  • Rufina Cambrensis, Chronicler
  • Ian of Clan Mitchell, Chamberlain


  • Meeting called to order at 8:03 P.M.
  • Alienor: Thanks to Ervald for the space for tonight’s meeting.
    • Apologies to the two people who were not able to attend due to the stairs; we are making a point of considering access issues, and will endeavor to avoid this in the future.
    • Sofya: Ervald is working on getting the training required to be allowed to operate the elevator here, so that we can continue to use this site in the future once that has been completed.
  • Alienor: Thanks to Ervald and Sofya for providing food and drink tonight.
    • There’s a cup out on the table if you’d like to donate to offset the cost.

Officer Report Highlights

  • Alienor: Thanks to the officers for preparing their reports in advance.
    • I’m going to highlight a few items from the reports.
  • EK50 was very hot, but lots of fun.
    • Thank you to the people who made it possible, including: Sofya Gianetta di Trieste, Isabella of York, Rakkurai of Kamakura, Brekke Franksdottir, Katherine Gillesfleur, Ian of Clan Mitchell, Edward Zifran of Gendy, Richard the Poor of Ely, Judith Fitzhenry the Uncertain, Ervald La Coudre, Marion of York, Simon Talbot, Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, Pia Maletesta da Rimini, Lada Monguligin, Suuder Saran, Anneke Valmarsdotter, Beatrice della Rocca, Branimira Of the Isles, Devra the Baker, Esnede O Murrin, Ozurr the Bootgiver, Angelica di Nova Lipa, Apollodora of Delphi, Francisco de Braga, Donnchadh mac Eóin, Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi, Johanne i Visby, Rufina Cambrensis, John Elys, Jenna Childslayer.
  • Blood & Axes was a low-key, wonderful event with pleasant weather and lots of martial activities.
    • Around 40 attendees including 2 new families.
    • Thank you to the people of Northpass and everyone who helped.
  • Thank you Esnede, Apollodora, Seonàid & Angelica for making Queen’s favors!
    • She still needs more, so keep up the good work.
  • Please locate any waivers and waiver rosters you may have saved from past events and practices.  I am corresponding with the kingdom waiver secretary, as there is no regional deputy, to see how she wants us to proceed.

Officer’s Council Confirmations

Alienor: We have a number of new and retiring officers.

  • Thanks to Wilhelm Larsson for his service as Northpass Seneschal.
  • Esnede O Murrin was elected as the new Northpass Seneschal at Wednesday’s meeting in Northpass.
  • Confirmed unanimously by the provincial officers.
  • Thanks to Brekke Franksdottir for her service as Lions End Seneschal.
  • Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi was elected as Lions End Deputy Seneschal at the canton meeting earlier this month, and as the gentle elected as Seneschal is unable to serve, Uji has stepped up to fill that role.
  • Confirmed unanimously by the provincial officers.
  • Thanks to Richard the Poor of Ely for his service as Østgarðr’s Historian; he stepped down after EK 50.
  • We have one candidate for the position, Sofya Gianetta di Trieste.
  • Elected unanimously by the provincial officers.
  • Francisco de Braga has volunteered to serve as a Deputy Exchequer for Østgarðr.
  • Deputy positions do not require confirmation by the officers’ council, but as we hope that he will step up to become the provincial Exchequer, we are asking for their approval.
  • Approved unanimously by the provincial officers.
  • Alienor is stepping down as Østgarðr’s Webminister to avoid holding multiple required offices
  • Lada: Thanks to Alienor for her service in this office.
  • We have one candidate for the position, Anne of Østgarðr.
  • Elected unanimously by the provincial officers.

Committees and Projects

  • Bylaws Committee is being reconstituted; who wants to join?
    • Volunteers: Lada, Brandr, Apollodora, Alec MacLachlan, Ervald, Mathghamhain; as seneschal, Alienor will observe.
    • Suuder: From our experience with the prior version of this committee, it can be hard to make meeting times work for everyone; would advise regularly scheduled meetings to keep things moving forward.
    • Arnora: Google docs helps.
    • Alienor: Also email.
    • Mathghamhain: We can use Google Hangouts to allow remote meetings.
  • Regalia Committee: submit field coronet designs to Sofya or Angelica.
    • Two designs submitted, one more promised.
    • Working on this actively in weeks after Pennsic.
    • Get your proposals in no later than September 1.
    • Winner gets a bottle of limoncello.
  • Financial Committee: sidebar after meeting to approve armor invoice.
    • Postscript: this was approved

Upcoming Events

  • Novice Day is tomorrow, in Rusted Woodlands.
  • Pennsic is coming up! Here are some things to do:
    shoot in the populace archery shoot Sun 8/5
    • make & deliver children’s largesse Mon 8/6
    support Ostgardr’s champions in the Known World Baronial Championships: Youth Combat Tues 8/7; Armored, Rapier Wed 8/8
    potluck in Østgarðr camp Thur 8/7 6pm
    fight in the Army of Østgarðr; talk to Ervald for details
    retain for Lada & Suuder; see the signup sheet for open slots.
    • volunteer at Lost & Found, at Herald’s Point
    attend some of the many classes; see for details

Some additional suggestions from the populace:

    • Erich: fight in the rapier events.
    • Erich: come out to watch and support our champions.
    • Erich: there’s a crazy new rapier / siege battle on last Friday, six war points.
    • Erich: get qualified in combat archery.
    • Lilie: work safety and security shifts.
    • Sofya: volunteer at newcomer’s point.
    • Erich: there’s a class in getting trained to be a radio operator.
    • Friedrich: herald’s point is a good place for name registration if you need help with a specific language.
    • Mathghamhain: or talk to a local herald right now if you know what you want.
  • Barleycorn (Sep 7-9)  is once again Northpass sponsored, as is Goat’s Tavern (Oct 20-21).
    • EK calendar needs updating to reflect the change in sponsorship.
      • Esnede: this request has been submitted.
    • Esnede: Barleycorn steward will be posting a list of volunteers needed
  • Queens Farm is on, Sep 22-23; event steward Ian.
    • Needs to be added to the EK calendar
  • Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival (Cloisters Demo): date confirmed for Sept. 30th; Mathghamhain will be event steward.
    • Needs to be added to the EK calendar.
  • Whyt Whey schola, in late fall / early winter.
    • Vika is negotiating for space at Barnard.
    • A classroom at Barnard costs $400 for medium size, $450 for a large one.
  • Deck the Halls, Jan. 12th, event steward Ragnarr.
    • Brandr: come and teach classes.
  • BaconBridge 2 — the Baconing. Will be held some time in  2019, before Pennsic.
    • Randve’ Litill Hamar will be event steward
  • Event planner has been updated, please refer to it for full details and events not mentioned this evening.
  • Apollodora: Should we publicize these events on social media?
    • Perhaps just the larger / more public events, like Queens Farm, Barleycorn, Cloisters.
    • Esnede: Don’t do promotion for Barleycorn as we’re at risk of selling out.
    • Math: publicizing Cloisters is a good idea, will coordinate more after Pennsic.

Upcoming Commons Meetings

Friday, Aug 17

  • To be held in Østgarðr proper, at Astoria Park, Queens.
  • Will retreat to Mistress Sofya’s in case of inclement weather.
  • Bring tables & chairs.

Sunday, Sep 16 [date change!]

  • To be held in Østgarðr proper, at Willowbrook Park, Staten Island.
  • Date changed because our regular date is the night before the Queens Farm demo.
  • Archery 1pm, meeting 3pm.
  • Popups welcome; there are some trees for shade.
  • Bring food and barbeque.
  • Move to Chinua’s if weather is bad.

Friday, Oct 19

  • To be held in Whyt Whey, at 255 W. 105th St., #21.
  • Currently seeking suggestions for a corresponding A&S offering or other activity.

Friday, Nov 16

  • A suggestion was made to hold this meeting at the Mount Kisco Legion Hall.
  • Someone will need to contact them and see if the space is available.
  • They have sufficient room that we could hold a dance class that evening.
  • Esnede: please email me the contact info for the Legion Hall for use in local events.


  • Meeting closed at 8:45 PM.
  • The meeting was followed by bardic performances by:
    • Ervald LaCoudre
    • Alienor Salton
    • Catelin Straquhin

Viceregals • Suuder Saran & Lada Monguligin

Thank you for all who came and camped with Østgarðr at EK 50 and made our camp the place to party at.  Special Thank you to Mathghamhaim for running camp and keeping everyone fed.

Thank you to the people of Our Canton of Northpass and everyone that helped for a wonderful Blood & Axes 2 event.

There is a lot to do. There are classes, battles, shopping, volunteering and more.  One of the activities are the Known World Baronial Championships. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting our Champions in these activities:

Tues 8/7 — 12:30pm to 3pm Youth Combat Champions Tourney on Youth Combat Lists
Wed 8/8 — 9am to 12pm  Armored Combat Champions Tourney on Red & Green Lists
                      12pm to 2pm Rapier Champions Tourney on Red & Green Lists

We welcome all willing and able to retain for us during the War.  Mistress Sofya has graciously agreed to help coordinate the sign up sheet.

Children of Østgarðr gift delivery to EK Royal:
Mon 8/6 — 12:00pm meet up in Østgarðr Camp

Østgarðr Populace Archery Shoot:
Sun 8/5 — 2pm to 4pm
We would love to have as many of our archers join us as possible.  We will muster in Østgarðr Camp and march off to the bus.

We are always looking for award recommendations.  While we know a lot of what our populace does, we unfortunately cannot be everywhere all the time.  So we rely on our seneschals and our populace to keep an eye out and let us know when someone needs to be recognized.   A full list of Provincial awards can be found here:

Seneschal • Alienor Salton

EK50: vivant to all who made it a roaring success! Special thanks to Mistress Sofya for her vision & leadership on the Hall of History display.

Blood & Axes: low-key, very pleasant & successful event.  Thank you to all who organized and participated.  Facebook promotion brought in one new family; Facebook activity in general brought in another, who has asked about Novice Day.

Northpass seneschal — meeting with the populace tonight (Wednesday).
Lions End seneschal — Uji is stepping up, please confirm.
Historian election — please confirm Mistress Sofya.
Deputy Exchequer election — please confirm Francisco de Braga.
Webminister election — please confirm Anne of Østgarðr.

Thank you to the Queen’s favor making parties: Esnede (about a dozen finished), Apollodora, Seonàid & Angelica (about a dozen finished, 9 more embroidered & handed off for finishing).  More to come.

New bardic circle in Central Park is going well.  Wednesday (tonight) is the 3rd meeting, hosted by a member of the circle.

By-laws committee: who wants to be on it?  Mistress Katherine has provided us feedback.

There is no regional waiver secretary; only Mistress Pagan at the kingdom level.  I have emailed her to address our lapses in filing.  Please locate any copies of waivers and waiver rosters you have on hand (from events or practices) in preparation for snail-mailing them to her.

Aug. 17th: picnic in Astoria Park; fallback to Mistress Sofya’s (nearby) in case of inclement weather.
Sept. 21st: meet up?  Have checked in with Erich.  May need an alternate location.  [Confirmed— we need somewhere else to meet up.]
Oct. 19th: ?

Exchequer • Angelica di Nova Lipa


We have some.

Savings…  $7,070.94

Total.     $14,384.83

Østgarðr  maintains the lion’s share,  however, as usual, we hold money in trust (about $4K total) for Brokenbridge and Nordenfjord.

Until the reinstatement of Northpass, Østgarðr acts as their banker, accepting funds, and making appropriate reimbursements.   When Northpass is reinstated, credits and debits will be settled between Østgarðr and Northpass.

New Properly titled bank account for Østgarðr.

Working on it.
7/16. Milpitas reports sending the Corporate Resolution authorizing the account
7/18.  the bank says they did not receive it.  I’ve requested that Milpitas resend the paperwork to the bank.  

Deputy Exchequer – new

Francisco de Braga, MKA Frank Duraes, is doing on the job learning as Deputy Exchequer.   I saddled him with the eight pound manual and he did not run away, which I view as a very positive sign.   We also worked the Blood and Axes gate together, a fine learning experience for both of us.

Chatelaine • Beatrice della Rocca

Gold Key

Gold Key is present and accounted for.


We have had contact from several newcomers, and people who are looking to return. They have information on and are excited by several of our practices, so please keep an eye out, and be welcoming!


Pennsic is upon us! For those who are looking to volunteer, there are some great opportunities for to help out newcomers.

For folks who are new themselves, volunteering is a great way to get to know the site and hear amazing stories!  Lost and Found tends to have electrical outlets as well as always needing folks.  Herald’s point is always looking for people to draw and color for them. This gives you a great way to get to know what heraldry is all about!  A great way to see and do some things you might not have before is to volunteer to retain for Suuder and Lada, and to help out with our gate guard schedule.

There are also some amazing classes for new and old-comers!

For those interested, make sure to check out the Pennsic website for more information.

That is all, have a great war!

LGBTQIA • Apollodora of Delphi

Lgbtqia: exciting news this position will be going kingdom wide!  Hooray! I’ve met a few new queer ppl who are planning to attend an event in the near future.

Social Media: The Facebook campaigns we’ve been running have been very successful!  We’ve had people from Facebook attend events

Disabilities: I would like to push the porters event accessibility list be posted with every event.  So that people can see what is available and what is not with each event site. I created a printable list that I can share.

Arts & Sciences • Sofya Gianetta di Trieste

A&S Report-July
Østgarðr is quite busy!  Check the calendar for scheduled events and don’t lose out on the many classes and events in our area.
Our Queen still needs favors!  We are collecting and hope to present a large number to the Queen.  She will need quite a number for Pennsic.

We plan on collecting items for the children’s largesse and presenting to our Majesties at Pennsic. Last year was a huge success and it would be great to make this an Østgarðr tradition. Please contact me if you have items to donate.

Coronet Committee
We are still seeking designs for field coronets for our Viceroy and Vicereine. Please submit designs to myself or Lady Angelica. Prize will be bragging rights and it seems a bottle of my limoncello. Thank you all who have submitted designs so far.

I would like to thank Team Østgarðr for all the hard work creating the Hall of History display at EK50.

When I put the call out for help, many quickly volunteered to make our display look amazing! Yes, I’m bragging! It took months of scheduling interviews, editing, scribal work, embroidery, painting, research, printing and sewing to make this happen but it was sooo worth it!

There are many people I would like to thank so bear with me. I am beyond grateful for the volunteering of time and effort and want to make sure everyone is recognized. If I leave someone out, please add their name in the comments and I will edit my post or PM me.

The Interviews: Thank you all for taking time out of your busy lives to participate in the interviews! The interviews were very well received and exciting to watch. I’ll be looking into posting the videos on-line for those not able to view them at EK50. Thank you:
Duchess Isabella of York
Count Rakkurai of Kamakura
Countess Brekka Franksdottir
Baroness Katherine Gillesfleur
Baron Ian of Clan Mitchell
Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy
Master Richard the Poor ofEly
Mistress Judith Fitzhenry the Uncertain
Lord Ervald La Coudre
Lady Marion of York

The interviews would not have happened if it wasn’t for the filming, extensive editing, video uploading and screen design. I can’t overstate the importance of this part of the display. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ervald La Coudre, Simon Talbot and Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin. Your commitment and work set our display apart from the rest communicating our history directly from those that experienced it. All who took time to watch loved the stories and even taking the time to share their own.

Thank you Lady Pia Maletesta da Rimini for offering the use of your pipe & drape that made our display stand out and look top notch! I greatly appreciate you lugging other items to and from the event and helping set up. You are my rock star!

Thank you Østgarðr scribal team for creating beautiful champions scrolls that were much admired. Your work is amazing and I can’t wait to see more names added to the scrolls!
Hlæfdige Alienor Salton
Lady Lada Monguligin
Anneke Valmarsdotter
Lady Beatrice della Rocca
Our display was further beautified by the lovely work of Lady Branimira Ofthelsles.  Branimira embroidered the heraldry of our past and present Viceroys and Vicerienes.  There were many ooh’s and ahh’s! Thank you Branimira!

Music flowed through the display thanks to a wonderful compilation of music put together by Mistress Judith Fitzhenry the Uncertain. Thank you Judith for making the display sound as lovely as it looked!

There were a number of people who offered personal ‘artifacts’ for display. Although we could not use all items (due to limited display space and scope) thank you for offering. If I have something of yours please reach out to me. I will be bringing many of these items to Østgarðr commons to be returned to their owners. Thank you:
Vicereine Lada Monguligin
Viceroy Suuder Saran
Countess Brekke Franksdottir
Baron Ian of Clan Mitchell
Mistress Judith Fitzhenry the Uncertain
Lady Devra the Baker
Lady Esnede O Murrin
Lord Ervald La Courdre
Lord Ozurr the Bootgiver

I asked for volunteers to ‘man the booth’ as well as help with take down. In less than 24 hours, all shifts were filled and we had someone available from opening to closing to welcome visitors!   Thank you:
Lada Monguligin
Suuder Saran
Angelica di Nova Lipa
Apollodora Alethes of Delphi
Francisco de Braga
Donnchadh mac Eóin
Alienor Salton
Beatrice della Rocca
Ervald La Coudre
Richard the Poor of Ely
Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi
Baroness Johanne i Visby
Pia Maletesta da Rimini

Thank you Mistress Rufina Cambrensis and Master John Elys for producing a wonderful hardcopy ‘Best of the Seahorse’ booklet to be handed out at EK50. The booklet was wonderfully received! There are a few copies left and if anyone would like a copy I plan on having copies available at Østgarðr Commons.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to coordinate Østgarðr’s Hall of History.

Herald • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

Following a a lull earlier this summer as I dealt with other issues, I am now in a tizzy of preparing submissions to get them in ahead of the Pennsic rush. I have forms in progress for the province’s new youth award, the Order of the Tufted Sea-Urchin, and for a handful of members of the populace.

If there’s something you’ve been putting off registering, let’s try to get it in the next five days and save you four months of extra waiting compared with doing it in August!

I’m teaching a pair of heraldry classes at Novice Day this weekend, and hope to do something similar within the province this fall as we have some new folks interested in the office, including a couple in Lions End and the new pursuivant of An Dubhaigeainn.

In a similar vein, I’ve been appointed Elmet Herald, the East Kingdom’s heraldic education officer, and will be working on additional training material and class teaching opportunities throughout the fall.

Armored Combat • Ervald LaCoudre

Fighter practice continues at McCarren Park with light attendance. The late spring, departure of several regular attendees from last year, and less active outreach by yours truly are the main reasons for the drop in attendance from last year.

Alexi Cruz has sent an invoice for one suit of loaner armor at $100. The invoice states that the armor was delivered to Brandr. It is attached to this message and I will bring a copy to commons to arrange for payment.

Fighters who reside or work in the Crown Province are, unless specifically forbidden, welcome to fight in the Army of Østgarðr at Pennsic. Please let me know if you intend to do so, and we will make awesome plans!

Fencing • Alec MacLachlan

Not much this month.  Fencing Practice continues at Central Park, except for this week as I’ll be at the Northpass meeting on Wednesday.  We’re getting 2-4 people each week.

The fencing practices in Northpass are continuing at the Kensico Dam Park in Vahalla.  They are bi-weekly on Thursday and get 3-5 people.

I ran a Tournament at Blood and Axes on 7/7.  We had 3 fencers in it, but had 2 other people join in drills before, one of whom it was his first event.  Ben won a main gauche.

I’m planning on going to Novice Day and helping with the Tournament there.  I’m brining one of our fencers.

If there is interest, fencing will continue during Pennsic.

Archery • Arnbiorg Helga Niálsdóttir

No report submitted.

Youth Combat • Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin

I’ve successfully renewed my background check for two more years.

We had a nice session at Blood & Axes with seven youth fighters, five of whom were in armor for the first time. I’m optimistic that at least a few of them will be returning to the field again in the future.

I’ll be assisting with the marshaling at Novice Day and Pennsic, and hope to get feedback from other marshals at Pennsic about what they’ve done to recruit youth fighters and how to maintain engagement of non-Scadian families.

Alex is prepared to represent the province in the Pennsic Baronial Youth Champions event and is doing a bit of reading to prepare for the interview portion.

Minister of Lists • Erich Guter Muth

Blood and Axes was this month. I was not in attendance but Seonàid stepped in to manage the armored list. A few things I’d like to clarify from this event.

1. Marshals can run their own lists. The office of the MoL is not required for a list to be run.

  1. If you would like an MoL for your list please message and let me know the event, which lists you need an MoL for (armored, rapier, or both), the marshal(s) who are running the lists, and their contact info. This way I can ensure the lists are properly staffed.

Webminister • Alienor Salton

It has been a pleasure serving as your webminister.  I now pass the baton to the supremely talented & hard-working Anne of Østgarðr.  Please welcome her as you have me.

Helga and Seonàid, please check your office email.  Let me know if you need assistance getting into your inbox.  Thank you!

Chronicler • Rufina Cambrensis

Last month, the Chronicler’s Office produced a hardcopy “Best of the Seahorse” booklet to be handed out at the EK 50 Year celebration.  THANK YOU to Lady Jenna Childersley and Maestra Sofya Gianetta di Trieste for printing; Il-Khatun Lada Munguligin for stapling assistance; and Lady Alienor Salton for volunteer coordination.  I welcomed the opportunity to revisit some 20-odd years of creative output Østgarðr’s talented poets and essayists, and your assistance made it possible to share these creations with the general public.

WANTED: One Drop-Dead Deputy for the Chronicler’s Office.  Must be a paid member of the SCA, Inc., and must have regular access to Pikestaff. In the absence of the Chronicler, must be able to produce a satisfactory newsletter on a regular basis (quarterly at minimum); write reasonably clearly and correctly, or have assistance in this from a proofreader; keep good subscription records, or have assistance in this from a deputy.  Interested parties should contact the Chronicler.

Chamberlain • Ian of Clan Mitchell

There have been no changes re the physical plant of Østgarðr, G&W and list markers are in my storage room and the feast gear  is in Northpass.

Finally got a call back from Queens Farm.  They welcome our continued participation.

Historian • [Sofya Gianetta di Trieste]

Alienor: We thank Richard the Poor, who stepped down at the end of June,  for his long service as our Historian. Mistress Sofya is our candidate for Historian, and seeks confirmation by the provincial officers council.

Northpass • [Esnede O Murrin]

Alienor: The Northpass meeting Wednesday evening concluded with a seneschal election after the Q&A of their 2 candidates.  Lady Esnede O Murrin was elected by the Northpass residents present at the meeting. She seeks confirmation by the provincial officers council.

Lions End • [Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi]

Alienor: In a meeting at Jenna ChildSlayer’s home on July 6th, Lions End elected Uji as their deputy seneschal.  The elected seneschal will not be able to serve as planned, so Uji will be stepping up directly to serve as their new seneschal.  The canton members give him their full support, as do we all. He seeks confirmation by the provincial officers council.

Whyt Whey • Vika Grigina z Prahy

We now have a drop-dead deputy for seneschal.  We still need one for exchequer. [Angelica has volunteered to serve as our deputy exchequer since this report was filed.]

The Cloisters demo date is confirmed to be Sep. 30, and Mathghamhain has volunteered to be event steward.  There will be an out-of-cycle commons Sep. 13 to support the event.

Spreadsheet started for scouting possible event (or even meeting) locations.

There is now a Wed. Bardic Circle in Central Park, in conjunction with the fencing practice. In case of rain, it will move to the Schola location.

A new sheet wall for EK Royal has been made to reflect the current Whyt Whey arms.

Brokenbridge • Brandr Aronsson

Greetings from the Lands of Broken Bridge.

As we are all gearing up for war in the wilds of Pennsylvania, things have been a little slow here at home.

At our last commons meeting in May we had our Pennsic 101 Class, it was well attended by a number first time Pennsic goer. Questions were asked and answered and as usual bacon was served.

Many Broken Bridge Members attended EK 50 and had  a nice if not sweaty time.

We have secured our date for Deck The Halls of Valhalla.  It will be again at the Old Stone House in Park Slope Brooklyn on Saturday January 12.  The Event Steward will be Ragnarr bláskegg and he has already begun making plans and securing volunteers.

At some point in the spring or early summer 2019 , pre-Pennsic we will be hosting “BaconBridge 2 – The Baconing”. Dates for this event have not been set yet.