Barleycorn Provincial Court Report & Announcement of New Champions

At the Barleycorn and Provincial Championships, Their Excellencies Angelica and Sofya did hold Their court.  First, the steward of the event, Alexander MacLachlan, was given thanks and presented with a cup and a promise to fill it with liberations not allowed on site at the next possible time.  Then Perez ben Meir Gershon, Ilia Aleksandrovich, and Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi were invited into court as the available dayboard cooks, where they each received gifts of wooden cutlery for their future endeavors. Concluding the usual business was the gifting of all newcomers for whom this was their first, second, or third event.

Their Excellencies then turned Their attention to the main events of the day.  First, current champion Albrecht Anker was called up to report on both the Sir Edward’s Memorial Tournament and the armored rattan championships held throughout the day, where it was reported that Guillaume du Chantier was the overall winner of the tournament, and Alexander Krause was named the new champion.  Fencing champion Ozurr the Bootgiver was called up to report on the fencing tournament and championship, of which the populace learned that Johannes of Confed was the best with bets and Ryouko’jin of the Iron Skies named the new fencing champion.  Mongo Chinua, outgoing archery champion, then announced that the championship was to be passed to Eanraig the Bonesetter as the outright winner of the day’s archery tournament. Samson, running the thrown weapon tournament in the outgoing champion’s stead in between heavy championship bouts, then shared that Madwen Gam had come out first in the day’s tournament and was therefore the new thrown weapons champion. To round out the championship parade, outgoing youth combat champion Finnbjorn Ægirson shared that Oliver had been the most successful in dramatic deaths and that Rees Ragnarrson had been victorious in the battle and was to take his place as youth combat champion.

Not to say that Their Excellencies did not attend to other matters. Albrecht and Samson were told to report back to court to resolve the matter given to them at Pennsic.  Samson, having completed his task of donning the bunny ears was granted leave of them. Albrecht, having not, was given Samson’s bunny ears as a backup pair and tasked with wearing them at two more events as well as at the next fighter practice. Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin was then invited up to report on the status of his quest, of which it was shown that a…misunderstanding…of the nature of the task had led him to attempting to grate a lemon, resulting in the presentation of preserved lemon peels to Their Excellencies.  However, as the task was to present a perfect lemon, and preserved lemon peels are neither perfect nor a lemon, Mathghamhain was sent away to continue his quest, of which he requests help from the populace in the sourcing of such a lemon worthy to be deemed perfect by Their Excellencies. For a more fitting ending, Their Excellencies did invite up Ana de Guzmán to read a poem created for Her Excellency Sofya lauding the virtues of Østgarðr.

And thus concludes the business conducted by Their Excellencies in the Canton of Northpass on September 2nd, A.S. 58.