Annal for A.S. XXXVI (5/01 – 4/02)

The Huntington Renaissance Fair was held on May 26 & 27. Heavy rain on Saturday forced the Provincial Champions Tourney to be fought on Sunday; the winner was Kazimir of Ostgardr (it should be noted that due to the inclement weather, he was the only fighter eligible for the tourney who showed up – but he was not given the position by default; he was made to run a gauntlet of all former Champions present to prove his worth).

At the Riding of the Marches in Northpass on June 2, Lady Brianna McBain was inducted into the Order or the Seadog for her contributions as autocrat and Seneschal. Also at that event, the Sea Star was inaugurated. It is an official token of thanks for service at an event, to be given out at that event. The Viceroy, Vicereine, and Provincial Seneschal are those authorized to besotw it. The first recipient was Alastair of Clan Campbell (from Rusted Woodlands), the event’s Head Chef.

On June 16, Geoffrey St. Albans of Eastwood was inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent. At Barleycorn on Sept. 8, Lady Brianna McBain was inducted into the Order of the Seahorse, and Bleiddwan of House Three Skulls became the Provincial Archery Champion. Brewers’ Collegium was held on January 11-13. It was moved from December to avoid conflicts with holiday festivities. In January, Friderich of Northpass became the Seneschal of that Canton. In February, Sean de Londres became the Provinicial Seneschal for the second time, Eleanor the Fair became the seneschal of Lions End, and Brekke Franksdottir took over as Minster of Sciences.

At the Pirate’s Day of Love in Lions End on February 16, Elizabeth Cameron nic Ian was made a Companion of the Seahorse, and Guillame de Gtace and Maeve of Abbeydorney were given the Order of the Seadog for their contributions to Lions End. At the Cavalier’s Cavalcade in Northpass on February 23, Seadogs were given to Friedrich of Northpass and Richard the Poor of Ely, and John the Bear was made a Companion of the Seahorse. At Vlad the Impaler’s Celtic Market Day (i.e. Celtic Silliness) on March 16, Seahorses were given to Jacqueline Loisel, Ervald la Coudre the Optimistic, Ana Ravaya de Guzman, Sirhan al Cyani ibn Ati Akarel Diablü, and Yosef ben Lazar. Seadogs were given to Kamilah al- Sudani and Tadg ui Duinn of Whyt Whey, and Ragnar Freydasen and Moira MacGregor of Lions End.